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About СustomEssayMeister

Gathering information about the affiliation of СustomEssayMeister proved to be a time-consuming endeavor. The final passages of the Terms of Service divulge that the ownership and operation of the website lie in the hands of MEDIATECH LIMITED, a Hong Kong-based entity. MEDIATECH LIMITED specializes in the realm of academic writing services and oversees multiple platforms dedicated to supplying essays. It’s worth noting that the establishment date stated on the website is 2006; however, this assertion contradicts another piece of information within the copy, which asserts that the company is only a decade old. This inconsistency regarding the company’s age raises valid doubts, necessitating a deeper inquiry into the accuracy of these claims.

СustomEssayMeister Reviews & Online Reputation

The reviews concerning CustomEssayMeister available on both SiteJabber and Trustpilot share a prevalent theme of positivity. While a notable proportion of these reviews come across as genuine and sincere, it’s apparent that a subset of them is contrived and fails to accurately mirror actual customer encounters. This discernment underscores the necessity for caution when placing sole reliance on the testimonials showcased on the CustomEssayMeister website.

Given your own experience and evaluation, it’s logical to deduce that a significant portion of the reviews could potentially be generated internally by the company’s writers rather than being genuine feedback from legitimate customers. This discovery emphasizes the importance of seeking a balanced perspective by considering external sources and a broader range of feedback before forming conclusions about the company’s reputation and quality of service.

СustomEssayMeister Types of Services Provided

Custom Essay Meister provides an extensive array of writing services to address diverse requirements. Their inclusive range of services includes:

  1. Essays: This encompasses various essay types, such as admission essays, argumentative essays, persuasive essays, and more.
  2. Academic Assignments: They cover an array of academic tasks, including term papers, lab reports, theses, and other scholarly assignments.
  3. Business Writing: This category involves crafting business plans, conducting SWOT analyses, ghostwriting for business-related content, and more.
  4. Copywriting: Custom Essay Meister excels in generating content like SEO-driven articles, web copy, white papers, and other copywriting needs.

This comprehensive selection of services underscores Custom Essay Meister’s adaptability in handling a wide spectrum of writing projects spanning various domains and contexts.

Prices & Deadlines

When perusing the pricing page, it’s crucial to avoid becoming disheartened by the initial figures presented. The starting price of $27 might catch you off guard, leading to a potential negative perception. However, it’s crucial to recognize that the pricing structure is contingent on the particular type of paper you require.

Initially, the pricing table prominently displays rates for admission essays, which are generally acknowledged to be more costly due to their specialized nature.

Upon closer scrutiny, I uncovered a dropdown menu that permits you to select various paper types. By switching this option to “Essay,” I discovered a notable reduction in the rates. The most budget-friendly rate I came across was $17 per page, applicable to high school level assignments with a 7-day turnaround. To provide a practical example, my own college essay—spanning three pages and requiring completion within 8 days—amounted to around $60.

This meticulous approach to pricing, wherein rates are tailored based on the type of paper and the urgency involved, underscores the significance of comprehending the particulars before forming judgments regarding the affordability of CustomEssayMeister’s services.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

In spite of the praise lavished upon in a variety of reviews, the essay I ultimately received veered significantly from my expectations of academic writing. Although the topic concerning the interplay between ancient myths and their integration into modern pop culture isn’t inherently intricate, I maintained an anticipation for a composition marked by thoughtful analysis and well-selected illustrative examples.

Regrettably, the essay I received was a protracted and meandering discourse that focused more on critiquing the flaws of DC and MCU movies than on providing insightful analysis. This deviation from the anticipated academic approach was disheartening. Adding to my disappointment, the substantial array of references I initially assumed would be present in the essay turned out to be lacking. A significant portion of the paper was devoid of citations, leading to numerous points being devoid of the requisite supporting evidence.

This experience stands as a reminder that the alignment between customer expectations and the final deliverables can occasionally be inconsistent, even when reviews present a seemingly positive picture. It underscores the importance of establishing clear guidelines and ensuring that the content received aligns with the established standards of academic rigor and substantiation.

СustomEssayMeister Revisions and Refund Policy

As previously outlined in my assessment of CustomEssayMeister, the paper I received fell considerably short of meeting my expectations. Consequently, I exercised my right to a free revision, hoping that the identified issues, particularly the glaring lack of substantial research, would be rectified.

Unfortunately, the process of revising the paper proved to be exasperating. Despite forwarding the paper back to the writer on multiple occasions, the changes made were minor in nature and failed to address the core problems. The underlying issues remained unaddressed, and the overall quality of the content showed little improvement.

My dissatisfaction prompted me to contemplate seeking a refund. However, when I reached out to the support team, they directed me to the refund policy, which explicitly stipulated that a refund would only be considered after undergoing five rounds of revisions. Faced with this requirement, I found myself in a dilemma. Given the lack of significant progress even after three rounds of revisions, I chose not to proceed further and decided to discontinue my association with the company.

This experience emphasizes the vital role of prompt and effective communication, as well as the necessity for companies to comprehensively address customer concerns in a timely manner. It serves as a cautionary example of the challenges that can emerge when services do not align with customer expectations, even when mechanisms for resolution are theoretically available.

Support and Communication

To conclude my review of on a more positive note, I’d like to extend commendation to the support team for their exceptional performance. Throughout my interactions, the support team consistently demonstrated an impressive level of politeness and patience, even when I found myself expressing frustration that led to an outburst during a live chat session. While I understand that they are simply fulfilling their job roles, their ability to maintain professionalism in the face of challenging situations is truly commendable.

I acknowledge that certain responses from the support team seemed standardized and rehearsed, occasionally intensifying my moments of frustration. Nonetheless, it’s important to recognize that such stock responses are a common practice in customer service. In spite of this, the support team’s unwavering patience and dedication to assisting me certainly warrant appreciation. Their approach played a significant role in providing a more positive aspect to my overall experience with the company.


To sum up, if my assessment of CustomEssayMeister hasn’t already conveyed this message clearly, I want to strongly underscore that involving yourself with this service is not recommended. Despite the initially attractive pricing, the overall experience is likely to result in more challenges than benefits. I implore you to avoid this service to prevent the potential downsides of squandering your time, money, and peace of mind. The disadvantages appear to outweigh any potential advantages, making it a risk that’s best avoided altogether.