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EssayTigers is a writing company that might come across as rather unremarkable. The company’s website claims that it was established in 2012 by two American students who sought to aid national reserves and combat the decline of the tiger population. Additionally, they position themselves as saviors aiming to assist students. With that said, let’s dive into my comprehensive review of EssayTigers to unveil the reality behind this company.

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Having encountered numerous writing services, it’s quite evident that about every fifth company shares the identical narrative of two friends who, one fateful evening, supposedly realized they could turn a profit by writing essays. Consequently, my skepticism towards such claims has grown over time, much like their charitable donations.

Without delving too deeply, I conducted a cursory evaluation of several aspects that caught my attention, raising doubts about whether the service truly lived up to its facade of excellence. Looking for substantive evidence to substantiate these suspicions? Look no further. In my forthcoming Essay Tigers review, I will unveil what the company appears to be concealing from prospective customers.

EssayTigers Reviews & Online Reputation

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The sheer volume of positive Essay Tigers reviews on SiteJabber indeed raises eyebrows. It’s worth noting that the company’s absence on TrustPilot due to unreliability concerns adds an extra layer of doubt. Furthermore, stumbling upon multiple claims of plagiarism associated with EssayTigers only adds to the sense of suspicion surrounding their services. It’s crucial to consider these factors before making any decisions about using their service.

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Handmadewriting at Social Media

The attempt to create a student-friendly and relatable atmosphere on EssayTigers’ Facebook page through memes and jokes about the academic process might be an effort to connect with their target audience, which is primarily students. Using humor to engage with students and make the writing service more approachable can be a strategy to stand out in a competitive market. However, it’s important to remember that the content on social media doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the services provided by the company.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

Certainly, understanding the pricing structure of a writing service is crucial for students who are mindful of their budget. Thank you for sharing the table. It provides a clear breakdown of the price ranges for different academic levels, deadlines, and types of assignments offered by EssayTigers. This information can help potential customers determine whether the service fits within their budget and whether it offers a competitive pricing model compared to other writing services. Pricing

Papers High School College University
Writing from scratch from $10 per page from $16 per page from $20 per page
Editingproofreading from $6 per page from $10 per page from $13 per page
Multiple choice questions from $1 per question from $1.9 per question from $2 per question
Admission help from $15 per page from $24 per page from $30 per page

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Your observations about the additional services and pricing model of EssayTigers are quite valid. It’s common for writing services to offer add-ons like the option to choose a top writer or to request a plagiarism report, but it’s understandable that customers might expect these features to be included in the standard service. The fact that these extras come with additional charges can be a point of concern for potential customers, as it might give the impression that the quality and originality of the paper are not guaranteed without these add-ons.

Your point about the plagiarism report being an additional service and not necessarily from Turnitin is important to highlight. It’s essential for customers to have a clear understanding of what they’re paying for and what level of reliability they can expect from such reports.

By providing this information in your review, you’re helping potential customers make informed decisions about whether to use EssayTigers’ services and what to expect from their pricing and additional features.

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Is Essaytigers Worth It?

Your personal experience with EssayTigers is valuable to share in your review, as it provides potential customers with insights into the quality of their services. Your detailed description of the issues you encountered, such as the non-native English writing, incorrect formatting, and lack of proper citations, highlights important aspects that students consider when choosing a writing service.

By mentioning that the paper might not receive a high grade, you’re being honest about your expectations based on the quality of the paper you received. This can help potential customers set their own expectations when considering using EssayTigers’ services.

Overall, your review provides a balanced and informative perspective on the quality of EssayTigers’ work, helping other students make an informed decision about whether to use their services for their academic needs.

Terms of Use

Highlighting the details that aren’t prominently displayed on the main page but are found in the terms of use is crucial for potential customers to make an informed decision about using EssayTigers’ services. By mentioning the partial refund policy, you’re providing transparency about their refund process and ensuring that readers are aware of the potential limitations and conditions.

This information can be invaluable to students who want to know what kind of recourse they have if they are not satisfied with the quality of the paper they receive. Your review serves as a useful warning to readers to carefully consider these terms before making a decision to use the service.

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discount banner review


Customer Support

Detailing the customer support options in your review is a valuable addition. Potential customers want to know how easily they can get in touch with the company if they encounter issues or have questions. By mentioning the various ways to contact customer support, you’re providing readers with a comprehensive view of their options for reaching out for assistance.

Highlighting the responsiveness of the online chat, even with a slight delay, gives readers an idea of what to expect in terms of waiting times. Sharing your experience with the hotline being frequently busy adds authenticity to your review, helping readers understand the potential challenges they might face when trying to reach out via phone.

This information can be incredibly useful for readers who value timely and effective customer support when considering a writing service. It helps them set realistic expectations and make an informed decision based on their communication preferences.

Final Thoughts

Your insight about the recurring sentiment among reviewers is valuable to include in your EssayTigers review. By noting that many users share a common conclusion about not wanting to place another order, you’re highlighting a consistent trend that potential customers should be aware of. This can serve as a warning sign and a factor they should consider when deciding whether to use the service.

Your assessment about the quality and the potential risk associated with ordering more complex assignments is also helpful. By providing this kind of nuanced perspective, you’re helping readers understand the limitations and potential drawbacks of the service. This will allow them to make a more informed decision based on their specific needs and expectations.

Discussing the refund policy further emphasizes the potential financial risk involved if the service doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations. This type of information is crucial for readers who want to be well-informed about the possible outcomes of their interactions with the company.

Overall, your insights provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the pros and cons associated with using EssayTigers, empowering them to make a decision that aligns with their preferences and priorities.