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  • Easy-to-navigate and informative website
  • Helpful support team
  • Reasonable prices


  • Low-quality papers
  • Problems getting a revision and refund
  • Fake reviews

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Upon my initial encounter with the website, I was struck by its impressive design and user-friendliness. The platform exuded a sense of thoroughness through its informative sections detailing the order process, price structure, and security protocols. However, one crucial aspect that eluded my attention was the service’s legal standing.

During the course of conducting an in-depth review of, my intent was to unearth the entity behind its operations. Regrettably, my search yielded limited results, revealing only that the service had been operational since 2004. Boasting an impressive track record of over 18 years in the market, seemed poised to be a dependable and trustworthy resource.

Essaykeeper Reviews & Online Reputation

In the majority of cases, gauging a service’s worthiness is as simple as dedicating time to peruse the feedback regarding its offerings on review platforms. Curiously, despite the company’s extensive tenure in the market, discussions surrounding it were notably scarce and unexpected. Surprisingly, a majority of the reviews were affirmative in nature, underscoring the ease of communication with support representatives and the affordability of the provided services. A minor portion of the comments assumed a neutral to negative stance, shedding light on the specifics of the delivered papers.

Consequently, while the ratings on platforms such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber soar to impressive heights, it’s essential to comprehend that this doesn’t automatically translate to the essays received being of high quality.

Customer Complaints

Despite the generally efficient communication with the support representatives, this efficacy does not necessarily extend to swift resolution of revision requests. A noteworthy portion of the grievances I unearthed online were aligned with issues concerning deficient formatting, subpar paper structure, and grammar errors.

Essaykeeper at Social Media

Regrettably, despite its substantial tenure in the industry, the company’s online prominence remains lackluster. My exploration across major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, yielded no trace of Essaykeeper accounts. Consequently, no updates or interactions were discernible in the online realm.

Types of Services Provided

The spectrum of services proffered by the company is virtually boundless and undoubtedly impressive. Regardless of the complexity intrinsic to your assignment, the service asserts the ability of its proficient writers to tackle it with proficiency.

  • Essay writing
  • Capstone project
  • Case study
  • Speech
  • Dissertation
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Proofreading
  • Multiple choice questions
  • And numerous others

Prices & Deadlines

Popular Service Shortest Deadline/Price
Essay writing 1 hour/$11.14
Proofreading 1 hour/$4.62
Multiple choice questions 1 hour/$0.89
Dissertation 48 hours/$12.82
Research paper 1 hour/$13.26
Coursework 1 hour/$12.24

The assessment of the pricing policy assumes significance in an Essaykeeper review. The presence of an online calculator on the main page facilitates the estimation of an approximate assignment cost. While the final price might exhibit a slight variance, it’s not substantially divergent. In the context of my personal experience, I commissioned a 3-page Psychology paper to be delivered within 4 days. The anticipated cost was $59.64, featuring a 15% discount. Correspondingly, my actual expenditure surpassed $65, a discrepancy within anticipated bounds.

Favorably, the assignment adhered to the designated timeline, a commendable advantage. However, the paper’s structural deficiencies, absence of formatting, and an array of other issues collectively marred the overall impression.

Regarding discounts and promo codes, a 15% discount is extended to new customers, which is automatically applied to their order. No additional information regarding other promo codes or avenues for price reduction was provided.

Essaykeeper Writers

The company evidently takes pride in its pool of writers, a sentiment underscored by the content on the main page that accentuates their competence and professionalism. Each writer is touted as experienced and qualified. However, the veracity of this claim appears debatable in light of multiple reviews, which substantiate that my personal encounter was not an anomaly. These reviews suggest that not all writers affiliated with the service exhibit diligence and professionalism.

How to Make an Order at Essaykeeper

The process of placing an order proved to be a rather labor-intensive endeavor. I invested over an hour meticulously inputting the assignment particulars and paper requisites. This intricate process involved traversing three distinct stages before eventually reaching the payment section.

  1. Furnishing information encompassing the nature of the task and its deadline.
  2. Providing supplementary paper details.
  3. Selecting any desired additional services.

Upon surmounting these stages and confirming the intricate details, I was subsequently directed to the payment portal. Following the successful completion of the payment, I had to exercise patience as I awaited the delivery of the commissioned project.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

The topic I assigned for the Psychology project was “The Impact of Social Media on Customer Behavior.” The prompt delivery of the project and the assistance provided by the obliging customer support team were discernible advantages that stood out. However, the post-receipt phase of the paper mirrored what I encountered in various reviews.

Despite investing considerable time outlining my stipulations, my desire for a precisely formatted essay with distinct paragraph divisions was thwarted. Instead, what materialized was an unadorned block of text with an indistinct structure and lamentable formatting. To my dismay, the requested MLA style was forsaken for an APA format, rife with errors characteristic of the wrong style. Compounding the issue was the palpable deficiency in the writer’s competence, as the subject matter was entirely neglected. Not a solitary detail pertaining to the influence of social media on consumer decision-making was broached. Instead, the essay offered generic statements about the importance of focused and goal-oriented shopping.

The prevalence of missed commas and erroneous tense usage further underscored the amateurish quality of the paper, indicative of a non-native English speaker’s composition.

On a positive note, no traces of plagiarism were detected in the paper, a salutary aspect of the endeavor. Employing multiple plagiarism detection tools yielded uniformly favorable results, with none registering more than 5% similarity.

Revisions and Refund Policy

In the prelude to composing my review, I harbored an unwavering conviction that the company espoused a robust revision and refund policy. However, my initial foray into seeking a revision was fraught with challenges. Regrettably, the prospect of obtaining a refund ultimately proved elusive, and my pursuit was rendered futile.

Distinctive Service Attributes

In consonance with the prevailing norms of essay writing platforms, the company endeavors to entice customers with a gamut of complimentary add-ons. These encompass a free title page, formatting, bibliography, and an assortment of other supplementary features.

Support and Communication

Echoing the consensus of numerous reviews, the customer support representatives consistently garnered commendation for their courtesy and helpfulness. The agent I engaged with, though unable to facilitate the desired refund, undoubtedly exerted commendable effort in rendering assistance. Worth noting is the absence of an available email contact, leaving the live chat and phone channels as the exclusive avenues for engaging with the support team.


Considering the insights unveiled in this review, it becomes apparent that the company aligns itself as a conventional platform driven by financial considerations rather than a dedication to quality. While the pricing structure remains competitive and rational, the delivered papers fail to meet the standards anticipated by college-level students.