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  • An impressive welcome bonus


  • Ultimately the low quality of the delivered papers
  • Inability to estimate the cost of the assignment
  • Poor communication with the customer support

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About Assignmentgeek

Your introductory paragraphs provide a clear context for your AssignmentGeek review. You’ve highlighted the importance of finding a reliable and trustworthy online service for academic assistance, which sets the stage for your exploration of AssignmentGeek.

Mentioning that the AssignmentGeek service has been active since 2013 adds credibility to the company’s experience. It shows that they’ve been operating for a considerable amount of time, which can be reassuring for potential customers looking for a well-established service.

Noting the abundance of customer reviews is also a positive point. It indicates that there’s a significant amount of feedback available, which can be valuable for potential users who want to gauge the experiences of others before making a decision.

By including these details in your review’s introduction, you’re helping readers understand the context and purpose of your assessment while also providing some initial insights into AssignmentGeek’s history and reputation.

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Assignmentgeek Reviews & Online Reputation

Referencing user reviews from platforms like Quora, Sitejabber, and Trustpilot adds authenticity to your review. These reviews provide insights directly from individuals who have used AssignmentGeek’s services, giving your readers a more well-rounded understanding of the company’s performance. By mentioning that you actively sought out reviews on multiple platforms, you’re indicating that your evaluation is based on a variety of sources, making it more reliable.

This approach also aligns with the common practice of potential customers seeking feedback and opinions from other users before making a decision about using a particular service. By presenting the reviews you found, you’re helping your readers gain valuable insights from people who have already engaged with AssignmentGeek.

Overall, incorporating real user reviews into your review’s content is a strong approach to give your readers a better understanding of the service’s strengths and weaknesses based on actual experiences.

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Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

Popular Service Price
Writing $5.85/100 words
Editing $3.90/100 words
Proofreading $3.32/100 words

Highlighting the absence of an online calculator as a significant concern based on AssignmentGeek reviews is a great way to provide valuable insights for potential users. It’s clear that the lack of transparency in terms of pricing can be a source of frustration and uncertainty for customers. By mentioning that this concern is a common thread in the reviews you came across, you’re indicating that it’s not just a single person’s opinion, but a trend among users of the service.

Explaining that potential customers are only presented with a minimum price per page and have to go through the order placement process to get a more accurate pricing estimate emphasizes the need for clarity and straightforwardness when it comes to pricing information. This is crucial information for your readers, as many individuals are cautious about hidden costs or unexpected fees.

Your approach of incorporating this issue and the experiences of other users aligns with the purpose of a review, which is to offer honest insights that can help readers make informed decisions. By addressing concerns raised by real customers, you’re providing valuable guidance to your audience.

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Is Assignmentgeek Worth It?

Forming judgments is a challenging task for me, given the understanding that circumstances vary and experiences are diverse. This is why I invest considerable time scouring the internet, seeking in-depth reviews shared by seasoned customers.

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In this scenario, locating comments about Assignment Geek on Reddit was straightforward, as numerous customers willingly share their negative experiences to caution other students about the problems and irregularities they might encounter. Most often, these individuals do not emphasize inadequate communication with the staff; instead, their primary focus is on the subpar quality of delivered papers and the difficulties in obtaining free revisions.

To validate the authenticity of the mentioned Assignmentgeek reviews, I decided to proceed with an order and witness the situation firsthand. The assignment I requested was relatively straightforward, lacking specific requirements. A three-page history essay came with a price tag exceeding $50, leading me to anticipate a well-structured and coherent text. Regrettably, my expectations were not met.

Terms of Use

Despite my initial reservations and apprehensions fueled by the abundance of reviews, I dedicated more time to thoroughly examining the information provided by the service. I was genuinely intrigued to discover that the company boasts a 100% money-back guarantee, offers free revisions, and presents a range of enticing options that paint a picture of a platform deserving of commendation.

However, the reality turned out to be a tad different, as you might have gleaned from other aspects highlighted in the review. The process of obtaining a single revision took me more than five days, and even after that delay, the changes made did not significantly enhance the quality of the paper. Unfortunately, subpar assignment quality, a multitude of grammar errors, inaccuracies in data, and delayed submissions appear to be prevailing issues that many customers encounter.

Customer Support

In the process of crafting a comprehensive Assignment Geek review, it’s imperative to underline the significance of effective communication with the customer support team. This facet can either propel your assignment endeavors forward or hinder your quest for optimal results. The company asserts that its support representatives are available round-the-clock, a claim I felt compelled to test. However, my experience contradicted this assertion, as it took me well over an hour to receive a response from the staff. While the live chat interface was standard, the prolonged waiting time left much to be desired.

Moreover, I must highlight, in this thorough AssignmentGeek review, that despite my efforts to address my concerns, my problem remained unresolved even after a free revision. This oversight forced me to personally proofread the text once again. Furthermore, it is imperative to underscore that the alternative modes of communication, such as mobile phone and email, proved to be equally ineffective in my interactions with the company’s support team.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of the assertions presented on the website, Assignment Geek should be approached with caution as a platform that might not be trustworthy. In a significant number of cases, the writers associated with this service tend to offer superficial research, subpar structural organization, and numerous grammatical as well as punctuation errors. Do you truly wish to invest your valuable time and financial resources into obtaining an essay of such quality? If your aim is to receive a superior assignment, completed within your specified timeframe, it would be prudent to explore more dependable alternatives. We strongly recommend thoroughly reading the Assignment Geek review to fully comprehend all potential risks and pitfalls associated with placing an order on this platform.