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About EssayHub is a platform that offers students access to a repository of sample papers while also providing custom writing services. As a relatively young website, it’s important to thoroughly evaluate its offerings before considering placing orders. In this review, I will delve into the platform’s features, services, and overall quality to help you make an informed decision on whether or not it’s a suitable choice for your academic needs.

It’s unfortunate to hear that you encountered technical difficulties while attempting to access a sample paper on However, your persistence in proceeding with your review is commendable. Placing an order for a 2-page college speech allowed you to assess the platform’s writing services firsthand.

In your experience, the speech provided by the writer fell short of expectations. The lack of clarity in defining key concepts like land reclamation and the fundamental principles for enhancing agricultural yields is concerning. Additionally, the presence of numerous grammatical and punctuation errors in the delivered speech further detracted from the quality.

Your question regarding whether EssayHub is legit remains unanswered in light of the mixed experiences you’ve encountered. Evaluating various aspects of the platform and gathering additional information from different sources can provide a more comprehensive understanding to inform your decision on whether to engage with their services.

DoMyEssay Prices, Dadlines, and Discounts

Your evaluation of the pricing structure on sheds light on the cost implications for their services. The speech you ordered was priced at $42.98 for 2 pages, indicating an individual page cost of $21.49. This pricing might appear relatively high, especially given the quality concerns you’ve encountered in the delivered content. The platform’s requirement of ordering at least 25 pages to avail of a discount code could indeed be seen as a discouragement for new customers.

Switching to DoMyEssay, the minimum price per page is $10.8 for a two-week deadline, which can be considered reasonable. The cost escalates to $16.2 for a 6-hour deadline, reflecting the urgency factor. The availability of DoMyEssay discount codes, especially for new users, is an encouraging aspect, with potential savings of around 5% attainable through their support channels.

The pricing dynamics and discount offerings from both platforms illustrate the varying approaches taken by different services within the online writing industry. It’s important for potential customers to carefully weigh the pricing against the quality and reliability of the services offered.

Is EssayHub Worth It?

Examining EssayHub reviews proves to be a challenge, as a noticeable absence of mentions on prominent platforms like Sitejabber raises concerns. Although scattered discussions on minor forums touch upon dissatisfactory experiences with local writers and subpar paper quality, it becomes apparent that placing trust in EssayHub might not be prudent. The lack of transparency regarding the website’s ownership further compounds these reservations. For these reasons, exercising caution and exploring more dependable writing services is advised over considering any engagement with EssayHub.

Terms of Use

Delving into the fine print of the EssayHub User Agreement revealed relatively moderate terms. The company takes precautions against clients passing off purchased papers as their own, while also stipulating a potential legal route through the United Kingdom court system if disputes remain unresolved after a 60-day window.

The Money-back Policy appears straightforward, with clear criteria for reimbursements. A tardy paper qualifies for a partial refund of up to 20% of the payment, while incorrect formatting is deemed worth 10% of the sum. Errors in the paper garner a more substantial refund, returning up to 30% of the initial payment. Notably, the most comprehensive refund option hinges on tangible evidence of plagiarism or an unmet order, providing clients with the possibility of a full reimbursement.


Contacting EssayHub’s customer support through email might entail a waiting period of several hours before receiving a response. However, the live chat option proves highly effective. During an interaction with Phil, a support representative, his responsiveness proved notable. Although Phil seemed to avoid addressing inquiries about the essay database, he was enthusiastic about guiding me toward placing an order right away. It required a couple of attempts to extract the desired information, but ultimately, Phil’s assistance was largely beneficial. Notably, he assured me that the essay samples showcased on the website were original creations crafted by EssayHub’s own writers. While the veracity of his claims remains uncertain, my investigation for this EssayHub review failed to unearth concrete evidence to the contrary.

Final Thoughts

My initial inclination to trust EssayHub, despite the absence of substantial reviews and a subpar customer support encounter, led me to invest $50 in their services. The allure of their extensive essay sample collection overshadowed these concerns. Regrettably, this leap of faith appears to have been misguided. The discrepancy between the high charges and the quality of the writers’ work has been disheartening, further compounded by their inability to rectify mistakes effectively.

My experience with EssayHub serves as a stark reminder that gut feelings often hold valuable insights. This platform, in my assessment, falls within the realm of essay mills that fail to meet expectations, ultimately squandering both time and financial resources. I personally will refrain from utilizing their services in the foreseeable future. To those considering a similar path, I strongly advocate learning from my misstep and avoiding this website altogether. The landscape is replete with dependable writing services that offer more reliable outcomes.