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About positions itself as a custom writing service geared towards aiding students in achieving elevated grades by delivering essays and various assignments. While these assertions are prevalent on their homepage, the veracity of these claims warrants scrutiny. I intend to embark on a comprehensive exploration to uncover the real truth behind this academic assistance platform. According to their claims, EssayBasics boasts a decade-long presence in the market, fostering connections between students and adept writers. However, I remain uncertain about the competence of their staff. As such, I am personally taking the initiative to craft this EssayBasics review to evaluate the caliber of their paper offerings.

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Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

It’s pertinent to highlight that the introductory price for academic writing services at starts at $12.95 per page. This pricing tier might serve those without an immediate deadline requirement. To secure an essay at this rate, a waiting period of ten days is essential. A certain element of surprise emerged when I encountered the option for the shortest possible deadline, which astonishingly stands at just one hour. This prompts a degree of incredulity—can their experts genuinely produce papers of superior quality within a mere hour? My skepticism prevails, as it appears implausible for their writers to meticulously adhere to all instructions within such a confined timeframe. While I hesitate to label EssayBasics as a scam, the feasibility of their writers accommodating comprehensive instructions within a 1-hour window remains dubious. However, for those with an appetite for risk, ordering an essay with such a tight deadline is an option. Be prepared to shell out $48.41 for a single page under these conditions.

Is Worth It?

My quest for EssayBasics reviews yielded surprisingly scant results, with a mere five reviews available on Trustpilot. Despite the positive nature of these reviews, the dearth of feedback strikes me as rather peculiar. Given the service’s assertion of over a decade of operation, the presence of only five reviews implies that they might not have gained significant traction among students.

The question of EssayBasics’ legitimacy emerges. While they claim to be a legitimate service, my own uncertainty remains. It’s imperative to acknowledge that my review is a subjective account grounded in my individual experience, and there’s no guarantee that your encounter would mirror mine.