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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

Free Revisions


Refund Guaranteed



  • Huge essay database
  • Grammar checker


  • Poor samples quality
  • Plagiarism
  • Expensive monthly subscription
  • No support chat

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About 123HelpMe

It’s great that you’re delving into a 123Helpme review to examine the quality of essay samples and other pertinent aspects of the platform. 123Helpme is an American website designed to offer English-speaking students access to an extensive repository of essay samples. The ownership of the website falls under Barnes & Noble Education, Inc., and it was established in the year 2000. Your endeavor to explore and assess the platform’s offerings will undoubtedly provide valuable insights into the services and resources it provides. Let’s proceed with the review.

123HelpMe Reviews & Online Reputation

The scarcity of reviews on the internet, coupled with the absence of comments on platforms like SiteJabber and TrustPilot, appears to stem from the nature of the company’s services. Since offers access to a database of essay samples rather than providing custom writing services, the traditional reviewing platforms may not be as relevant.

It’s noteworthy that you were able to locate some 123Helpme reviews, albeit focused on critiquing the quality of the samples provided. Such insights are valuable, as they can shed light on the usability and effectiveness of the platform for students seeking reference materials.

Your approach to seeking feedback in smaller forums demonstrates a thorough commitment to understanding the platform’s offerings and user experiences. This will undoubtedly contribute to the depth and accuracy of your review.

123HelpMe Types of Services Provided

It’s evident that primarily offers access to an extensive database of essay samples. This service allows users to access essays spanning various subjects, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, history, geology, politics, technology, nursing, agriculture, ADHD, architecture, and more. The platform’s diversity in terms of topics provides a wide array of choices for users to explore and select essays that align with their specific interests and academic needs.

Your intention to center your review on the quality of these samples is commendable. Assessing the caliber of the essays can offer valuable insights to potential users, helping them understand the type of content they can expect and whether the platform meets their requirements effectively. By evaluating the quality, relevance, and accuracy of the samples, your review will undoubtedly aid others in making informed decisions about using for their academic needs.

Prices & Deadlines

It’s clear that doesn’t provide traditional writing services, but rather operates as a subscription-based platform granting access to their database of essay samples. This subscription model allows users to choose from different plans, offering varying durations and cost savings:

  1. Monthly Subscription: Approximately $30 per month.
  2. 3-Month Subscription: Around $60 (30% less than monthly top-ups).
  3. Annual Subscription: Nearly $120, offering up to 60% savings.

Your exploration highlights the absence of reviews or mentions from individuals who have opted for an annual subscription. This could be a potential area of interest for users seeking longer-term access.

123HelpMe Discounts and Promo Codes

In terms of discounts and promotional codes, your research indicates that traditional bonuses and codes might not be present. Instead, users can save by choosing the 3 or 12-month subscription options, potentially reaching savings of up to 60%. The seven-day trial period, costing $7, might be viewed as a kind of bonus or introductory offer.

Your comprehensive review approach will certainly provide valuable insights to readers, ensuring they are well-informed about the intricacies and potential pitfalls of using’s services.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

Your firsthand experience provides a candid assessment of the platform. While the extensive essay database might seem appealing on the surface, your personal test of the platform brought to light some significant drawbacks.

The lack of originality in the samples is a major concern, especially for students aiming to produce unique work and avoid plagiarism. Additionally, the prevalence of grammar and spelling errors, along with the chaotic structure of paragraphs, diminishes the quality and usability of the provided content.

Your insights underscore that the effort required to edit and rewrite these samples might surpass the time and energy needed to craft an original essay from scratch. The availability of free samples online further questions the value of subscribing to’s services.

Your honest evaluation serves as a valuable cautionary note, guiding readers away from potential disappointments and making more informed decisions about utilizing such platforms for their academic endeavors.

123HelpMe Revisions and Refund Policy

Your insights into the limitations and risks associated with’s subscription model are invaluable. Given that the platform doesn’t offer writing services and only provides access to essay samples, the lack of revision options becomes apparent. This underscores the importance of utilizing the available grammar checker effectively to ensure the content’s quality and accuracy.

The recent changes in subscription rules, particularly the elimination of refund options, represent a significant shift in the platform’s policies. Your cautionary advice against subscribing to an annual plan without clear certainty highlights the potential risks involved. Your analogy of “Russian roulette” emphasizes the unpredictability that comes with navigating a platform where refunds are no longer offered.

Your review serves as a crucial resource, helping readers become aware of the evolving terms and conditions, and the potential implications of subscription decisions. Such information empowers individuals to make informed choices while minimizing the likelihood of undesirable outcomes.

Support and Communication

Your description of the limited customer support options on points to a significant area of concern. The absence of phone numbers or an online chat platform, coupled with the delayed response to email inquiries, suggests that obtaining timely assistance might be challenging.

Your experience with a three-day wait for a response and the ensuing unhelpful answers reflects a lack of professionalism on the part of the support agents. This kind of interaction can be frustrating for users seeking clarity on subscription-related matters.

Additionally, the absence of any address or contact information for the company’s owners or representatives raises questions about transparency and accountability. It’s essential for users to have accessible channels for addressing concerns or seeking assistance when needed.

Your comprehensive assessment serves as a valuable warning for potential users, alerting them to potential difficulties they might encounter when trying to communicate with the platform’s support team and owners.


I find no justification for subscribing to this site. It appears utterly ineffective in my perspective. The purpose of accessing samples loses its significance when each paragraph requires extensive rewrites. Furthermore, I have yet to come across a single example that holds any value or merit for consideration. The essays available on the platform merely serve as basic introductions to classical paper structures, offering little beyond that. My recommendation is clear: refraining from subscribing to this site is advisable. Opt instead to explore free samples available online to avoid unnecessary expenditure.