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  • High pricing
  • Non-native English writers
  • Bad online reviews

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About Boomessays

Examining various writing agencies, I couldn’t overlook Boomessays due to its comprehensive range of services catering to student needs, including academic paper writing, copywriting, editing, and proofreading. Despite numerous existing BoomEssays reviews available on the internet, there are still aspects that warrant closer examination.

I will commence my evaluation of by delving into its origins. Surprisingly, it is under the ownership of NetFix LLC, the same entity behind the establishment and promotion of websites like,,, and over 40 similar platforms that seemingly aim to drive increased traffic.

This suggests that these platforms likely draw from the same pool of writers, resulting in comparable paper quality and policies. Furthermore, these websites may be utilized to strategically place positive reviews. For instance, and boast a high 4.8 rating, featuring exclusively glowing BoomEssays reviews.

Curiously, the company’s physical location is stated as Cyprus, but it is actually based in Kyiv, Ukraine. In general, the brand emanates an air of uncertainty. Now, let’s delve deeper into the company’s offered services and pricing structure.

Boomessays Reviews and Online Reputation

Upon discovering that Boomessays operates in conjunction with over 40 other writing services, my confidence in this resource diminished. Nevertheless, in the interest of providing a comprehensive and unbiased BoomEssays review, I opted to explore reviews from various sources.

Regrettably, the customer feedback featured on the website itself cannot be relied upon. The absence of an option to add reviews suggests that all displayed feedback is moderated, potentially omitting negative experiences. Additionally, the content of these reviews appears somewhat dubious, with customers expressing satisfaction across diverse fields—a pattern that seems implausible.

To gain a more accurate picture, I extended my research to include reviews from platforms such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and the Boom Essays subreddit. While maintains a consistent 4.8 rating, Trustpilot portrays a slightly lower score of 4.6, and Sitejabber paints a more critical perspective with a rating of 3.5, accompanied by a substantial number of negative reviews.

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

Popular Service Minimum Price/Shortest Deadline
Academic Writing $12.99/3 hours
Rewriting $9.99/6 hours
Proofreading $4.99/6 hours
Editing $5.99/6 hours
Copywriting $24.99/18 hours
Admission Papers $14.99/6 hours
Dissertation Services $12.99/12 hours
Multiple Choice Questions $4.55/6 hours

To enhance the relevance of my BoomEssays review, let’s delve into the pricing structure. Boomessays charges $12.99 per page for a high school assignment with a 14-day deadline, slightly above the average range. One notable feature is their user-friendly calculator, which enables customers to select prices in USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, and EUR for added convenience.

Interestingly, the service touts “free features,” such as a bibliography, which typically come as standard in most services. This might be part of their marketing strategy.

Upon placing an order, a writer is assigned based on the discipline without additional charge. However, opting for an expert in your specific field incurs an extra fee of 25%, and selecting one of the top 10 writers entails a 30% premium. For those seeking a guaranteed originality check, a plagiarism report is offered at a steep cost of $29.99, even if the paper’s total price is $26—a pricing approach that might appear excessive. Additional options include paying $2.55 for proofreading and $14.99 for a summary page.

Despite the relatively high costs, the agency does provide substantial lifetime discounts. New customers can avail themselves of a 15% discount on their first order. Thereafter, a 5% discount is granted after surpassing 15 pages, 10% after exceeding 50 pages, and a substantial 15% after reaching 100 pages. These discounts hold a significant appeal, particularly for those who frequently engage with the service and are content with the quality. Furthermore, customers have the option to apply promo codes, one per order, provided the order value exceeds $25.

Is Boomessays Worth It?

As I delved into Reddit discussions about Boomessays, the consensus appeared to be that it stood as one of the most trustworthy and highly regarded custom paper writing services available. To truly ascertain the veracity of these claims, I decided to engage the service firsthand by ordering an essay. This personal experience would not only validate the service’s reputation but also provide valuable insights for my BoomEssays review.

My order consisted of a two-page History essay with a 14-day deadline. While the assignment did arrive punctually, I encountered a few issues that warranted discussion with the assigned writer. The overall cost of the project was notably high due to my selection of multiple extra services. As a result, I held certain expectations—primarily for a well-structured, comprehensible, and thoroughly researched paper. However, the delivered work fell short, displaying shallow research and a notable presence of inaccuracies.

During my interactions, I did appreciate the responsiveness and helpfulness of the customer support team, available whenever I reached out. Yet, the paper itself exhibited several grammatical errors, indicating the likelihood of a non-native English-speaking writer.

Considering the sum of my experiences, I find myself uncertain about the true value of the BoomEssays brand. The service’s reputation, gleaned from online discussions, did not entirely align with my own encounter, raising doubts about its overall worthiness.

BoomEssays Writers

Despite being assured of the involvement of a skilled and proficient native English writer in the creation of my project, the actual outcome diverged significantly from this promise. Upon receiving the paper, my conviction was solidified: the work appeared to be the product of an amateur, displaying minimal familiarity with English grammar, style, and punctuation.

BoomEssays’ Range of Features

Distinguishing itself from the majority of custom essay writing services, Boomessays offers clients an extensive array of supplementary features and choices. The decision regarding writer expertise, customer service specifications, and other optional benefits rests in the hands of the customer, albeit at an additional expense.

Terms of Use

The terms of use, conveniently located at the bottom of the page, offer a clear and structured overview of the process. The procedure entails creating an account, furnishing contact and order details, and subsequently placing the order. Notably, the terms also outline that Boomessays facilitates installment payments—an accommodating feature for students unable to manage the complete payment upfront.

For those interested in this payment approach, it’s important to note that orders must amount to no less than $500, and the division of payment is limited to four installments. This arrangement serves as a practical solution for individuals seeking to manage their financial commitments in a more feasible manner.


The website prominently features contact details, including phone numbers, email addresses, head office addresses, and a live chat option. Their customer support operates around the clock, ensuring constant accessibility, with the added advantage of toll-free calls. However, the service extends beyond mere communication avenues, offering supplementary services that customers can opt for. These include having a support team member track your order status ($5.99) and even a personal team member assigned to oversee your assigned writer ($9.99). While the former service carries some value, the latter may be regarded as an unnecessary expenditure since it remains challenging to regulate the interaction between the two entities.

In my endeavor to provide an all-encompassing review of Boomessays, it is important to acknowledge that their customer support representatives display politeness and helpfulness. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that exceptions to this positive experience might occur, as with any rule.


As I initially explored the website in preparation for my review, several red flags emerged. I couldn’t help but notice numerous grammatical errors that suggested the content might not have been authored by a native English speaker. Moreover, the overall presentation felt somewhat disjointed—oversaturated with extraneous information while failing to provide clear and concise responses to pertinent queries.

In my endeavor to create a comprehensive BoomEssay review, I’ve strived to provide a detailed and transparent account of my experiences. It is my intent to furnish you with a holistic understanding of what you can anticipate from this service. Your subsequent assessments can be drawn from the insights I’ve shared here.