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About Essaythinker

This review of aims to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of the platform’s suitability for academic assistance. My intention is to delve into both the positive and negative facets of this service, even though their website lacks detailed information.

While asserts its headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, my experience reveals that the payment was processed by R.P WRITINGSMART TECHNOLOGIES LTD, a Cyprus-based firm. This contradiction raises questions about the transparency of the company’s operations. Furthermore, the assertion of having been operational since 2001 stands in contrast to the fact that the company was officially incorporated in 2018, as documented by publicly available information.

The intricacies of these discrepancies underscore the importance of thorough research and careful consideration when engaging with online academic assistance platforms like Such ambiguities can significantly impact one’s confidence in the service and should prompt potential users to exercise caution.

Essaythinker Reviews & Online Reputation

Exploring the landscape of further, given the dearth of legal information available on the platform, we will now delve into the realm of Essaythinker paper writing reviews. This approach aims to offer insights from actual users, shedding light on the realities of this online writing service.

Regrettably, the landscape of reviews is predominantly populated by negativity. A significant number of students have expressed discontent, emphasizing the poor quality of the papers they received despite having paid substantial amounts. Additionally, concerns about hidden fees and the absence of a viable refund policy are recurrent themes.

Examining Essaythinker’s Presence on Social Media

Supplementing traditional reviews with an analysis of their social media engagement provides a well-rounded perspective for assessing the credibility of this writing service. On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Essaythinker maintains a public presence. However, their activity on these accounts appears to be negligible. Notably, their last Facebook post dates back to 2015.

The lack of active management on social media raises questions about their commitment to communication and engagement with their audience. This pattern reinforces the skepticism voiced by users in other reviews and further underscores the importance of informed decision-making when it comes to choosing an online writing service.

Prices & Deadlines

The absence of a readily available pricing table on the website necessitates prospective customers to provide specific order details in order to determine the associated costs. The platform’s integrated calculator then computes the final charge during the checkout process. To offer readers greater insight into their pricing policy, I’ve compiled a table featuring the most sought-after services and their corresponding prices within my review. This overview should facilitate a clearer understanding of the financial aspect of engaging with the service.

Popular service Deadline/Price
High school essay 10 days/$15.99 per page
Graduate coursework 5 days/$26.99 per page
College article rewriting 2 day/$22.99 per page
College capstone project 1 days/$24.99 per page
College term paper 18 hours/$27.99 per page
Master’s lab report 8 hours/$45.99 per page

Essaythinker Writers

Numerous individuals have emphasized in their Essaythinker reviews that a substantial portion of the platform’s writers exhibit subpar language skills. Intrigued by these claims, I resolved to closely examine this aspect. Regrettably, I discovered that there was no avenue provided for direct communication with the assigned writer. This omission hindered my ability to address my concerns or provide guidance on language proficiency.

Upon receiving my paper, my reservations intensified. The quality of the writing raised questions about whether it was indeed composed by a native speaker. This uncertainty further underscores the importance of effective communication channels with writers, as well as transparent information about their qualifications. It also highlights the potential disparity between the platform’s advertised capabilities and the actual proficiency of their writers.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

In my pursuit of an essay comparing “What is the difference between socialism and communism?” within a four-day window, I engaged the services of Essaythinker. To their credit, they met the demanding deadline, delivering the paper promptly.

However, my experience took a downturn when I evaluated the essay’s quality. In the course of crafting my Essaythinker review, I must emphasize the conspicuous lack of research within the paper. While the writer did delineate the distinctions between socialism and communism, the analysis remained superficial. The essay failed to delve into the deeper nuances that underpin the differences in ideological stances between these two concepts.

Furthermore, the presence of numerous grammatical errors marred my overall impression. Using online spell-checkers, I unearthed an alarming number of linguistic inaccuracies, indicating a lack of attention to detail and linguistic proficiency.

This mixed experience encapsulates the dual nature of my interaction with Essaythinker – prompt delivery on a tight schedule, but a subpar execution that left me underwhelmed by the quality and depth of the delivered work.

Essaythinker Plagiarism

Confronted with grammatical inaccuracies in the received essay, I embarked on a journey to ascertain its originality. Employing various online tools, I subjected the essay to scrutiny, ultimately revealing that the detected plagiarism level did not surpass 15%. This outcome aligned with the prescribed threshold for acceptable similarity, indicating that the essay remained within the bounds of permissible content overlap.

Essaythinker Revisions and Refund Policy

Customers who find themselves dissatisfied with the caliber of their assignments possess the avenue to communicate their concerns to the customer care department and initiate a refund request. Each of these requests undergoes a manual assessment by the company’s agents. However, it’s important to note that the extent of compensation is capped at a maximum of 70%.

It’s worth mentioning that claims pertaining to subpar quality are entirely inadmissible for rush orders. Should you be confronted with a tardy delivery, the potential compensation is limited to a reimbursement of 7%.

In addition, securing a complimentary revision might pose a challenge. This is because all revision requests are subjected to manual approval by the managers at the company. This meticulous approach suggests that the process of obtaining revisions might be more stringent compared to other platforms, possibly leading to delays in addressing any concerns.

These aspects of the refund and revision policy further underscore the complexities and limitations that customers might encounter when seeking resolutions for issues related to the services offered by the company.

Essaythinker Features

The service distinguishes itself through a range of unique features that set it apart from other platforms. One notable feature is the provision to personally select a writer for your assignment. For those seeking the expertise of a particularly skilled writer, an additional fee applies. This option affords customers a greater degree of control over the outcome of their assignments.

Furthermore, the platform offers users the valuable resource of reading informative blog posts related to essay writing. These posts likely provide insights, tips, and guidance that can aid users in improving their own writing skills and understanding of the process. Additionally, the availability of free academic paper samples presents an advantageous opportunity for users to access practical examples, potentially serving as valuable references for their own work.

These distinctive attributes contribute to the platform’s overall appeal, as they provide a more personalized experience and empower users with additional resources for self-improvement and enhancement of their academic endeavors.

Support and Communication

Communication with the platform can be established through multiple channels, including phone, email, and live chat. Regrettably, my personal experience indicates that these options may not consistently deliver satisfactory results. I was only able to successfully connect with their managers through the live chat, although the process entailed enduring a substantial waiting period of up to 15 minutes before receiving a response.

This raises concerns about the efficiency and responsiveness of their customer support system. Timely and effective communication channels are crucial for resolving concerns and providing assistance promptly. The delays you encountered highlight a potential gap in their customer support infrastructure, impacting the overall customer experience and potentially exacerbating any issues users may encounter.


In conclusion, based on my assessment in this Essaythinker review, I cannot recommend utilizing this service. The presence of hidden fees and the absence of comprehensive refunds in instances of delayed delivery or subpar quality raise serious concerns about the transparency and reliability of their operations. These factors, combined with the challenges encountered in communication and responsiveness, underscore the potential pitfalls that users might face. Given these observations, opting for alternative platforms may be a wiser choice for individuals seeking dependable and reputable academic assistance.