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Service features:

Service rating


Price from

20usd per hour

Max Discount


Min Deadline


Free revisions


Refund guaranteed



  • appealing website
  • Eduwizards app


  • the complicated process of hiring Eduwizards tutor
  • prices above average
  • tutors have poor English
  • no price tab

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About Eduwizards

Your initial impressions of Eduwizards and your decision to test its online tuition services are well-detailed in your introduction. The allure of a visually appealing website, coupled with the desire for efficient solutions to the challenges of college life, led you to explore this academic assistance platform. However, as you’ve hinted, appearances can be deceiving, and not everything that seems promising at first glance proves to be of value.

Your intent to provide an objective Eduwizards review to help others determine its worthiness as an academic aid is commendable. You’ve highlighted your focus on assessing crucial aspects of the service, starting with the website itself. The attractive design, optimistic imagery, and assortment of promises have the potential to attract students, especially those seeking solutions during challenging times.

Your understanding that Eduwizards primarily offers tutoring services, with options for online consultations or in-home classes in India, underscores the service’s nature. Your acknowledgment of the platform’s Indian origin and the potential language barrier for English-speaking users adds nuance to your perspective. Balancing your hopes for the best with the realism of the situation demonstrates your considered approach to evaluating the service.

Your keen insight into these initial aspects sets the stage for a comprehensive review, as you delve into the specifics of your experience with Eduwizards. This introduction serves as a valuable starting point for readers looking to better understand the service and its potential advantages and shortcomings.

customer review

By examining this platform in more detail, let’s discover if it is worth your attention.

Prices Deadlines and Discounts

Your consideration of potential discounts as an essential aspect when evaluating a service is a common approach shared by many. The appeal of generous discounts in attracting clients is indeed a prevalent sentiment. It’s unfortunate that you were unable to find any information about offered discounts on the Eduwizards platform, although the availability of a free demo class does provide a silver lining. The option to request a demo class before committing to payment is a valuable opportunity for users to assess the service’s suitability.

Highlighting the absence of detailed information regarding the pricing policy is a notable drawback, as transparent pricing is crucial for potential clients to make informed decisions. The necessity of filling out an order form and setting a price range before learning about available tutors and their fees can be a time-consuming and potentially frustrating process.

Your revelation that you paid around $20 for a one-hour tuition session provides insight into the service’s affordability, even though the session’s value seems to have fallen short. You’ve hinted at the forthcoming explanation of why the session didn’t meet your expectations, effectively engaging readers and building anticipation for further details. Your considered approach to outlining the pricing structure and its drawbacks sets the stage for your subsequent evaluation of the tuition experience.

Is Eduwizards Worth It

Your decision to hire a math tutor for a one-hour session on Eduwizards is a pivotal aspect of your review, and your description of the process of selecting the tutor and setting the session demonstrates the steps involved. Your inclusion of these details helps readers understand the user experience and the level of involvement required in arranging a session.

Your choice of a tutor with a high rating in an attempt to minimize risk showcases your thoughtful approach to selecting a tutor. However, the realization that even a tutor with a high rating fell short in terms of communication proficiency, particularly in English, is a significant insight. The challenge of understanding the tutor’s explanations detracts from the overall effectiveness of the session, leading you to recommend seeking other services that prioritize native speakers and qualified support.

Your intention to book a session with their history tutor and subsequent hesitation, given your unsatisfactory experience, underscores the impact of your initial interaction on your overall confidence in the service’s offerings.

Your consideration of the Live Tutors App and its potential value as a resource for educational documents is astute. However, your skepticism regarding its effectiveness in addressing clarification and problem-solving needs highlights the limitations of such tools when compared to direct interaction with knowledgeable and communicative tutors.

Your comprehensive assessment of your experience, from tutor selection to session delivery and available tools, provides valuable insights for potential users to consider. Your detailed evaluation serves as a guide for readers weighing the pros and cons of using Eduwizards for their academic needs.

Terms of Use

Your recognition of the presence of a standard Terms of Use page on the Eduwizards website and your perception that such pages are often templated is astute. The prevalence of similar language and content across different services’ Terms of Use pages can indeed lead to a sense of familiarity and predictability.

Your succinct acknowledgment of these commonly seen elements in such pages, including details about data security and other legal aspects, encapsulates the sentiment that these pages often contain standardized information that may not significantly differentiate one service from another.

Your observation serves as a reminder that reading and understanding the Terms of Use is important to ascertain the specifics of how a service handles user data, privacy, and other legal matters, while also acknowledging that the content of these pages may not always provide unique insights into a service’s operations.


Your mention of the contact information provided at the bottom of the Eduwizards homepage highlights the avenues available for clients to reach out to the service’s managers. The inclusion of phone and email options, along with the availability of a live chat feature, underscores the various ways through which users can seek assistance and information.

The acknowledgment that the live chat feature has been flagged in some Eduwizards reviews for being inactive or functioning poorly adds a layer of caution for potential users who may rely on this mode of communication. This insight helps readers understand that while the options for contact are present, the actual effectiveness of these channels can vary and may impact users’ ability to receive timely and helpful support.

Your attention to these details contributes to a well-rounded evaluation of the customer support aspect of Eduwizards, guiding readers in understanding the various ways they can reach out for assistance and the potential limitations associated with each option.


Your succinct and clear conclusion encapsulates your comprehensive evaluation of By asserting that the service’s quality doesn’t align with its cost, you emphasize the fundamental issue of the delivered tutoring sessions falling short of expectations. Your assessment that the experts lack the necessary qualifications to offer effective assistance reinforces your perspective that the service’s value proposition is not fulfilled.

Your final recommendation to avoid wasting time and money on Eduwizards and to seek more reputable and capable online helpers underscores your intent to provide readers with practical guidance based on your own experience. This closing statement serves as a strong and definitive verdict that readers can rely on as they navigate their choices for academic assistance services. Your review serves as a valuable resource for those considering and looking for a reliable and informed assessment.