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  • Extremely high rates
  • No copyrights are provided
  • Missed deadlines
  • Annoying popups

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About EssayPedia

Upon my initial visit to the company’s website, I found myself in a state of perplexity. I entertained the thought that my browser might not have loaded the page properly, prompting me to refresh it multiple times. Regrettably, my efforts yielded no alteration. It was only upon closer inspection that I comprehended the nature of the homepage: it solely consisted of the order submission form and a listing of the service’s benefits.

In my pursuit of composing an insightful review, I delved deeply into the various sections of the website. At first glance, the platform appears to be a trustworthy resource for acquiring online assistance with college assignments. The company proudly asserts its London-based identity and provides an array of guarantees to potential customers.

However, my meticulous approach led me to uncover several potential pitfalls that might elude the average student, particularly those seeking swift homework assistance. One such instance is the barely conspicuous disclaimer located at the bottom of the page. This disclaimer underscores that all the papers furnished to students are intended solely for sample and research purposes. Are there any other vital aspects that learners should be aware of prior to engaging with this site? Let’s embark on this journey in this comprehensive EssayPedia review.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts employs an unconventional order placement system that calculates the ultimate cost based on factors such as word count, paper type, and deadline. In addition, students are required to select their preferred grade level, a choice that further influences the eventual price. However, I found this order placement form to be both perplexing and potentially misleading. Furthermore, I harbor doubts about their ability to assure specific grades, especially since clients are prohibited from submitting the received papers as their own work. This raises questions about the overall transparency and integrity of the platform.

Upon entering all the relevant particulars, the order placement form unveiled a staggering price of £178.00 ($244.70) for an essay necessitating completion within three days. Opting for the lowest attainable grade and a word count of 1250, the cost equated to an exorbitant fee, equivalent to roughly $50 per page. Notably, had I opted for the highest attainable grade, I would have been compelled to part with a substantial sum of £422.00 ($580.36) for a five-page college essay. This pricing structure raises serious concerns about the affordability and value proposition of their services.

Is Brand Worth It

I proceeded to place an order on the website, requesting their proficient experts to compose a persuasive essay spanning five pages. Given that I had opted for the lowest grade, I didn’t hold high expectations for top-notch quality. Nevertheless, I did anticipate that meeting the deadline would be a certainty, given the considerable price tag attached to the service. Alas, my expectations were not met. I ended up receiving my paper a full five hours past the scheduled due date. This tardiness necessitated multiple interactions with their support managers before I finally obtained my essay.

Upon examining the delivered assignment, I was disheartened by its quality. It appeared as though the writer had taken an existing essay from the internet on the topic “The Best Book Ever Written” and conducted a superficial paraphrasing exercise. This instance of potentially unoriginal and substandard content was certainly dismaying.

Terms of Use

I dedicated a significant amount of time to thoroughly scrutinize their Terms of Use. This compilation of terms, presented in a lengthy list, is imbued with language that often requires the comprehension of legal scholars. Within these terms, it is clearly stipulated that all papers received by learners are intended exclusively for research purposes. Curiously, they also indicate that users might receive promotional materials via SMS upon sharing their phone numbers. Paradoxically, they impose an extra charge for using SMS to update students on the progress of their assignments—a seemingly contradictory policy.

One aspect that struck me as particularly inequitable is the additional fee levied for EU students. This caveat should raise alarm bells for students from the European Union, as the Terms of Use disclose that an extra charge is imposed on all orders submitted by undergraduate EU students. This revelation underscores the importance of shedding light on this matter in my review, serving as a cautionary advisory for potential EU customers.


The company presents multiple avenues for customers to connect with their support agents, including through phone or live chat. However, there’s a persistent issue that hampers the user experience. Banners frequently pop up every five seconds, compelling users to either initiate a conversation with a manager or request a call-back. These banners superimpose themselves over all content, rendering the website practically unusable unless they are manually closed. This recurring interruption is undeniably vexing.

Furthermore, engaging with their live chat demands a significant amount of patience. If you opt to interact with their support team via this channel, be prepared to invest a considerable amount of time. Responses from their managers can take as long as 10 minutes or more, which could potentially frustrate users seeking swift assistance.

Final Thoughts

To conclude my assessment of EssayPedia, I strongly advise against using this service, as it essentially amounts to acquiring a futile endeavor. Engaging with this platform will result in a depletion of both your time and financial resources. Notably, the absence of concrete guarantees compounds the issues, given that the papers provided can solely be employed for research intentions. Opting for this paper writing platform would be an unwise decision, as it’s more likely to lead to monetary loss and dissatisfaction. As echoed in various reviews, this service is characterized by exorbitant prices and a consistent pattern of delivering tardy and subpar quality papers.