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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

6 hours

Free revisions


Refund guaranteed



  • Convenient interface
  • Ability to choose a writer
  • Direct communication with the writer


  • High rates
  • Unresponsive support
  • Average quality of papers

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About EssayService

The website of this service is designed to grab your attention and persuade potential clients that it’s the ultimate destination for academic writing assistance. Nevertheless, in my review of, I aim to delve beneath the surface to uncover the true nature of this service.

customer review

The company information available on the website is limited. However, they claim to be operated by the WRITINGSERV company. It’s worth noting that based on publicly available information, the WRITINGSERV company is associated with other writing sites such as Essaypro, Essaymail, and Studentessay. Furthermore, their website is registered in the Cayman Islands.

Curiously, I couldn’t come across any substantial feedback regarding the quality of the assignments they provide. To uncover more about this aspect, let’s delve further into this review of Essay service.

EssayService Reviews & Online Reputation

The company proudly claims to be top-rated on various platforms. While I did attempt to verify this assertion, it’s important to note that their Trustpilot profile has been blocked and marked as problematic. Additionally, I came across several individuals expressing dissatisfaction with the quality of the writing service on Reddit. These insights suggest that there might be concerns surrounding their reputation, which I’ll further explore in this review.


Prices & Deadlines

The company provides a range of deadline options for ordering academic papers, with turnaround times spanning from 6 hours to 2 months. However, their pricing structure lacks transparency, making it challenging to determine the exact costs upfront. Instead, they employ a calculator on their website to generate the prices based on specific details. Below is a table showcasing the prices for various services they offer.

Popular Service DeadlinePrice
High school essay 14 days / $10.8 per page
Master’s coursework 7 days / $15.4 per page
College article review 5 day / $11.4 per page
PhD capstone project 3 days / $18.14 per page
College essay rewriting 1 day / $10.5 per page
Master’s report editing 12 hours / $8.78 per page

In my review, it’s important to highlight that after inputting all the necessary information for your order, users are required to sign up for the service. However, following the verification process, I encountered an issue where all the provided data was erased, necessitating a repetition of the order details.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the price indicated by the initial calculator wasn’t accurate. In my case, I requested a four-page essay with a week’s deadline, and the calculator initially estimated the price at $40.80. However, when interacting with various writers, the bids I received ranged from $40.80 to $60.80 for the same assignment, revealing a discrepancy between the initial estimate and the actual costs.

EssayService Discounts and Promo Codes

Regrettably, I was unable to locate any promotion codes to avail of price deductions. Given that employs a bidding system, customers are required to engage in negotiations with writers to secure the most favorable price. Despite my attempts to negotiate and obtain a lower final charge, none of the writers I interacted with were willing to reduce their bids.

EssayService Writers

It’s worth noting in my review that while the platform claims to have qualified writers with strong academic backgrounds and excellent writing skills, my interactions with several writers who submitted their bids revealed that a significant portion of them were non-native English speakers. Additionally, a surprising revelation was that some writers utilized stock photos in their profiles, which understandably raises concerns about their authenticity and credibility.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

In my Essayservice review, it’s essential to highlight my personal experience with ordering a four-page essay that was due in seven days. I invested a considerable amount of time interviewing various top writers who submitted their bids for the project. Eventually, I was able to select a writer, though the process was time-consuming.

Unfortunately, the paper I received from the chosen writer didn’t meet my expectations. While not of poor quality, it was certainly average and required improvements. Regrettably, the writer did not thoroughly research the topic, leading to a lack of depth and professionalism in the final essay. The topic, “Digital Addiction in Teenagers,” was intended to be supported with extensive research-backed details. However, the delivered paper included only a handful of general and widely-known facts. I had specifically requested the inclusion of statistics and studies to highlight the scope of the issue, but these were missing. Furthermore, I had to address numerous grammar mistakes and errors in the paper. This experience left me feeling disappointed with the quality of the work provided by the platform.

EssayService Revisions and Refund Policy

Regarding the revision policy, it’s worth noting in my review that the company does provide the option for one free revision. However, the process of requesting a revision is not particularly user-friendly. To initiate a revision, users are required to send a request to the company’s corporate email.

It’s also important to address their refund policy. While there are various scenarios in which students can apply for a chargeback, it’s disappointing to find out that receiving a paper of poor quality is not one of them. The company does not offer refunds in cases where the received paper leads to low grades or falls below the expected standards. This limitation could be a concern for many potential customers seeking assurance of quality and satisfaction.

Support and Communication

Contacting a support manager on is primarily done through a live chat feature. However, it’s worth noting in my review that the live chat is initially handled by a chatbot, which can require several attempts to connect with a human support representative. In line with concerns raised in other reviews of, it’s important to mention that the support agents seem more focused on encouraging clients to place orders rather than addressing their inquiries. While the response time may not be a significant issue, this approach could leave customers feeling less supported in terms of obtaining helpful and relevant information.


In conclusion, my assessment of reveals that while it may not be a terrible option for obtaining assistance with academic assignments, it’s advisable to approach it with caution. Reading a variety of reviews from other users can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the service’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s worth noting that there are likely better alternatives available for students seeking to have their college papers written without unnecessary stress. As with any important decision, thorough research and consideration of user experiences are key to making an informed choice.