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Crafting essays often proves to be a highly intricate task. It necessitates conducting extensive research, selecting pertinent information, devising a structured outline, and creating an impeccably organized academic document, all within the confines of looming deadlines. If you find yourself fatigued by these demands or simply seek to purchase various types of assignments, BookwormLab is poised to provide assistance.

It’s worth noting that BookwormLab is the proprietor of the website, and the majority of its team members operate from the United States and Canada. Although the precise date of registration eludes me, records of the company’s presence on the internet trace back to 2017. Additionally, reports on Reddit suggest that the company’s support agents may be situated in Eastern Europe.

As stated on the company’s website, it offers premium academic writing solutions, catering to all clients within remarkably short timeframes. However, the question remains: is BookwormLab truly a viable option? Can one unearth a BookwormLab discount code to secure the most favorable price for their essay? Having personally utilized the service, I am inclined to share my firsthand experience with fellow students.

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Bookwormlab Reviews & Online Reputation

As you’ve observed, the reviews of BookwormLab vary among different students. While many individuals express positive sentiments regarding the quality of papers and competitive pricing, there are also those who have voiced disappointment with their experiences. This divergence in opinions prompts the question: “What issues might be associated with this company, leading to varying degrees of satisfaction among customers? Why isn’t the service universally well-received?”

The reasons behind these mixed reviews can often be attributed to several factors:

  1. Subjective Expectations: People’s expectations regarding the quality of work, communication, and delivery times can differ greatly. What one student considers satisfactory might fall short of another student’s expectations.
  2. Individual Preferences: Academic writing preferences and styles can vary significantly. Some students might appreciate the approach taken by BookwormLab, while others may find it incompatible with their own preferences.
  3. Communication and Customer Service: Communication plays a pivotal role in the overall customer experience. Issues related to responsiveness, clarity, and professionalism in interactions with support agents can influence customer satisfaction.
  4. Consistency: Consistency in delivering high-quality papers and maintaining excellent service across various orders is crucial for building a positive reputation.
  5. Complexity of Orders: The nature of the assignment and its complexity can impact the overall outcome. More intricate topics or specialized subjects might present challenges even to proficient writers.
  6. Delivery Timelines: Meeting deadlines is paramount in academic writing. Instances where papers are delivered late or close to the deadline could lead to dissatisfaction.
  7. Writer Expertise: The expertise and qualifications of the writers assigned to different orders can influence the quality of the final product.
  8. Miscommunication or Misunderstanding: Occasionally, miscommunication or misunderstandings can occur between customers and the service provider, leading to suboptimal results.

Given the mixed reviews, it’s indeed a prudent approach to order a paper yourself and gather firsthand experience. This way, you can better understand how the service aligns with your preferences, requirements, and expectations. Remember to communicate your needs clearly and promptly to gauge the level of service and quality you receive.

customer review

customer review

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

As indicated on the official website,, the platform offers a range of academic assignment options catering to diverse educational levels:

  • High school
  • Undergraduate
  • Master’s
  • PhD

The pricing structure for these academic assignments exhibits notable variations. The expense associated with your essay hinges on factors such as assignment type, level of complexity, and the designated deadline. Remarkably, the service extends to the provision of essays under exceedingly tight timelines, with the shortest possible timeframe for completion set at three hours. Nonetheless, it’s worth considering the feasibility of producing a flawlessly executed essay within such a compressed span.

A convenient pricing table, accessible on the Pricing page, enables you to ascertain the cost for your desired essay.

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Bookwormlab Pricing

Academic level 3 Hours Deadline Price
High School Essay $30
Undergraduate (1-2 years) Essay $36
Undergraduate (3-4 years) Essay $40
Master’s Essay $48
PhD Essay $55


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How to Make an Order at Bookwormlab

The process of placing an order is straightforward, so I’ll refrain from providing an exhaustive set of instructions for my review. To commence, you’ll select your academic level, specify the type of paper you require, and designate your desired deadlines. Additionally, you’ll input the quantity of pages needed, outline all your specific requirements, and have the option to include any supplementary features. Notably, the platform affords students the opportunity to handpick their preferred writer and avail discounts through automatic activation of applicable coupons.

Is Bookwormlab Worth It?

As previously stated, my intention was to have my college essay in the field of Business completed using this writing service. Yet, embarking on the order placement process turned out to be unexpectedly challenging. Upon clicking the Order button, I was met with the disheartening discovery that the essential webpage was inaccessible due to ongoing maintenance activities.

order page

Consequently, I found myself compelled to navigate the process of placing an order with the assistance of an online chat support manager, a course of action that proved to be undeniably inconvenient.

Thankfully, the silver lining emerged in the form of my essay being delivered punctually. However, regrettably, this was the sole positive aspect of the experience. The heart of the matter lies in the fact that I requisitioned a 2-page essay centered around the subject of Music, specifically focusing on the history of Jazz. Additionally, I explicitly outlined my desire for a comprehensive analysis of the pioneering jazz guitarists originating from New York and the global impact they wielded within the music industry.

To my dismay, the essay composed by the writer merely skimmed the surface of these musicians and seemed to prioritize rudimentary terms over in-depth analysis. This outcome was far from the paper I had anticipated. Consequently, I initiated a request for revision in an endeavor to rectify the situation. However, the revision process proved to be insufficient in addressing my concerns. This ordeal entailed an extra waiting period of three days, only to yield a document with marginal modifications. The essay still stood in need of substantial enhancement, leaving me unsatisfied with the overall outcome.

Terms of Use

In accordance with BookwormLab’s policy, customers are afforded a window of ten days subsequent to receiving their paper to initiate a revision request. However, for papers exceeding 20 pages in length, the stipulated period for revision requests extends to 20 days.

The money-back policy adheres to standard guidelines. Circumstances that warrant a full refund of 100% include instances where accidental duplicate payments occur or when the service is unable to secure a suitable writer for the completion of the assigned task. In the event that a customer finds the quality of their essay unsatisfactory, they possess the option to request a refund. Substantiating evidence substantiating the subpar quality of the paper must be presented in support of the refund request. Upon review, the support manager will determine the appropriate sum to be reimbursed.

Сustomer Support

The customer support provided by BookwormLab was both cordial and adept. A manager assisted me in initiating an order due to the unavailability of the relevant webpage on the website. Overall, the team exhibited a commendable level of professionalism and courtesy. It’s worth noting that communication with their support agents can be facilitated through the hotline or email. These individuals are prompt in their responses and appear well-versed in their subject matter. However, it’s important to emphasize that while their customer support is commendable, the service doesn’t extend to writing papers, which, if it were the case, might have alleviated the frustrations I experienced.

Final Thoughts

BookwormLab stands as an academic writing service with a moderate level of quality. Despite the punctual delivery of my essay, it necessitated an excessive number of modifications to align with my expectations. Regrettably, the revision process proved to be ineffective in rectifying the shortcomings of the paper in my particular instance.