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Service features:

Service rating


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  • Loyalty program (up to 5% cashback per order)
  • Friendly support agents


  • Poor paper quality
  • Tricky refund policy
  • Plagiarism
  • The writer may ignore your requirements

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About Educibly

Educibly emerges as a writing service catering to English-speaking students across the globe. Established in 2019 and operated by BrainUp Limited, the platform presents itself as a reliable academic support resource. Curiously, the “About Us” section asserts a founding year of 2009, a claim that contradicts the evident youthfulness of the website as indicated by domain analysis tools.

A notable aspect worth highlighting is that Educibly operates under the jurisdiction of Gibraltar’s laws. This legal detail becomes significant, especially in scenarios involving disputes or legal actions against the platform’s representatives. It’s advisable to keep this in mind should you find yourself needing to address any concerns through official channels.

Despite its relatively recent inception, the platform has garnered substantial attention due to an aggressive marketing strategy. However, it’s important to approach this popularity with a discerning eye, as marketing efforts may not always accurately reflect the quality of services provided.

As I delve into this review, I will meticulously uncover the intricacies and potential pitfalls associated with the platform. By meticulously analyzing its various facets, I aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect when engaging with Educibly’s services.

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Educibly Reviews & Online Reputation

Typically, I can easily find online opinions about a company within a few minutes. However, I devoted about an hour to locating even a handful of reviews for To provide an example, I came across just seven ratings for this company on Trustpilot. Such a small number of reviews doesn’t offer a substantial basis for forming an accurate impression of the quality of their services.

After spending an hour scouring the internet, I stumbled upon a couple of neutral comments about on Reddit. What strikes me as particularly odd is that the majority of reviews for this company seem to be found directly on their own website, rather than on independent third-party platforms.

Usually, finding a variety of opinions from different sources online is a straightforward process. The limited number of reviews and the apparent concentration of them on the company’s site does raise some valid questions about the transparency and authenticity of the feedback available. When evaluating any service, it’s important to approach the information with a critical eye and consider multiple perspectives for a well-rounded assessment.

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Prices & Deadlines

The starting price per page is approximately $8.24, assuming a longer turnaround time of around 30 days. For more urgent assignments with a one-hour deadline, the cost jumps to a minimum of $38.68 for 275 words. On the whole, Educibly manages to meet deadlines satisfactorily. In my preparation for this Educibly review, I received my paper within the agreed-upon timeframe. However, let’s shift the focus away from pricing considerations and delve into other aspects in the subsequent discussion.

Popular Service DeadlinePrice
High school essay 30-days $8.24 per page
Master’s coursework 14-days $18.82 per page
College book report 10-days $12.31 per page
P.h.D Dissertation 7-days $23.30 per page
Editing 4-days $7.92 per page
Proofreading 4-days $6.73 per page
Rewriting 10-days $9.97 per page
College speech 3-days $16.00 per page

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Educibly Discounts and Promo Codes

For newcomers, there’s an opportunity to request a discount from support agents, which could result in savings of up to 15% on your initial order. Additionally, the platform offers a loyalty program wherein you can receive up to 5% cashback. As you accumulate points, you’re able to redeem them as discounts. In the context of my review of, I was able to avail the 5% cashback benefit.

However, I’ve chosen not to utilize these bonuses in future endeavors, and the reasons behind this decision will soon become evident. Let’s proceed to delve into the details that led me to this conclusion in the subsequent parts of this discussion.

Educibly Writers

Regrettably, falls short in terms of transparency regarding its writers. The platform classifies its writers into distinct tiers – average writers, advanced experts, and premium professors – based on their accumulated experience, as indicated by the ranking system visible on the website. Despite my choice to engage an advanced writer, I observed that this selection did not yield a notably improved outcome.

The writer assigned to my project exhibited a disorganized approach to addressing questions and displayed signs of discomfort, possibly even verging on panic. This interaction left me with a discernible sense of unease during the process of evaluating for this review.

The lack of available information about the writers, coupled with the suboptimal communication experience I encountered, raises valid apprehensions regarding the caliber of expertise offered by the platform’s writers. These concerns can undoubtedly impact one’s confidence in the service, leading to reservations about considering the platform for future use.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

When I decided to place an order for a 2-page college paper on History, specifically focusing on the economic aftermath of Germany’s defeat in World War II, I had specific requests. I asked the writer to delve into the economic repercussions for the German economy, particularly addressing aspects like inflation levels and the duration of reparations. Regrettably, my experience encountered its first challenge in the form of plagiarism.

It became evident that the writer had incorporated numerous sentences directly from Wikipedia and freely available paper samples. This practice raises significant concerns about the originality and authenticity of the work, as well as the writer’s commitment to producing unique content.

Encountering plagiarism not only undermines the value of the service but also questions the writer’s integrity and adherence to ethical writing practices. Such an experience underscores the importance of reliable and reputable writing services that prioritize originality and maintain academic integrity.

The second issue I encountered was the absence of a description regarding the inflation rate and the overall time frame allocated for the payment of reparations. Moreover, almost every third sentence within the paper contained glaring grammar and spelling errors. As a result, my confidence in the accuracy and quality of the content was further undermined.

Considering the problems I encountered, I strongly recommend exercising caution and refraining from putting too much weight on the positive reviews associated with Educibly. Instead, I advise considering alternative companies that prioritize responsible writers and uphold a higher standard of quality.

Educibly’s Revisions and Refund Policy is outlined as follows: They offer 2-3 free revisions if your claims are substantiated. Additionally, the company states that refunds are a possibility, contingent upon approval from their Quality Assurance team. Essentially, the decision on whether to grant revisions or refunds rests with the company. For instance, in my case, I did not receive a refund, which suggests that you could potentially face a similar situation.

Key features of Educibly include a 15% discount for new users and the option to request a promo code through the online chat. The company also provides free samples for students to review. However, I reiterate my earlier point that selecting a specific writer level might not yield the desired outcomes, based on my own experience.

In conclusion, my encounter with Educibly highlighted significant issues, ranging from content quality and grammar errors to a lack of transparency and challenges with refunds. Given these observations, I encourage you to explore other alternatives that offer a more reliable and credible service for your academic needs.

Support and Communication

The support agents are notably friendly and responsive, consistently addressing your queries within a mere 5-10 minutes. In my experience, I received the discount code a mere six minutes after sending my initial message. While email and the hotline are available as alternative communication channels, the online chat option proves to be more convenient, offering the added benefit of being able to revisit your message history at a later time.


In conclusion, I strongly advise against using this website. Should you opt to make a purchase here, you might unfortunately encounter issues such as plagiarism, poorly conveyed concepts, disregard for your specifications, and the involvement of unskilled writers. It would be a wise decision to seek an alternative option and avoid investing your time and resources in this particular company.