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About AffordablePapers

Commencing the Affordable Papers review with vital details, it’s essential to note that the company claims a history dating back to 2008. However, it’s important to clarify that this enterprise is based in Cyprus and was officially incorporated in 2020. The ownership and operation of this writing service fall under the purview of the Writera Limited company.

A key aspect to emphasize in the review is the presence of rules that aren’t prominently displayed on the main page. The company’s Terms & Conditions highlight certain restrictions, notably the prohibition of service usage for students residing in specific countries, including Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, Australia, and New Zealand. This nuanced information underscores the need for prospective users to delve into the terms for a comprehensive understanding of the service’s limitations and conditions.

AffordablePapers Reviews & Online Reputation

Despite the portrayal of exclusively positive customer feedback on their website, my attempt to corroborate this information led me to a concerning discovery. Their page on Trustpilot, a prominent review platform, has been blocked due to its unfavorable reputation on the site. This stark contradiction to their website’s claims is alarming and indicative of a disparity between their self-presentation and external perceptions.

Furthermore, the existence of negative reviews from real individuals on platforms like Reddit paints a more complex and potentially unfavorable picture of the service. The prevalence of dissenting opinions among actual users on these alternative channels serves as a stark counterpoint to the selective representation of feedback on their website. This misalignment between the platform’s self-promotion and the candid experiences shared by users underlines the need for vigilance and caution when considering their services.

customer review

Prices & Deadlines boasts a versatile pricing policy, affording students the flexibility to select options that best align with their individual requirements. The platform accommodates a range of needs with a minimum deadline of four hours, applicable to papers spanning up to two pages. For assignments exceeding two pages, the minimum deadline extends to 8 hours. Additionally, learners have the autonomy to choose a maximum due date of 14 days when initiating an order.

Popular service Deadline/Price
High school essay 14 days/$7 per page
Master’s coursework 7 days/$16 per page
College article review 5 day/$16 per page
College capstone project 3 days/$18 per page
College term paper 1 day/$25 per page
Master’s lab report 8 hours/$30 per page


customer review

I placed an order for a three-page essay with a two-day deadline, initially priced at $54. However, my decision to opt for the native speaker and advanced writer options caused the final charge to surge by 55%, resulting in a payment of $83.70. It’s worth noting that students who prioritize budget or are less concerned about assignment quality might opt to forgo these selections.

AffordablePapers extends discounts and promo codes to its users. A welcome promo code is available, offering a 20% discount for new clients. Unfortunately, I missed out on applying this discount due to the rapid disappearance of the popup message. Despite my efforts to attain a new promo code through support managers, I was unable to secure one, compelling me to pay the full price for the service.

AffordablePapers Writers

Based on the extensive array of reviews I encountered, it becomes evident that the expertise of their writers might be questionable. This is particularly concerning given the platform’s practice of charging an additional fee for the allocation of native-speaking writers. Such a practice serves as a red flag, suggesting potential disparities in the quality of writing and expertise of the writers engaged by the service. This dynamic underscores the need for careful evaluation and consideration before engaging with the platform’s services.


Paper Quality and Personal Experience

I recently requested a three-page essay with a two-day deadline, and I was fortunate to receive the paper on time. However, aligning with the sentiments expressed in other negative Affordablepapers reviews, I found myself dissatisfied with the overall quality of the delivered essay.

Regrettably, the essay fell short in terms of research depth and exhibited several grammatical errors. The topic I selected was “Pollution Caused by Urbanization,” which, while not intricate, offers ample avenues for insightful exploration. Yet, I found that the writer merely rehashed points available in a blog post, without substantiating the information provided. The absence of verifiable sources to corroborate the facts presented further weakened the essay’s credibility.

I had also specifically requested the inclusion of examples to enhance the essay’s content. Disappointingly, this instruction was disregarded entirely, resulting in a missed opportunity to reinforce the arguments presented. This lack of adherence to instructions and the evident shortcomings in content and research detracted significantly from the overall quality of the essay.

AffordablePapers Revisions and Refund Policy

In the event of dissatisfaction with the quality of a received paper, offers a recourse through their free revision policy. This avenue allows for a request for revision, provided it is submitted within a span of seven days following the receipt of the paper. This provision underscores the platform’s willingness to rectify any deficiencies and enhance the paper’s quality to meet the customer’s expectations.

Moreover, extends a money-back policy, which serves as an additional safeguard for users. In cases where the quality of a received paper falls short of expectations, students have the option to seek a partial refund. This demonstrates the platform’s commitment to addressing customer concerns and underscores their acknowledgment of their accountability in delivering satisfactory results.

Both the free revision and money-back policies collectively contribute to creating a more reassuring and customer-centric experience for those engaging with the platform.

AffordablePapers Features

In my review of, it’s important to note that the service provides several supplementary options. These include the choice to engage a top writer, opt for a native speaker, receive comprehensive comments, or obtain a copy of the sources used. Additionally, clients can take advantage of progressive delivery, a feature that allows them to monitor the order’s progression and quality in real time.

As previously mentioned, the associated costs for these extras are outlined above. The decision to avail these additional options ultimately rests with the individual, affording them the autonomy to tailor their experience based on their preferences and requirements.

Support and Communication offers customers a variety of communication avenues, providing four distinct options to connect with their support team. You can choose to communicate via email, telephone, Facebook Messenger, or the live chat feature. Regrettably, my experience with their customer support left much to be desired. As highlighted in my Affordablepapers review, I encountered difficulties while seeking a discount code. While the agents promptly responded through the live chat, they were unable to resolve my issue effectively by providing a new discount code. This shortfall in support quality reflects a disparity between their responsiveness and their ability to address customer concerns satisfactorily.

customer review


In conclusion, my Affordablepapers review underscores that the service, while offering competitive rates, falls into the realm of average quality. Although they attract students with their affordable pricing, the practice of adding extra charges can result in unexpected expenses. Unfortunately, the delivered academic papers often fail to meet satisfactory standards. This assessment highlights the need for caution and careful consideration when evaluating the platform’s services, taking into account the potential disparity between their enticing pricing and the actual quality of their offerings.