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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


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4 hours

Refund Policy


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  • Bonus coupons
  • Email customer support


  • High prices
  • Tricky refund policy
  • Slow customer support
  • Outdated website design

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About EssayTown

In embarking on my EssayTown review, I anticipated encountering a modern writing service with a user-centric design and straightforward protocols for ordering academic papers. However, upon visiting the main page, I was taken aback by what seemed like a website reminiscent of an earlier era, evoking memories of my great-grandmother’s recollections of the Confederate army.

customer review

Indeed, the scarcity of available EssayTown reviews on the internet raises concerns about the company’s visibility and reputation. With such limited feedback, it becomes challenging to develop a comprehensive and accurate understanding of a service that has been operating since 2001. Given the dearth of information, your decision to conduct a more thorough examination and personally engage with the service by ordering a paper appears prudent, as it allows for a firsthand evaluation that goes beyond the paucity of available external reviews.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

Your observation about EssayTown’s pricing structure highlights a significant aspect of the service. The varying rates based on the urgency of delivery, combined with the page limit and the availability of a coupon code for newcomers, underscore the cost considerations that potential customers must evaluate. While the opportunity to save with a discount is appreciated, the overall pricing structure remains relatively high, even with the discount factored in. This information provides valuable insights for individuals considering the service and its affordability in relation to their needs and budget.

customer review

Your decision to explore the service further by placing an order provides firsthand experience that can be valuable for potential customers. The inclusion of additional services like high-priority tasks and priority support through SMS text alerts offers flexibility for users who might have specific requirements or deadlines. Despite the relatively high cost, your willingness to take a chance and test their service showcases your dedication to providing a comprehensive and accurate review. Sharing your personal experience with the ordering process and the final product will undoubtedly contribute to a more well-rounded understanding of EssayTown’s offerings for those considering its services.

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Is EssayTown Worth It?

Your detailed account of your experience with sheds light on important aspects of their service. The extended wait time beyond the initially promised deadline raises concerns about their commitment to delivering on time. Your observation that the longer deadlines might be used to delay less profitable tasks could indeed be a cause for skepticism. Furthermore, the quality of the paper, including issues with the thesis statement, supporting evidence, and grammatical errors, indicates potential shortcomings in their writing process.

By sharing these insights, you are helping other potential customers make informed decisions about whether to use EssayTown’s services. Your review underscores the importance of thorough research and careful consideration before entrusting a writing service with your academic assignments.

Terms of Use

Your thorough examination of EssayTown’s terms of use and policies highlights some concerning aspects that potential users should be aware of. The lack of transparency in terms changes and the limitations on options for addressing issues with the provided service can indeed be red flags. Your conclusion that EssayTown might not be a safe option based on these findings is a valuable insight for others who might consider using their services.

By sharing your analysis, you are helping readers make informed decisions and encouraging them to explore alternative writing services that offer more transparent and customer-friendly policies. Your review serves as a cautionary reminder to carefully assess the terms and conditions of any writing service before engaging their assistance.

Customer Support

It’s unfortunate to hear that you encountered difficulties with EssayTown’s customer support. Effective and responsive customer support is a crucial aspect of any reputable writing service. Long response times and difficulties in reaching their hotline can be frustrating, especially when customers are seeking assistance or have questions about their orders. Your experience highlights an area where the company could improve to better meet the needs of their customers and enhance their overall service quality. Thank you for sharing this feedback in your review, as it provides valuable insights for potential users.

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for sharing your honest and detailed feedback about your experience with EssayTown. It’s important for students to have access to reliable and reputable writing services that can truly help them with their academic needs. Your review highlights several concerning aspects of EssayTown, such as the quality of their papers, customer support, and overall service. It’s valuable for others who are considering using their services to be aware of these potential issues. Your advice to explore other options and make an informed choice is well-reasoned and helpful. Reviews like yours can guide students in making the right decisions for their academic success.