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  • Low-quality writing
  • inconsistent customer service
  • unreasonable pricing
  • late deliverie

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If you’re seeking a dependable writing service to handle your academic assignments, might not be your optimal choice. Following my comprehensive evaluation of this company, there exist several compelling reasons why I wouldn’t readily recommend this service to others.

Established in 2015, operates as a writing service under the ownership and management of Writeperfect Ltd, a Cyprus-based entity. Despite the company’s declared motto of “Delivering Excellence,” this aspiration doesn’t appear to align with the feedback from reviews. However, I’ll refrain from making baseless claims and instead, provide you with an in-depth Assignmentace review, offering a comprehensive overview of all the pertinent details. Reviews & Online Reputation

I conducted an extensive analysis across various platforms, including Reddit, Trustpilot, Sitejabber,, and Quora, and my findings indicate that’s overall reputation is notably subpar. The sentiment echoed by numerous students is one of dissatisfaction, with a significant portion criticizing the company for delivering substandard writing and exhibiting poor customer service. In essence, the prevailing sentiment from most reviews tends to lean towards a mix of negativity or outright negativity.

The recurrent grievances raised by users in their online feedback predominantly revolve around issues such as inadequate writing quality, delayed deliveries, and unresponsiveness from the customer support team. Moreover, disconcerting reports of plagiarism have also emerged, with students detailing instances of encountering plagiarized content within the papers procured from this website. Indeed, an in-depth examination of reviews substantiates a widespread sense of discontent among its clientele.

Regarding the company’s social media presence, maintains official groups on Facebook and Twitter. However, these platforms appear to be somewhat neglected, as updates are infrequent, and customer interactions are sparse. A cursory examination of these pages reveals that the rating is a nebulous metric, one that might not accurately represent the dissatisfaction prevalent among customers. Writers touts a roster of professional writers who purportedly excel in diverse academic domains. Nevertheless, a key concern remains unresolved: whether these writers are native English speakers or not. This ambiguity further accentuates the apprehension surrounding the service’s quality. Indeed, customer feedback underscores this apprehension, with numerous reviews indicating that the writing quality falls short of acceptable academic standards. Having extensively reviewed a multitude of testimonials, it becomes evident that a fundamental reevaluation of the company’s writer recruitment process is in order. The prevailing sentiment implies that change is imperative to restore confidence in the service’s capability to deliver high-caliber work.

How to Make an Order at

Certainly, a user-friendly registration and order placement process is crucial for beginners. To facilitate this, here’s a step-by-step guide to navigate through the process on

  1. Begin by visiting the website and initiating the account creation process.
  2. Select the specific type of assignment you require and furnish all the necessary instructions and requirements. This step is pivotal in ensuring the writer comprehends your expectations accurately.
  3. Determine your preferred deadline for the assignment’s completion and, if applicable, opt for a specific writer.
  4. Complete the payment using one of the available payment options, ensuring a secure transaction.
  5. Subsequently, await the completion of your assignment by the designated writer. Once ready, you can conveniently download the completed paper from your account.

Indeed, the process of registering and placing an order is designed to be straightforward. I trust that my review of will prove invaluable in saving time and ensuring a hassle-free experience. Now, let’s delve into another pivotal facet for consideration.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

I made an order for a 2-page college argumentative essay focused on Politics, with a specific emphasis on detailing how Joseph Biden fortified the United States’ political and military alliances with Europe. Moreover, the essay was expected to explore the resultant geopolitical implications on a global scale. I ensured that my instructions were comprehensive and detailed, aiming to provide a clear roadmap for the writer.

Regrettably, the outcome was disheartening. The delivered paper fell markedly short of meeting the expected academic standards. The writing itself was subpar, lacking the finesse required for college-level work, and the research conducted was evidently inadequate. This substandard quality compelled me to invest additional time in revising and editing the essay to render it suitable for submission.

My engagement with culminated in a deeply disappointing experience. The gap between the promises made and the delivered output was glaring, ultimately eroding my confidence in the company. Given my firsthand encounter, I find it challenging to endorse this service to others. It’s a salient reminder that negative Assignmentace reviews warrant attention, irrespective of any perceived biases among reviewers.

Moreover, I deemed it essential to verify the originality of the received content through plagiarism checkers. Unfortunately, my suspicions were validated, as instances of plagiarism were indeed present. This revelation is disconcerting, especially considering that numerous students have echoed similar concerns regarding this issue. The act of providing plagiarized content is unequivocally unacceptable for an academic writing service, casting further doubts on’s reliability and integrity.

Revisions and Refund Policy

The website ostensibly offers a free revision policy, ostensibly providing recourse for dissatisfied customers. However, this procedure is far from straightforward, often entailing several days’ wait before receiving the revised paper. An additional source of concern arises from the lack of clear information regarding the company’s refund policy. This opacity regarding potential refunds is unsettling for students who may find themselves disappointed with the caliber of the delivered work.

Surveying the service features on, it becomes apparent that there are no distinct standout offerings. For instance, the service does not provide complimentary access to plagiarism checkers or comparable tools, nor does it boast a flexible discount system or facilitate the selection of a preferred writer or direct communication with them. On the whole, the service seems unremarkable, failing to introduce any innovative or distinctive elements to set it apart from the competition.

Support and Communication

The support team at seems to exhibit characteristics of unresponsiveness and inconsistency. While an online chat function is in place, the response time is notably sluggish, and the support agents’ efficacy in furnishing helpful information is often lacking. Although alternative communication channels like email and telephone are available, their effectiveness in swiftly resolving issues appears to be compromised. In sum, the support experience furnished by proves underwhelming and can be a source of frustration for students seeking prompt and effective assistance.


In summary, my assessment of leads me to conclude that it is an unreliable writing service. The consistently subpar quality of their writing, coupled with a tarnished online reputation marked by numerous students expressing dissatisfaction over the delivery of substandard work and unresponsive customer support, underscores the service’s shortcomings. Moreover, the absence of distinctive features or tools and an unremarkable pricing structure further diminish the appeal of this company.

Given these multiple areas of concern, I cannot in good conscience recommend to students seeking reliable writing assistance. Instead, I encourage individuals to explore alternative writing services that offer superior quality work and more responsive customer support, ultimately ensuring a more satisfactory experience.