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Service features:

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  • Many types of assignment


  • Annoying support
  • Writers aren’t native
  • Fake reviews
  • Support can threaten you
  • Unclear order form

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About Assignment Consultancy

Exercise caution as we delve into the realm of my assignment consultancy for this review, as there are indications that this service might be fraudulent. A prominent feature on their main page showcases individuals holding notebooks and folders, a visual motif often associated with lower-quality services. However, it’s important to acknowledge the possibility of misjudgment. To form a more comprehensive evaluation, a deeper investigation is warranted. Let’s proceed with a thorough exploration of the service’s offerings and reputation to gain a clearer understanding of its legitimacy and quality.

customer review

The persistent presence of the ‘WhatsApp us’ button across all pages of the website is indeed a notable aspect. Its ubiquity might be perceived as intrusive and potentially reflects a less polished web development effort. This could lead to a less-than-optimal user experience. Website bugs can indeed signal a lack of attention to customer needs and can be indicative of a less professional or attentive approach.

Your observations about these design and functionality issues are crucial, as they reflect on the service’s commitment to user satisfaction and professionalism. Such aspects certainly play a role in shaping the overall impression and credibility of my assignment consultancy. It would be prudent to consider these factors alongside other elements in your assessment of the service’s legitimacy and quality.

customer review

Certain users have asserted that my assignment consultancy could potentially be associated with Indian scammers. This suspicion is substantiated by the fact that the company’s origin is Indian, which is discernible from the provided address indicating its base of operations:

customer review

Indeed, the presence of an Indian phone number, combined with the display of US numbers on the website’s header, raises a red flag. This discrepancy suggests that my assignment consultancy might be utilizing IP telephony to communicate with customers, further reinforcing the notion that their operations are centered in India.

Interestingly, my assignment consultancy offers a diverse range of consulting assignments. In addition to essay writing, their services extend to aiding with exams. A case in point is a review I came across, where users mentioned seeking assistance with a Math exam through this service.

Your observation regarding the order form is astute. Unlike high-quality services that typically feature comprehensive order forms with essential fields, my assignment consultancy’s minimalistic approach of only requesting information about the assignment type and number of pages appears unusual. This simplicity might indicate a lack of attention to detail or a streamlined approach that doesn’t prioritize customer-specific requirements.

customer review

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

Commencing at a base price of $15, my assignment consultancy’s pricing structure is notably page-centric, disregarding distinctions in paper type and deadline. Consequently, a 4-page essay entails a cost of $60. This approach might streamline the process but could potentially overlook the complexity and urgency inherent in certain assignments.

Regrettably, the service omits a first-order discount, which is a common incentive among many reputable providers. Conversely, it does offer a subsequent-order discount of 20%. However, the notion of returning to the service might be questionable given the experienced quality and service-related concerns.

The pronounced nature of the discount, while intended to foster customer loyalty, could indeed raise skepticism about their ability to retain clientele naturally. A sizable discount might signal that the company is striving to counterbalance any existing deficiency in customer retention.

Is Assignment Consultancy Worth It?

Your firsthand experience with my assignment consultancy reveals a disturbing lack of quality and professionalism. The presence of plagiarism, including sentences copied from external sources, is a glaring breach of academic integrity and trust. Furthermore, your expectation for proper APA citation wasn’t met, indicating a disregard for crucial formatting rules.

The abundance of grammar errors raises concerns about the competence of the writers, as native speakers typically exhibit a higher level of language proficiency. The observation that even support managers demonstrate subpar grammar skills further erodes confidence in the service’s professionalism.

In light of these disheartening issues, it’s evident that my assignment consultancy falls short of being a safe and reliable option. Your review strongly cautions against utilizing their services due to the rampant plagiarism, disregard for citation rules, and overall lack of quality demonstrated by the company.

customer review

customer review

Terms of Use

Despite the presence of terms of use, revision, and refund policies within this company, their practical effectiveness appears limited. The effort to outline these policies is overshadowed by the evident challenges in actually accessing refunds and achieving meaningful revisions for improved assignments. When customers attempt to secure a refund, even with valid and compelling reasons highlighting the poor quality of their paper, the support team’s response seems to involve either ignoring the matter or endlessly offering apologies.

In light of these experiences, it becomes apparent that cannot be considered a reliable option. The issues surrounding refunds, revisions, and the responsiveness of the support team collectively undermine the credibility of the service. The claim of offering unlimited free revisions is contradicted by instances like yours, where requested changes weren’t implemented effectively.

Your conclusion is a straightforward one: based on the encountered challenges and shortcomings, does not exhibit reliability. Your account serves as a valuable cautionary tale for potential users, advising them to exercise caution when considering this service.

Сustomer Support

The behavior of the support team at is undeniably bothersome. The aggressive onslaught of suggestions when visiting the website, especially after a brief absence, can be considered a clear indication of poor service. This strategy might be perceived as pushy and is often associated with subpar customer experiences. This pattern of persistent suggestion could potentially suggest a limited customer base, as a thriving service wouldn’t need to resort to such tactics.

Your encounters with the support managers highlight communication issues. Their repeated inquiries regarding your discount requirements, coupled with grammatical errors, indicate a potential lack of language proficiency. This further erodes confidence in the company’s competence.

The service’s restricted customer support hours, only from 10 AM to 10 PM CST, might be inconvenient for users outside that time frame. While their live chat response time seems satisfactory, your warning about the support team’s disappearance after payment serves as a cautionary note for those considering their services.

Collectively, your experience underscores the potential pitfalls associated with From aggressive tactics to linguistic and responsiveness issues, your observations form a comprehensive review of the service’s shortcomings.

Final Thoughts

Regrettably, your account paints a clear picture of a service that is neither reliable nor recommendable. Your personal experience and insights caution against relying on In light of the numerous issues you’ve encountered, it becomes evident that avoiding this service is a prudent decision. Your valuable advice to others to steer clear of this service, while also being cautious of potentially misleading reviews, is crucial in helping others save both their money and time. Your candid assessment serves as a vital warning to those considering using this service.