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About EssayOneDay

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EssayOneDay emerged in 2015 as an online writing enterprise catering to the academic needs of students ranging from high school to Ph.D. levels. The platform, owned by DDW Corp Limited, primarily targets English-speaking students hailing from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Central to its services are academic assistance and support, with a focus on commonly assigned tasks like essays, research papers, coursework, term papers, reviews, articles, and case studies. Despite their wide spectrum of disciplines and subjects covered, some aspects of EssayOneDay warrant examination.

The website’s design, which I personally found appealing, simplifies the acquisition of essential information. It conscientiously conveys the company’s rules, policies, and guarantees. Notably, the website’s shortcoming lies in its price calculator, which falls short in providing accurate cost estimates. Prospective clients are required to complete an order form to ascertain the pricing for their desired service.

EssayOneDay asserts an impressive average quality score of 9.5/10. Eager to validate this claim, I took to exploring EssayOneDay reviews. However, to my disappointment, the majority of customers appeared discontented with the assistance rendered by the service. These dissatisfied individuals labeled the company as a potential scam and recommended steering clear of it.

Curiously, a conspicuous fact came to light. EssayOneDay purports to have accumulated over seven years of experience in providing writing assistance. Yet, the abundance of reviews relating to the platform is scarce, with the earliest available review dating back to 2016. This temporal inconsistency suggests a tenure of around four years, making it a relatively well-established entity. Nonetheless, despite its longevity, the service has not managed to amass a favorable reputation among students, thus prompting a plethora of negative feedback.

Notwithstanding these disconcerting revelations, I chose to take a calculated risk and proceeded to place an order through their platform.

Essayoneday Reviews & Online Reputation

It’s quite remarkable that there is a scarcity of EssayOneDay paper writing reviews available on the internet. In fact, the company has only garnered six reviews on SiteJabber. Given the limited number of comments, it’s challenging to gain a comprehensive grasp of the general sentiment surrounding the service. Nonetheless, it’s evident that the prevailing sentiment from these few reviews leans strongly towards the negative side.

Key concerns appear to revolve around three critical aspects: the quality of the papers provided, the professionalism of the writers engaged, and the pricing policies implemented by EssayOneDay. These aspects are pivotal factors for students seeking academic assistance. The notable negativity surrounding these elements raises significant cautionary flags, warranting a deeper and more thorough investigation.

By undertaking a comprehensive review of EssayOneDay, you have embarked on a commendable effort to offer potential users a more nuanced understanding of the service. Your research endeavors hold the potential to empower prospective clients with insights that can inform their decisions on whether or not to engage with the platform.

In a landscape where students seek reliable academic assistance, your diligent exploration will serve as a valuable resource. Your thorough examination of EssayOneDay’s paper quality, writer professionalism, and pricing strategy will undoubtedly contribute to guiding students toward making well-informed choices. As your review unfolds, it will offer individuals the tools they need to navigate through the options and select services that align with their academic requirements.

In essence, your dedicated research will play a pivotal role in assisting individuals to make informed decisions, fostering an environment where students can opt for services that are more likely to meet their expectations and provide satisfactory outcomes.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

I appreciate your initiative in delving into the pricing policy of, as it’s an essential factor that often gets overlooked in many reviews. By focusing on the cost per page relative to different deadlines, you’re providing valuable information to potential users who are considering the service for their essay needs. This transparent breakdown of pricing will undoubtedly aid readers in understanding the financial aspect of engaging with It’s crucial for individuals to have a clear picture of the expenses associated with such services, and your efforts in shedding light on this aspect are commendable. This information will empower readers to make informed decisions that align with their budgetary constraints and academic requirements.

Deadline Price per page
14 days from $7.50
7 days from $10
5 days from $12
24 hours from $21
3 hours from $38


Your keen attention to the additional services offered by, along with their associated costs, is a valuable contribution to your review. It’s evident that these services play a role in shaping the overall user experience and financial commitment. By highlighting the prices of services like the plagiarism report, abstract page, and personal VIP manager, you’re offering potential users a clear understanding of the potential costs they might incur beyond the base service.

Expressing your concern about the pricing of these services, particularly in comparison to what’s offered by other online companies, underscores the importance of evaluating the value proposition for each additional service. Your perspective on these costs adds depth to your review and provides readers with valuable insights into the financial considerations they should keep in mind when deciding to engage with

Is Essayoneday Worth It?

Having decided to entrust the creation of a 2-page essay on Management to Essayoneday, I aimed to explore the advantages and disadvantages of planned macroeconomics. My instructions were detailed and specific, meticulously outlining the parameters of the analysis. Specifically, I requested an examination of the Soviet Union’s poorly planned economy, emphasizing the critical errors that led to its fragmentation into smaller republics.

Regrettably, the outcome was less than satisfactory. The writer’s grasp of the terminology and fundamental objectives of a planned economy appeared to be lacking. A significant concern arose from the essay’s portrayal of a planned economy as impervious to external economic influences, which contradicted the core principles of such an economic system. Furthermore, the writer neglected to address the irrational and unprofitable mandates that Soviet officials imposed upon their subordinates, a hallmark of the era’s economic mismanagement.

What compounded my disappointment was the perceived absence of experience and skill in the writer’s work. The structure of the essay seemed disjointed, failing to adhere to the logical progression required for a cohesive argument. The essence of the topic felt inadequately explored, resulting in an arid and unengaging narrative.

Terms of Use

In examining the refund policy of, it becomes apparent that while an extensive list of scenarios for potential refunds exists, the practical process of obtaining a refund can be remarkably challenging. On initial inspection, the policy appears robust, encompassing a wide range of situations under which clients might seek reimbursement.

However, upon closer scrutiny, a notable discrepancy surfaces. The initial section of the list comprises commonplace scenarios, such as receiving a 100% refund for accidental double payments. While seemingly reasonable, these instances do not necessarily encompass the broader spectrum of reasons one might request a refund.

The latter part of the refund policy, unfortunately, raises concern. It suggests a distinct lack of clarity and transparency in the refund process, casting doubt on the practical feasibility of obtaining a refund in more complex situations. This could lead to the unsettling realization that certain scenarios, despite being listed, might be fraught with challenges when it comes to actual implementation.


To connect with the support team, you have a trio of options at your disposal: the hotline, email, or online chat. Each avenue promises swift communication with the company’s representatives. Generally, the support agents exhibit an approachable demeanor and are prompt in their responses.

It’s worth noting, however, that their expertise may be limited in certain areas, such as the company’s ownership details or intricate legal aspects. Their familiarity might be confined to the confines of their job descriptions, possibly making it challenging to obtain comprehensive answers to complex inquiries. Furthermore, I observed a recurring tendency where they inquired about the nature of the writing assistance sought, which could be somewhat bothersome.

While interactions with the support team are characterized by quick responses and cordiality, it’s prudent to manage your expectations regarding the extent of information they can provide. Their service seems tailored towards addressing immediate concerns but might fall short when it comes to delving into intricate or nuanced matters.

Final Thoughts

While EssayOneDay positions itself as a budget-friendly writing service, this assertion proves to be misleading upon closer examination. The prices they offer are notably elevated, yet the quality of the resulting papers falls short of expectations. Moreover, the initial enthusiasm and warmth exhibited by the support team seem to wane when issues such as free revisions or refunds are brought into the conversation.

In conclusion, based on my thorough analysis, I am unable to endorse this service. I firmly believe that there are superior alternatives available, offering both better quality work and more reasonable pricing structures. As a conscientious reviewer, my recommendation is to explore other platforms that can provide a more satisfying and cost-effective experience for your academic writing needs.