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Service features:

Service rating


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$12.99 per page

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3 hours

Free revisions


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  • Offers a wide range of academic writing services
  • Variety of deadlines, ranging from 3 hours to 14 days
  • Easy to place an order and communicate with their support team.


  • Many negative reviews cite issues with quality and missed deadlines.
  • Prices are high compared to other writing services
  • The service does not have an active social media presence
  • Papers may contain unoriginal content.

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About EssayRoo

Let’s delve into the topic of the Australian writing service known as EssayRoo. Originating in 2009, this website garnered significant popularity during its early years. Despite the emergence of numerous competing companies since then, EssayRoo has managed to maintain its presence and relevance in the industry.

Today, I’d like to share insights regarding a recent review of The focus will be on evaluating the caliber of papers provided by this company. By shedding light on their service, we can gain a clearer understanding of its current performance and offerings.

Essayroo Reviews & Online Reputation

To begin the evaluation process, it’s advisable to explore reviews on impartial websites. These platforms offer unbiased perspectives on the experiences of individuals who have utilized various services. Commencing with SiteJabber, a widely recognized platform for such reviews, seemed like a logical step. However, upon searching for “essayroo review SiteJabber,” it came to my attention that the company’s rating on this platform was exceptionally low.

Remarkably, the service not only received a paltry number of five essayroo reviews, but a significant portion of these evaluations was also decidedly negative. Nearly half of the customers who participated in these reviews assigned the company the lowest achievable ratings in terms of its service quality.

Essayroo at Social Media

In the process of crafting an assessment of the essayroo essay writing service, I undertook the task of exploring recent reviews about their paper writing offerings on social media platforms. However, this endeavor proved to be more challenging than anticipated. Evidently, the company seems to place minimal emphasis on maintaining an active online presence and engaging with prospective customers. A notable illustration of this is their Facebook profile, which has not been updated since 2017. This lack of regular interaction and updates reflects a disconnect between the company and its potential clientele.

Undeterred by the aforementioned challenges, I proceeded to place an order for a 3-page descriptive essay centered around the topic of Architecture. Specifically, I requested the writer to delve into the fundamental tenets of neoclassicism and explore its contemporary relevance. While the writer managed to meet the stipulated deadline, there were notable shortcomings in their understanding of neoclassical principles and the architectural components integral to crafting building facades. This discrepancy highlights a gap in their grasp of the subject matter.

Furthermore, my satisfaction with the delivered work was further dampened by my dissatisfaction with both the introduction and the body paragraphs. Regrettably, these sections only marginally aligned with the chosen topic. What’s more concerning is that the writer exhibited a confusion between neoclassicism and baroque, a glaring error that significantly undermined the quality of the content. Given these considerable shortcomings, it is with disappointment that I must render a negative review of EssayRoo based on this experience.

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

Essayroo Shortest Deadline/Price
Academic paper writing 3 hours/$39.5 per page
Master’s coursework 3 hours/$54.59 per page
College article review 3 hours/$39.70 per page
Ph.D. thesis/dissertation 1 day/$54.59 per page
Rewriting From $9.45
Editing From $9.99

Addressing the aspect of pricing, it’s important to note that my search for essayroo reviews yielded no comprehensive comparison of its policies with those of other writing services. In my personal encounter, I was charged $44.97 for my essay. This cost struck me as relatively high when juxtaposed against similar services in the market. Even if one were fortunate enough to secure applicable essayroo discounts, the overall expense for an academic paper would remain on the steep side.

Delving into the pricing structure, the base rate starts at $12.99 per page, a figure relevant for a more leisurely 14-day turnaround. Contrastingly, opting for a significantly shorter three-hour deadline would inflate the cost to $39.70 per page. Unfortunately, my pursuit for essayroo promo codes proved futile, as none were discovered during the course of my exploration.


Is Essayroo Worth It?

To my astonishment, a prevailing negative sentiment has emerged both towards the company itself and its team of local writers. A simple “EssayRoo scam” search query yields a considerable amount of critical feedback, indicative of dissatisfaction among its users. Of particular concern is the recurrent issue of experts failing to deliver papers within designated timelines, a practice deemed unacceptable by students who rely on punctual submissions. The question of whether EssayRoo is safe remains unresolved and uncertain, making it advisable to seek alternatives in the realm of writing services.

Addressing the issue of plagiarism, accounts from reviews suggest that certain students have received papers riddled with unoriginal content. Fortunately, my own experience was less severe in this aspect, with only minor instances of duplicated phrasing present in my essay. Nonetheless, this is a risk I am disinclined to take in the future.

Contrary to the service’s claims of enlisting top writers exclusively from English-speaking nations, my personal encounter painted a different picture. The writer assigned to my project demonstrated a level of skill that fell short of the promised expertise, evident in the presence of peculiar errors and typographical mistakes within my essay.

In terms of features, the service’s offerings are relatively minimal. The only supplementary option available pertains to varying levels of customer service packages. For example, obtaining advanced helpdesk assistance comes at a cost of $7.96, while opting for premium support entails an increased fee of $13.27.

Essayroo Terms of Use

The terms and conditions offered by Essayroo are fairly standard among essay mills, but there are a number of potential pitfalls that necessitate awareness.

At Essayroo, they do provide initial and recurring customer discounts, as well as an affiliate program. However, these discounts are only applicable for orders surpassing the $25 mark, which might seem inadequate considering the pricing structure of EssayRoo.

When it comes to refunds, EssayRoo’s policy merits attention. Should your order encounter lateness and the deadline you specified exceeds 14 days, you’re eligible for a mere 7% refund. Additionally, in the event that you request a revision, it’s important to bear in mind that you shouldn’t anticipate a reimbursement exceeding 70% of the total amount paid.

Furthermore, any refund request is subject to a $10 processing fee. It’s crucial to note that if you choose to pursue a refund, you’re discouraged from citing your grade or feedback from your professor as evidence of subpar quality, since the Terms of Use explicitly prohibit the submission of purchased papers as your own research.


While my exploration of other Essay Roo reviews didn’t reveal notable complaints, my own encounter with the service proved to be quite overwhelming. The journey commenced with an overly chatty chatbot and concluded with an assertive agent who consistently provided me with automated responses akin to those of the bot. The experience of feeling coerced into purchasing papers was far from enjoyable, and my interaction with a manager nearly deterred me from continuing with EssayRoo. It remains uncertain whether this level of assertiveness is exhibited by all their agents or if my experience was an unfortunate outlier.


In an effort to offer an objective and helpful Essay Roo review, I aimed to provide a comprehensive assessment of my experience. It’s prudent for potential users to remain cognizant of the challenges they could potentially encounter should they choose to entrust this site with their assignments. Notably, their Terms of Use and Money-back Guarantee are accompanied by certain clauses that might raise questions. Moreover, the standard of writing doesn’t align with the stringent requirements often demanded by colleges. The writer assigned to my project exhibited amateurish errors and seemed to have given minimal attention to the introduction and conclusion. While my personal order wasn’t marred by late delivery, indications from reviews and the company’s policies suggest that missed deadlines are a recurring issue.

To encapsulate, while EssayRoo doesn’t rank among the worst options available, they have yet to earn a place on my list of endorsed writing companies. It’s imperative for them to prioritize both quality assessment and customer support to establish a more robust reputation. As things stand, it’s advisable to exercise caution and safeguard your finances by refraining from utilizing their services at this time.