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  • No clear refund policy
  • No information about the company’s owner
  • Late delivery
  • Very poor paper quality

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About EssayCheap

EssayCheap presents itself as a wildcard in the academic assistance landscape, yet its online presence and credibility appear questionable. Despite claims of its establishment dating back to 2008, there is a conspicuous lack of information about the company on the internet. This incongruity is heightened by the platform’s assertion of competence in tackling a wide range of academic assignments. Surprisingly, the website does not furnish any substantive details about its licensing, ownership, or other pertinent information, adding to the aura of uncertainty.

Given these concerns, it becomes imperative to scrutinize EssayCheap through an informed lens. This EssayCheap review aims to provide you with a comprehensive assessment to aid in making a sound decision and avoid potential financial pitfalls. Let’s proceed to delve into the intricacies of this platform.

EssayCheap Reviews & Online Reputation

Your thorough investigation into reviews on platforms like SiteJabber and TrustPilot, only to find a lack of comments, suggests a concerning dearth of user experiences associated with EssayCheap. This void in feedback is quite conspicuous and raises doubts about the legitimacy of the platform’s claims and operations. The absence of any existing reviews could indeed give the impression that you might be among the first to share an review, casting doubt on the authenticity of the registration date mentioned on the site.

This situation underscores the importance of exercising caution when dealing with platforms that lack a substantial history of user engagement and feedback. Relying on transparent and established platforms with a documented track record becomes even more crucial to ensure a safe and satisfactory experience. The lack of corroborating user experiences serves as a red flag that calls for careful consideration and further research before proceeding with any engagement on the EssayCheap platform.

Prices & Deadlines

In all reviews, the first crucial piece of information to be highlighted is undoubtedly the pricing structure. This insight enables potential users to gauge the affordability of the service. In this regard, EssayCheap offers a starting price of $9 per page for a 14-day timeframe, and the cost can escalate significantly to $42 per page if one requires a swift 4-hour turnaround. This pricing spectrum provides a clear understanding of the cost implications based on urgency.

Interestingly, EssayCheap appears to adopt a streamlined approach, as the company does not offer additional services or extra options even at a higher price point. This absence of supplementary features, like plagiarism reports or raw drafts, hints at a distinct marketing strategy that may not prioritize monetizing these ancillary services.

When it comes to EssayCheap discounts and promo codes, the platform provides a 20% discount for orders exceeding 30 pages. However, it’s worth noting that this particular bonus might not be easily attainable, as only a limited number of projects could meet such a significant page count requirement. This factor underlines the practicality of this discount for most users and the potential challenges associated with benefiting from it.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

Your personal experience with EssayCheap highlights several concerning aspects that adversely impacted your impression of the platform. The initial issue with email communication and the need to submit your requirements multiple times due to site crashes already sets a negative tone. The frustration stemming from these technical difficulties is understandable and detracts from the user experience.

The delay in completing your order, despite the stipulated timeframe, is a significant disappointment. Waiting an additional four hours for a three-page college book review reflects a lack of professionalism and reliability on the platform’s part. Such a delay can have severe repercussions for students who depend on timely submission.

Moreover, the inadequate fulfillment of your requirements, where the writer only briefly addressed the main characters and their impact on the story, is a clear instance of subpar service. This deficiency in comprehensively addressing your instructions underscores the importance of effective communication and adherence to customer requirements.

Lastly, the perception of poor English and the feeling that a non-native speaker wrote your book review further compounds the issues you’ve encountered. Such a lapse in language proficiency can significantly mar the overall quality of the work and detract from the academic value of the assignment.

Your candid and detailed account serves as a cautionary tale for others who may be considering using EssayCheap. Your experience underscores the importance of thorough research and cautious decision-making when choosing an academic assistance platform, and it aligns with your recommendation against utilizing their services.


Support and Communication

As you’re aware, the absence of a hotline or online chat on the site leaves only email communication as the avenue for discussing order details. However, this option proves notably inconvenient due to its asynchronous nature. Furthermore, my experience revealed that waiting times for responses to each question extended to around 30-40 minutes, introducing significant delays in the communication process.


My experience with this writing service has left me thoroughly disappointed. I strongly advise against placing any orders with this company. It’s evident that their priorities do not align with delivering quality academic services.