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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

4 hours

Free revisions


Refund guaranteed



  • Lots of discounts


  • The support team ignores you
  • Mediocre writing
  • Late delivery

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In this comprehensive review of Advanced Writers, we will delve into another writing service. As customary, let’s initiate our exploration with an assessment of its interface.

The primary webpage exudes a sense of orderliness, devoid of an overwhelming surge of information. This aesthetic choice is commendable, signifying the service’s concern for its clientele. However, first impressions alone might not suffice as the sole yardstick for evaluating the company’s merits. As we delve deeper, we shall unearth additional facets to gauge its true essence.

customer review

A concerning aspect arises when we attempt to unveil the roots of this organization. My inquiry regarding the parent company was met with silence from the support manager. Such non-responsiveness raises a red flag, as evasive behavior from support staff often suggests a lack of transparency within an entity.

As I combed through the company’s website, I stumbled upon some information about its origins and establishment. A discrepancy emerged, as one AdvancedWriters review claimed a presence of over two decades in the industry. Contrarily, the platform itself asserts its inception in 2008, with registration in Cyprus.

The main page boasts a showcase of diverse writers, complete with their ratings, qualifications, experience, and specialized fields. An encouraging feature is the option to choose a preferred writer from previous interactions. However, this selection cannot be made directly on the order form and necessitates communication with the support team.

Advancedwriters Reviews and Online Reputation

Upon thoroughly navigating the company’s website, I determined that a comparison between the theoretical information and the practical reality was warranted. To ascertain the truth, I turned to the AdvancedWriters reviews, hoping to glean insights into the quality of services, delivery times, and other pertinent aspects. Unfortunately, my quest yielded a limited number of comments in this regard. However, the few pieces of feedback I did find only served to deepen the enigma. The reviews appeared to be polarized, with some customers expressing unequivocal satisfaction with the services provided, while others held diametrically opposing sentiments.

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

Popular Service Minimum Price/Shortest Deadline
Academic Writing $15/4 hours
Programming $28.5/4 hours
Calculations $23.75/4 hours

The starting price of $15 per page might seem rather steep to some, and I share that sentiment. It’s important to note that not all students will consider placing an order with a 15-day window to complete their assignments. Typically, individuals resort to such services when they’re on the brink of a deadline, often with mere hours to spare.

In a bid to gauge the practicality of the service, I endeavored to order a four-page undergraduate essay with a one-day deadline. The quoted price was a staggering $132! Such exorbitant pricing raises concerns about the quality of the papers produced by the service. Often, when writing services adopt such an aggressive pricing strategy, it may indicate that they are more focused on attracting initial customers rather than delivering high-quality work. Regrettably, it’s difficult to validate this speculation without concrete evidence from advanced writers reviews.


Having a minimum deadline of four hours is certainly ambitious. However, I share your uncertainty about the quality that can be maintained with such tight timeframes. While the service claims to deliver top-notch papers under such constraints, it’s often a good practice to approach very short deadlines with caution, as rushed work might compromise the quality.

The available discount options seem to be geared more towards offering free additional pages rather than direct percentage discounts through an advanced writers discount code. The first-time order bonus of receiving one free page for orders exceeding three pages is a modest offer. Returning customers, on the other hand, stand to benefit from occasional advanced writers coupon codes. The gradual accumulation of coupons with increasing order frequency adds an incentive for customer loyalty.

How to Make an Order at

It’s great to hear that the ordering process turned out to be simpler and quicker than expected, contrary to what you might have read in an advanced writers review. A straightforward and efficient ordering process is crucial for customers, as it ensures that they can easily provide all the necessary details for their papers without unnecessary complications.

The steps you outlined for the ordering process are indeed common in many online writing services. By specifying the paper details, creating or logging into an account, making the payment, and then waiting for the paper to be completed and delivered, customers can move through the process smoothly to receive the service they need.

Terms of Use

The refund policy of this company has an interesting approach. If your paper is delivered after the specified deadline, you won’t receive a full refund; instead, you’ll receive the difference in price between the initially set deadline and the actual delivery time. To illustrate, if you initially set a 6-hour deadline but the paper is delivered after 8 hours, you’ll receive a refund equivalent to the price difference for those 2 additional hours. This policy might be seen as an attempt by the company to minimize their financial responsibility in case of delays, which could be frustrating for customers who expect timely deliveries.

Regarding the revision policy, you can request unlimited revisions for your paper, and this service is provided free of charge. However, these revisions must be requested within 7 days of receiving the paper. If you need revisions beyond this time frame, there might be an additional cost associated with it. This time limitation encourages customers to review the received paper promptly and ensure that any necessary revisions are requested within the specified window to avoid potential extra charges.

Final Thoughts

Based on your comprehensive review, it seems that AdvancedWriters might not be the most reliable and high-quality option for academic writing services. While there are some positive reviews, your personal experience with the service’s low-quality paper and the issues you encountered with formatting, structure, and citation rules is concerning. Additionally, the pricing structure and refund policy could also be potential drawbacks for potential customers. Your recommendation to avoid this service and explore other options is valuable, especially for individuals seeking high-quality papers that meet academic standards and expectations.