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About EssayUSA

This paper writing service boasts a distinctive name, yet its uniqueness doesn’t necessarily translate to an enhanced quality of the papers they produce. In my forthcoming review, I will conduct a comprehensive assessment of this homework help service and share my insights based on personal experiences.

Upon visiting the website, one of the initial aspects that users encounter is the proliferation of pop-up windows. These pop-ups inundate the entire screen, leading me to navigate a seemingly ceaseless sequence of them before I could effectively engage with the site. Regrettably, this inconvenience persisted as the banners continued to appear at intervals of approximately three minutes, disrupting the user experience and diminishing the overall usability of the website.

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Based on domain lookup data, the inception of this service dates back to the latter part of 2015. The website’s design prominently features the national colors of the United States, striving to project the image of a US-based company with a tangible presence in Los Angeles.

However, beneath this facade lies the truth: the entity behind this assignment writing service is Dragonet LLC, a Polish company headquartered in Poznan. Furthermore, the revelation that the primary beneficiary’s information is presented as an image rather than plain text serves as a strategic measure to hinder the discovery that the company is, in fact, not based in the United States.

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Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

The website incorporates an online calculator that facilitates the determination of an estimated cost for placing an order. Their price range commences at a base rate of $10.35 per page. This rate corresponds to the creation of a high school-level essay with a delivery period of 14 days. However, should the need for a speedier completion arise, opting for a more expeditious timeline necessitates a higher investment. For instance, a university-level paper can be expedited for delivery within three days, incurring a cost of $19.55 per page.

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In order to assess the proficiency of their writers, I commissioned a three-page essay from their experts. My aim was to gauge their capabilities, and in order to avoid incurring excessive costs due to urgency, I selected a deadline of five days. This choice translated to a charge of $55.20, which amounts to $18.40 per page for this particular task. Consistent with observations shared in other EssayUSA reviews circulating on the internet, I encountered the common practice of the platform presenting unnecessary features for purchase during the checkout process.

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Is EssayUSA Worth It?

In my honest review, I held a firm belief that no issues would arise, given the ample time available to their writers for composing and refining a concise essay on the subject of “Challenges Of Life Today.”

Unfortunately, the worst-case scenario unfolded. Despite the generous timeframe, the designated due date came and went without any form of communication or notification from the platform. Alarmed by the absence of updates, I took it upon myself to investigate the status of my order, only to discover that it remained unmarked as completed in the dashboard. Subsequently, I engaged with their manager to address the situation, and was instructed to await completion within less than an hour.

However, this reassurance was rendered moot, as more than three hours elapsed before I finally received my essay. Regrettably, the delivered paper fell far short of my expectations. Not only did it lack the desired quality, but it was also plagued by formatting errors and an abundance of misspelled words. These critical drawbacks, which marred the overall experience, were conspicuously absent from the discourse on the EssayUSA Reddit thread.

Terms of Use

The exploration of their Terms of Use proved enlightening, as it unveiled the true nature of the service’s geographical base. Simultaneously, it yielded a trove of intriguing insights that I intend to incorporate into my EssayUSA review. These details hold significance, as they underscore key stipulations that define the interaction between the service and its users.

The Terms of Use explicitly delineate that the service is not US-based, a revelation that contrasts with their outward presentation. This revelation aligns with my previous observations and bolsters the need for transparent disclosure.

Furthermore, the terms reveal a crucial facet regarding student submissions. While students do not retain copyrights over the papers they receive, they are permitted to assess and evaluate the delivered assignments. However, for utilizing these papers for academic purposes, students are mandated to provide proper attribution, as the company maintains ownership of the composed assignments.

Importantly, the terms temper expectations regarding outcomes. A pivotal disclosure emphasizes that securing a good grade is not guaranteed. Consequently, the service absolves itself of responsibility for issues arising from low grades or failed assignments, effectively rendering such complaints non-justiciable.

These nuances uncovered in the Terms of Use underscore the critical importance of delving beyond the surface, revealing deeper facets that ultimately shape the user experience with the service.

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Сustomer Support

The website features a noticeable live chat button, often accompanied by a prominent banner that frequently appears. In certain instances, their managers proactively initiate live chat sessions, extending assistance in navigating the order placement process. Typically, their agents join the conversation within a few minutes. However, it’s worth acknowledging that the responsiveness isn’t particularly swift. On average, I encountered waiting times ranging from five to ten minutes before receiving responses to my inquiries. Interestingly, this issue appears to be a common experience among other users as well, as highlighted in several reviews submitted by fellow customers.

Final Thoughts

If you’re seeking a service that excels in taking your money and delivering tardy papers, this company seems tailor-made for that purpose. However, based on the extensive insights I’ve presented in my EssayUSA review, I strongly advise against utilizing their services. This assessment is underpinned by multiple aspects that highlight the company’s dubious practices.

The key revelations in my review include the fact that the company is not truly US-based, a departure from their presented image. This misrepresentation raises concerns about their transparency and trustworthiness.

Furthermore, the quality of the papers they provide appears to be compromised, often composed by non-native speakers with inadequate academic writing backgrounds. This could significantly hinder the educational value of the received papers.

Additionally, the company absolves itself of accountability for subpar outcomes, as they state explicitly that they don’t guarantee good grades. This limitation underscores the potential risks of engaging with their service.

In summation, based on these findings, it becomes apparent that this company operates in a questionable manner. Therefore, I strongly discourage anyone from utilizing their services due to the multitude of red flags and concerns raised throughout my review.