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About EssayHave

EssayHave is an established writing service that offers a range of papers catering to different academic levels. The company presents itself as a top solution for individuals who lack the time to write their own papers. The absence of candid feedback on the internet motivated me to create this EssayHave review. Many purported customers exhibited excessive enthusiasm about the service, leading me to question the authenticity of these testimonials.

Owned by the Cypriot company Writera LTD, EssayHave was founded in 2014. Based on both reviews and marketing campaigns, the company’s target audience comprises English-speaking students, and its overarching goal is to address the academic needs within this niche.

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Rather than spending several days conducting searches with queries like “EssayHave help writers,” I opted for a more direct approach by thoroughly examining the website itself. The homepage struck me as highly informative. I appreciated the comprehensive breakdown of various aspects, and the fact that the company offers a wide range of assignments including essays and dissertations.

Addressing the legitimacy of EssayHave, I can confirm that it is indeed a legitimate service. The owner of the company is ONE Freelance Limited. With this assurance in mind, let’s shift our focus to evaluating other pertinent aspects of the service.

Essayhave Reviews & Online Reputation

While a general trend of praise for the company is apparent, it’s important to note that there are also negative reviews on that highlight concerns such as the complex refund process and issues related to plagiarism. It’s encouraging that you’re planning to share your own personal opinion soon, as your firsthand experience can provide valuable insights into the service’s strengths and weaknesses. This will contribute to a more well-rounded understanding of EssayHave’s overall performance.

Essayhave at Social Media

Before delving into the EssayHave rating, I discovered the company’s Facebook page. It’s worth highlighting that the most recent post was made in 2020, suggesting that the company might not be heavily investing in social media activities. However, I’m eager to hear more from you as you continue with your review and provide essential insights and details about your experience with the service. Your perspective will contribute significantly to the comprehensive evaluation of EssayHave’s performance.

How to Make an Order at Essayhave

Absolutely, a comprehensive review of EssayHave would certainly be lacking without an in-depth examination of the ordering process. Here are the key steps that students typically follow:

  1. Utilize the online calculator to specify essential details about your paper.
  2. Select your subject and topic, ensuring alignment with the requirements.
  3. Attach a file containing any specific instructions you have for the assignment.
  4. Decide on a deadline for your paper and choose a writer to work on it.
  5. Make the payment for your order and patiently await the completion of your paper.

These steps offer an overview of the typical ordering procedure that students undergo when using EssayHave’s services. Your input about this process in your review will provide a clearer understanding of how user-friendly and efficient it is in practice.

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Is Essayhave Worth It?

Thank you for sharing your detailed experience with the paper you received from EssayHave. Your insights provide valuable information for those considering using their services.

In your review, you discussed ordering a capstone project on the topic of “Bank verification procedures” within the Computer Science field. You specified a length of 22 single-spaced pages, with a focus on verification procedures related to SEPA and SWIFT transactions.

Unfortunately, your experience did not meet your expectations. The writer exceeded the deadline by a day, which was disappointing for you. Additionally, you highlighted issues with poor grammar and spelling, as well as some instances of plagiarism, a weak introduction, and inconsistencies in the body paragraphs. These aspects collectively contributed to your dissatisfaction with the quality of the paper.

While acknowledging that the overall content was written well, you found it perplexing to read positive reviews that emphasize perfect compliance. The fact that the writer had sufficient time to refine the paper, yet these issues persisted, left you disappointed. Given the substantial amount you paid, the unaddressed aspects of your requirements and the disregard for APA style in the writing conveyed negligence and irresponsibility on the part of the writer. Writers

The company categorizes its writers into three distinct levels: the best available expert, professional expert, and one of the ten gurus known for their comprehensive knowledge. Nevertheless, I’m left uncertain about the actual variation in professionalism among these writer categories. Through my Essay Have review experience, I’ve come to realize that the company’s classification of experts lacks genuine gradation in terms of expertise.

Essayhave Features

Overall, it’s advisable not to have high expectations regarding numerous noteworthy features. The sole standout aspect lies in the availability of coupons, aimed at assisting new users with savings of up to 33%. Additionally, the option to select writer types and native speakers might appeal to those seeking idioms and slang incorporated into their papers. As for the other features, they appear relatively basic and unremarkable. Unfortunately, I couldn’t identify anything particularly captivating to include in my Essayhave review.

Terms of Use

Now, turning our attention to the legal aspects, my statements wouldn’t be as definitive if not for some intriguing discoveries. The company employs language that is notably ambiguous, potentially hindering the process of obtaining a refund. To illustrate, suppose I’m dissatisfied with my paper and decide to request a refund. In such a scenario, the company retains the authority to promptly publish my capstone project on their official website.

This practice is ostensibly intended to safeguard their intellectual property rights. Simultaneously, they commit to reviewing errors and inaccuracies, a process that takes up to 14 days. My commitment to maintaining honesty in my Essay Have review compels me to express my surprise at a company’s approach of requiring customers to upload their own version of the paper to facilitate an accuracy comparison before initiating a refund process. This entire procedure appears rather intricate and raises suspicions of being potentially misleading.


I hold no grievances towards the managers, as my interactions with them were satisfactory. Communication is accessible through online means or over the phone. During my conversations with various individuals, I found all of them to be quite amiable. The notable advantage of their support agents is their promptness in responding to inquiries, often within a span of 3 to 4 minutes. While I’m accustomed to such options, I don’t believe the company has fundamentally transformed the landscape of customer support.

Regrettably, the managers appear to operate within the confines of set instructions. The question emerges: Are claims about EssayHave scam incidents accurate? Such assertions bear a striking resemblance. Perhaps I wouldn’t have encountered as many challenges with the essay if not for their assurances of being able to tackle any task. This prompts the query: Why should I tolerate subpar quality? The fact that their customer support can offer nothing beyond apologies is disappointing to me.

Final Thoughts

This writing service presents a paradoxical situation. On one side, I appreciated the appealing design, user-friendly menu, and the extensive range of available papers. Initially, the managers were quite pleasant to interact with for the initial days. However, as the results unfolded, the value I anticipated from my $650 investment was conspicuously absent.

The contradictory aspect emerges: If this company is willing to undertake complex tasks, why is delivering satisfactory papers seemingly elusive? This dynamic resembles a form of deception. Consequently, I cannot endorse or recommend this website to others. Furthermore, I firmly believe that all companies should establish transparent refund policies. This particular website, unfortunately, seems to mislead its clientele. As a result, I’ve made the decision to cease using this service for future assignments, and I would advise you to consider doing the same.