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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

8 hours

Free revisions


Refund guaranteed



  • Simple order placement form
  • Low minimum price


  • No copyrights are provided
  • Fake working experience
  • No support
  • Poor quality of writing

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Are you in search of assistance with your academic assignments? If so, you might come across this particular paper writing service during your online exploration. At a glance, it may come across as a typical platform that offers budget-friendly but potentially low-quality papers. Is this assessment accurate? Let’s delve into my review of to uncover the truth.

customer review

The website presents numerous guarantees, but it’s advisable to verify all the details to prevent any financial mishaps. Surprisingly, the service boasts only a single review on well-known platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber, which are commonly used for sharing customer feedback. This discrepancy raises eyebrows considering the company’s claimed experience since 2013, as mentioned on their site.

Curiosity led me to perform an online domain name lookup, and to my surprise, I found that the site was registered in December 2015. The puzzling aspect is why they inflated their claimed working experience by approximately three years. Let’s delve into this matter further in my review.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

Navigating the EssayUp website, I found no straightforward pricing table. To determine the costs, one must utilize the online calculator available on their platform. However, the user experience is far from intuitive. In an unconventional twist, the calculator only appears after scrolling halfway down the homepage. Once you reach this point, it pops up and affixes itself to the top of the page. Despite these odds, I successfully entered my order details, which I will further discuss in my EssayUp review.

In my quest for assistance, I sought their expertise to craft a compare and contrast essay within a tight two-day deadline. I was taken aback by the financial commitment, as they quoted a substantial $186 for a mere six pages. This translated to an exorbitant rate of $31 per page, a price point that proved far from budget-friendly. Curiously, if one chooses to extend the deadline to a more lenient 14 days, the cost per page plummets to $16. I find it imperative to underscore in my EssayUp review that the absence of discounts, even for newcomers, was conspicuous.

Is Brand Worth It

With a firm belief that students seek expertise, not shoddy work, I was taken aback by the jarring disparity between the cost and quality of the essay I received. For the steep price of $31 per page, I had anticipated a level of proficiency that matched the expense. My intention was to gauge the service’s capabilities firsthand, prompting me to initiate an order. The process of submitting my requirements and making the payment was relatively straightforward.

However, the delivery of my paper eradicated any lingering questions about the safety of EssayUp. The shock was palpable as I laid eyes on my compare and contrast essay titled “Study Abroad vs. Studying in Your Country.” The presence of numerous spelling errors, flagged by Microsoft Word’s spell-check feature, immediately dented my confidence. An added concern arose when I subjected the content to an online plagiarism checker, revealing an alarming match rate of approximately one-third. Such results are unequivocally unacceptable in any educational setting.

Terms of Use

In my quest for transparency, I meticulously examined the Terms of Use, often a source of hidden details in writing company practices. Upon delving into this section, a glaring intricacy was immediately evident. The document appeared intentionally perplexing, seemingly designed to confound even the most thorough readers who scrutinize agreements prior to acceptance. However, despite its intricate nature, one key provision stood out: the absence of any copyright transfer to clients. Moreover, a rather unusual stipulation barred students from attributing their names to the papers they receive and subsequently submit.


Contacting their customer support proved to be a daunting task. Despite attempting to reach out via both email and phone, my efforts yielded no response. Numerous emails were dispatched, and I made five consecutive calls, yet not a single reply was received. Moreover, their office address is presented as an image, adding another layer of opacity. This unusual practice raises suspicion, hinting at a possible ploy employed by less reputable entities to obscure their actual whereabouts. Such tactics are often seen as red flags in the online world. Consequently, it’s prudent not to anticipate assistance in case of any complications while using this platform. The glaring lack of responsiveness from their agents is a cause for concern.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, I strongly discourage anyone from considering this essay writing service. Engaging with this platform carries substantial risks involving the compromise of your personal information and financial resources. The papers produced often deviate from the specified requirements and demand significant revisions. Moreover, it’s noteworthy that the company retains ownership of all the assignments they deliver. Consequently, utilizing their papers without proper attribution might lead to copyright infringements and potential legal consequences. Given these concerning factors, it’s advisable to steer clear of this service to safeguard your academic integrity and peace of mind.