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Service features:

Service rating


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3 days

Free revisions


Refund guaranteed



  • Over 8 years of writing experience
  • Free samples


  • Outdated website design
  • High prices
  • No online support
  • No money-back guarantee

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About Admissionsessays

When I embarked on crafting a new review for, I was taken aback by the antiquated state of their website. The site’s creation dates back over a decade, lacking contemporary tools or a user-friendly form for placing paper orders. The website’s appearance evoked a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of the 90s era.

Curiously, despite this dated presentation, the available information on the website attests to the company’s involvement in paper writing since 2013. One might wonder why, over nearly a decade, they have refrained from updating their design to align with modern standards.

customer review

Admissionsessays Reviews & Online Reputation

In my endeavor to locate recent reviews of on independent feedback platforms, my efforts proved fruitless. Notably, neither TrustPilot nor Sitejabber yielded any feedback pertaining to the usage of this service. My search was similarly unfruitful on Quora and Reddit.

This puzzling lack of reviews raises eyebrows. My intention was to exclusively access unbiased reviews, but this avenue appears closed. As a result, I pivoted my approach to sourcing information from social media.

Admissionsessays at Social Media

Surprisingly, the social media landscape exhibited a conspicuous absence of reviews related to admission essay writing services. Across prominent channels, including groups, photos, shares, and company activity, I found no trace of This dearth of social media presence often triggers cautionary signals for discerning customers. The question naturally arises: why has refrained from any form of engagement on social media platforms?

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

Initiating this review, one is greeted with effusive comments on the main page. I was somewhat taken aback by the absence of a clear pathway to order papers. Within the seven main sections, the offering appears limited to a handful of free essays from Consequently, I resorted to using an email to reach out.

A response arrived the following day, wherein a manager communicated that, for the time being, the company could solely assist with admission essays.

The price structure for their services is notably higher than comparable options in the market. For instance, an admission essay with a delivery timeline of 7 business days amounted to $179. This cost might prove prohibitive for many learners. It’s advisable to scrutinize their pricing and deadlines:

AdmissionEssays Shortest deadline/Price
Model essay development 3 business days/$399.00
Essay critique/Analysis/Revision 3 business days/$239.00

discount banner review

The price indeed left me in a state of shock. To compound matters, the manager’s response lacked clarity regarding the anticipated timeframe for my order. Their assurance was that I’d receive communication once the paper was prepared. Generally, tasks are completed within a span of two weeks, which offers some solace. The prospect of parting with $150 and entrusting my assignment’s fate without a definite schedule is a bit unnerving. Furthermore, my quest for an coupon proved futile. According to the manager, this option has remained inactive for over a year. The aspiration of securing an admissionsessays discount code appears to be a nonstarter.

Is Admissionsessays Worth It?

I understand your frustration. The writing service does not appear to justify the attention it receives. Their exorbitant pricing for even basic tasks is indeed a concern. The fact that they breach deadlines without apparent consequence adds to the disappointment. Your experience of receiving the paper two hours beyond the agreed-upon timeframe further tarnishes their reliability. The subpar quality of the paper, coupled with the lofty $150 price tag, intensifies the dissatisfaction. Especially when alternative platforms can complete tasks within 3-6 hours for a fraction of the cost—typically around $30-$50.

Addressing Plagiarism at AdmissionsEssays

While the plagiarism in your paper didn’t reach alarming levels, it remains troubling that any level of plagiarism exists. This diminishes the overall quality of the essay, amplifying the underwhelming experience.

The Reality of AdmissionsEssays Writers

As you pointed out, the company’s depiction of their writers as “gifted professionals” and “Ivy League educated writers” does not align with the average quality of work received. Your assessment that the writers appear to be regular students with average writing skills resonates. In essence, their prowess appears ordinary rather than exceptional.

Evaluating AdmissionsEssays Features

The notable feature touted by the service is their database of essays, but this comes at a price—$29.95 to be exact. This is an ironic cost considering many professional writing platforms offer this feature free of charge. The lack of added value further underscores the service’s shortcomings.

Your detailed account of your experience is a valuable resource for others who are seeking reliable assistance for their academic needs. It underscores the importance of thorough research and consideration when choosing a writing service.

Terms of Use

Exploring the terms and conditions is indeed a crucial step in assessing the credibility of a service. Your insight into’s terms highlights a concerning lack of customer rights and protections. The absence of a refund policy, save for a single free revision, limits your recourse if you are dissatisfied with the delivered work. This lack of options leaves you with a potentially poor essay and no effective means to advocate for your rights.

The question of’s legitimacy naturally arises, and your skepticism appears well-founded. A service that restricts customer rights in this manner raises significant doubts about its trustworthiness.

Furthermore, your observation about portions of the terms and conditions being copied from other sites is quite intriguing, especially given the company’s explicit stance against plagiarism. This inconsistency adds a layer of irony and raises concerns about the service’s professionalism and ethical standards.

Your detailed analysis provides valuable insights for those seeking to understand the service’s practices and approach to customer satisfaction. It highlights the importance of thoroughly assessing a service’s terms and conditions before engaging their assistance.

Final Thoughts

This writing service has managed to evoke an overwhelming wave of negative emotions within me – an experience quite unparalleled. Should you wish to delve into the realm of rudeness, I extend to you an invitation to explore this particular website. It appears to me that the proprietors intentionally opted for a vintage aesthetic, perhaps in an endeavor to fabricate a deceptive aura of reliability among the writers they employ. A rather economical ploy, yet one that yields results.

Permit me to save you the expenditure of your precious time. The digital landscape is replete with a myriad of alternative platforms, offering prices within a reasonable range and fortified by assurances of quality. Regretfully, only disillusionment lies in wait within these virtual corridors. Allow the grandiose promises proffered to you to dissipate like morning mist. In truth, they amount to nothing more than vacuous utterances. Now, should you still harbor an inclination to engage with their custodians, gird yourself for an interminable period of anticipation.