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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount

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Free revisions


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  • Diverse payments methods
  • Free formatting


  • No option to reach their agents
  • No copyrights are provided
  • Horrible quality of papers delivered
  • High rates and no refund policy

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About DissertationGuru

DissertationGuru, an assignment writing platform, might not inspire confidence at first glance. With a simplistic website design and some suspicious aspects, its reliability as an online assignment assistance service comes into question. This review delves into the platform’s shortcomings and scrutinizes its worthiness for students seeking help with assignments.

The platform’s homepage presents an ineffective contact form, blurred and disabled, denying users the opportunity to clarify doubts before placing orders. The form, constructed using a free builder, indicates a lack of professionalism. Further investigation reveals that all company information is presented as an image, likely to prevent users from copying and searching for more details about the firm. Despite the image’s claim that the site is operated by Writeperfect LTD, no clear connection is evident on the parent company’s website.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

A dedicated page outlines DissertationGuru’s rates, which vary based on the assignment type. Proofreading is the least expensive, starting at $11.29 per page for one day, while resume writing tops the list at $102.60 per page within 48 hours. Essay writing starts at an average of $15.61 per page for a 30-day deadline but rises to a staggering $32.94 per page for completion within 12 hours. A ten-page dissertation proposal due in three days cost an exorbitant $339.30, an unexpectedly high price. Moreover, the default selection of the PhD academic level adds to the cost, with an option for a top writer requiring an additional fee.

Is Brand Worth It

Quality Assessment: Despite reservations, a ten-page dissertation proposal was ordered for evaluation. Regrettably, the outcome was disappointing. The paper lacked proper structure, factual support, and coherent arguments related to the topic “Role of Patents in the Development of the US Economy.” Numerous grammatical errors and misspelled words further marred the paper. This subpar quality suggests that urgent revisions would be necessary, undermining the service’s utility for time-sensitive projects.

Terms of Use

DissertationGuru’s Terms of Use deserve thorough examination, as they contain crucial but often undisclosed details. The company retains intellectual property rights over delivered papers, preventing students from submitting the work as their own. Moreover, certain regions, such as Australia, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, and 17 US states, are restricted from using the platform. However, enforcement of these rules appears lax, causing potential issues for unsuspecting users.



Efforts to contact support revealed significant flaws. The broken contact form and unresponsive live chat rendered communication impossible. The Make a Request button looped back to the same faulty form. Despite attempting to interact with the platform for five days, no response was received from the support team.

Final Thoughts

Negative reviews from other users corroborate a negative impression of DissertationGuru. My personal experience with the service reinforced these concerns, highlighting its inadequacy as a reliable homework aid. In light of this, I strongly advise against using this platform for academic assignments. There are undoubtedly better alternatives available, offering both affordability and higher quality.