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About is a platform that offers paid access to an extensive collection of essays, term papers, and various academic assignments. The website primarily focuses on providing samples for different academic levels. In an effort to maintain an impartial perspective, I aim to initiate this review by highlighting its positive aspects. It’s worth noting that the website boasts a user-friendly interface. However, our examination will also delve into potential drawbacks that need consideration. Let’s proceed to explore both sides of the equation.

customer review

Regarding the safety of, I remain uncertain due to the absence of comprehensive information about the parent company on the website. To access and download content from the platform, users are required to register and make a payment for database access. While I did not extensively explore the platform, I proceeded to download the first available paper without conducting extensive experimentation. Further investigation and consideration may be necessary to determine the platform’s safety and legitimacy.

Since I want to make this CoursePaper review honest, I will immediately say that the quality of the papers is slightly above average. However, you will have to come to terms with plagiarism and the fact that you have to write your assignment from scratch. However, some other papers that I opened later were much worse than the first one.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

To gain access to’s database, I opted for a subscription priced at $29.95 for a month. They also offer a yearly subscription at a cost of $89.90 for those who choose to pay upfront. The pricing struck me as relatively high, especially considering the limitations. Moreover, the issue of originality arises, as the samples provided on the platform are not original works. In addressing the question of CoursePaper’s legitimacy, the answer seems evident based on the aforementioned factors.

Is Worth It?

If you’re seeking CoursePaper reviews, you’ll find yourself coming up empty-handed. This company seems to operate in a rather elusive manner, almost like a ghost. Even attempts to search for “CoursePaper scam” fail to yield the expected results or insights.

It appears that the online presence of this company is quite minimal or non-existent. This lack of information might be a blessing in disguise, as I strongly advise against making any orders from here. Instead, I recommend seeking out a more dependable and trustworthy website for your academic needs.