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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount

Up to 20%

Min Deadline

3 hours

Free revisions


Refund guaranteed



  • Free outline & formatting
  • Good welcome and permanent discounts


  • High prices
  • Awful paper quality
  • Tricky refund policy
  • Fake testimonials

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Welcome to my review of! This writing service, established in 2010, aims to take the lead in the English-speaking academic realm. Owned by Careersboost Limited, registered in Cyprus, boasts about being a leader in the field. But is this claim justified? Let’s delve into the details to uncover the reality behind’s promises. Reviews & Online Reputation

To get a better understanding of, I scoured the internet for reviews. While I did come across a few dozen reviews, the quantity wasn’t substantial enough to form a definitive opinion about the service. These reviews were a mixed bag, with some expressing satisfaction and others being negative. Interestingly, I stumbled upon allegations that the company had been involved in plagiarism and disseminating samples online. Furthermore, suspicions arose that the reviews themselves might be fabricated since they appeared strikingly similar in structure, lacking distinct differences from one another. This raises concerns about the credibility of the service. Let’s continue delving into the aspects of to uncover more insights. at Social Media

In the process of compiling this review for, I came across their social media presence, specifically their Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Interestingly, it appears that these accounts have been inactive since around 2015. This raises questions about whether these pages were initially set up for a past marketing campaign that is no longer relevant. It’s worth noting that the company once had a Facebook page as well, although it seems to have been deleted for reasons that remain unclear. Such discrepancies in their social media activity can prompt skepticism about the company’s current status and commitment to online engagement.

Prices & Deadlines

Below are the prices I located on the website. Feel free to observe how the timeframes impact the cost per page.

Deadline Price per page
10 days from $19.99
5 days from $21.99
24 hours from $31.99
3 hours from $46.99

As evident, the aforementioned prices do not fall within the lower range. Furthermore, I’ve come across several companies offering more advantageous terms for paper orders. However, before hastily closing this page containing my review of, allow me to provide you with essential insights. Discounts and Promo Codes

New users are entitled to a 15% discount on their initial order. Additionally, there are lifetime discounts available for those who place orders ranging from 15 to 101 pages. With this arrangement, you can anticipate a minimum of 5% reduction in the price of each subsequent order. Furthermore, reaching out to the support agents grants you the opportunity to request a coupon. Drawing from both my personal experience and numerous reviews, it is highly likely that you will receive a one-time promo code.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

To assess the caliber of their services, I entrusted the creation of a 7-page research paper in Sociology. The task was to elucidate the influence of society on children’s behavior, with a specific emphasis on the themes of bullying and the propagation of inequality. Regrettably, the writer failed to comprehend my stipulations, resulting in a paper akin to a child’s rudimentary drawing. While the writer attempted to address the subjects of bullying and society’s impact on children, a substantial 15% of the facts I had provided in the accompanying DOC file were omitted. Moreover, the absence of coherent transitions rendered the paragraphs akin to a jumble of meta tags, lacking fluidity and logical progression. Revisions and Refund Policy

Each patron is entitled to avail themselves of three complimentary revisions. Regrettably, this avenue proved futile in my case, compelling me to seek a refund. Disappointingly, the QA team rejected my plea for reimbursement, thereby diminishing the viability of this recourse. Consequently, exercising caution is imperative when perusing ostensibly positive College-paper reviews, as there exists a potential jeopardy of monetary loss. Features

Regrettably, the company lacks exceptional attributes apart from the enduring lifetime discount. It’s worth noting the option to select either UK or US writers, although I find it dubious that the purported team of “experts” proficiently employs British English. My recommendation would be to exercise prudence and abstain from investing in these supplementary features.

Support and Communication

To engage with support agents, there are multiple communication channels available including a hotline, email, and online chat. The typical response time hovers around ten minutes. Curiously, during my interactions with agents, they intimated the possibility of a 20% discount, even though the website stipulates a maximum discount of 15%. Worth mentioning is the circumstance where the provided code proved invalid. This issue could potentially stem from a technical glitch, although it’s worth noting that a number of students encountered analogous problems (as evidenced by at least ten contentious College-paper reviews). Overall, the support agents exhibited politeness, albeit I must refrain from asserting their efficacy in resolving all my inquiries.


The subpar quality of my paper coupled with the convoluted refund policy has left me thoroughly disillusioned. It’s baffling why these individuals struggle so profoundly with crafting assignments. I’m inclined to believe that a more dependable writing service can likely be sourced through a thorough web search. Opting for this company is a recipe for nothing but discontentment and letdowns.