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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

3 hours

Free revisions


Refund guaranteed



  • Handy website


  • Fake info on the official website
  • Low quality of papers
  • The support system works incredibly slow

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About presents itself as an academic writing and editing solution catering to students’ assignment needs. With promises of benefits and affordable pricing, this review aims to uncover the reality behind these claims. Let’s delve into what truly offers, the quality of their papers, and whether hidden payments exist.

Understanding positions itself as a comprehensive solution for students seeking help with assignments. While their website outlines benefits and budget-friendly pricing, this review intends to scrutinize these assertions.

customer review

Before delving into the EduGuide sign-up procedure, let’s take a virtual tour of their official website. The website exudes professionalism and user-friendliness, free from any extraneous information or intrusive pop-ups. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and incorporates a user-friendly pricing calculator, allowing you to ascertain the cost of your essay before finalizing your order.

The array of services offered is also commendable. Students can avail themselves of services such as proofreading, formatting, and editing, alongside the option to purchase custom academic papers spanning various levels of complexity. Browsing through the EduGuide site was truly engaging. Nevertheless, certain pieces of information raised some suspicions.

According to the company’s details, they proudly highlight their extensive clientele of 20,000 customers. Furthermore, they claim to process more than 100 orders daily. These figures would naturally suggest that EduGuide enjoys a stellar reputation, accompanied by numerous positive reviews on independent feedback platforms. Thus, it’s worth delving into these claims to verify their authenticity.

Prices Deadlines and Discounts

To begin, it’s important to note that EduGuide extends a generous 10% discount to all new subscribers.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the pricing for paper orders through EduGuide tends to exceed the average standard. Additionally, the service offers several advanced features that come with a substantial cost.

For instance, opting for an essay composed by an advanced writer or a native English speaker will inflate the paper’s cost by approximately 20%. Furthermore, certain useful add-ons command higher prices:

  • Plagiarism report: $9.99
  • Abstract page: $14.99
  • High priority processing: $14.99

Now, let’s compute the final cost for a typical argumentative essay geared towards college students. Consider an order for a 3-page essay composed by an advanced writer, to be delivered within a 14-day timeframe (the least expensive option). Adding an abstract page and a plagiarism report into the mix, the cumulative price for your paper would exceed $100. Opting for a more urgent deadline would only exacerbate the financial strain.

In essence, this service might pose a considerable dent in your budget, particularly if you lean towards tighter deadlines.

Is Worth It

I proceeded to submit an order on EduGuide for the completion of my Economics essay, with a designated 14-day timeframe. The process unfolded swiftly and with ease. Notably, there was no explicit “EduGuide join” or “EduGuide register” button; instead, profile creation was seamlessly integrated into the order placement process.

On the designated deadline, I received my essay as promised. While it wasn’t without merit, it fell short of my expectations for perfection. Regrettably, the writer did not manage to align with several of my stipulated requirements. Consequently, I found myself requesting a revision from the service.

However, this subsequent revision failed to yield the desired outcome. The writer implemented only minor modifications, neglecting to address the most crucial aspects. In my assessment, the quality of the assignment did not reflect the work of a seasoned writer, as it lacked the compelling arguments I had anticipated. Furthermore, the research conducted appeared to lack the necessary depth required to comprehensively cover the chosen topic.

Terms of Use

You are afforded a window of ten days subsequent to the receipt of your essay within which you can request a revision. In terms of the money-back guarantees pertaining to inadequately written papers, here are some pertinent details to consider:

  1. Formatting Issues: If your order is not presented in the correct format, you have the possibility of obtaining a refund of up to 10%.
  2. Language Mistakes: Should your order be marred by errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling, you have the potential to receive a refund of up to 30%.

I understand your perspective on the refund policy. It’s a valid concern that when acquiring an essay from a professional writing service, the anticipation is to receive a flawlessly executed paper. In your viewpoint, it would be more equitable for the service to offer a more substantial refund – around 70-80% – for instances where they deliver essays of subpar quality. This would, in essence, reflect a higher standard of accountability and fairness in addressing the expectations of customers.


Regrettably, I experienced a notable delay in the responsiveness of the support managers. During my interaction with the online chat, I found myself waiting for more than 20 minutes to obtain the answers I sought regarding the revision policy. This extended waiting time for assistance certainly posed an inconvenience.

Final Thoughts

EduGuide does not appear to rank among the top-tier academic writing solutions. The papers it delivers are generally of average quality, and its range of money-back guarantees is notably limited. This assessment suggests that there may be more comprehensive and reliable alternatives available for individuals seeking higher quality and more robust refund policies in the realm of academic writing services.