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About EvolutionWriters

Commencing my review, it’s noteworthy to highlight the visually appealing design of their website. Additionally, the company positions itself as being situated, imparting a sense of credibility.

However, a brief investigation revealed that the operation is overseen by CoreForce LTD. This entity is headquartered in Cyprus and manages various academic paper writing services, indicating its affiliation with an essay-writing mill. Given these circumstances, the question of whether one should place trust in Evolutionwriters beckons. Let’s embark on a journey to ascertain the answer.

EvolutionWriters Reviews & Online Reputation

My exploration into led me to an unexpected revelation: a significant abundance of negative reviews permeating the online landscape. An array of genuine individuals lamented the distressing caliber of the delivered papers, the inequitable pricing framework, and concealed fees that marred their experiences.

Turning my attention to EvolutionWriters’ presence on social media platforms, I discovered their public pages on Facebook  and Twitter. Regrettably, these platforms failed to disseminate any substantive information pertinent to students seeking academic assistance. Instead, their content seemingly comprised memes, a strategy perhaps intended to attract a broader student demographic but ultimately lacking in utility.

Prices & Deadlines

In my Evolutionwriters review, I find it imperative to dissect the pricing structure offered by the company. Characterizing their prices as affordable proves to be a stretch, given that the starting point for a single page of a college essay rests at $11. Conversely, the upper echelon of the pricing spectrum extends to $65 per page. It’s worth noting that the timeframes allotted for assignments encompass a spectrum ranging from an astonishingly brief 3 hours to a more generous 14 days. Delving deeper into their rates offers a more comprehensive understanding of their cost structure.

Popular Service DeadlinePrice
High school essay 10 days / $16.00 per page
Graduate coursework 6 days / $30.00 per page
College article rewriting 2 day / $31.00 per page
College capstone project 1 days / $35.00 per page
College term paper 12 hours / $38.00 per page
Master’s lab report 6 hours / $54.00 per page

In my comprehensive Evolutionwriters review, it’s imperative to outline the array of additional services available on their platform:

  1. VIP customer service: $14.99
  2. Order updates via text messages: $3.99
  3. Plagiarism report: $1 per page (with a minimum order requirement of 10 pages)
  4. Abstract page: $14.99
  5. Sources utilized: $4.99
  6. Table of contents: $9.99
  7. Proofreading: Ranging from $6.6 to $143 per page

While these supplementary services may appear attractive, they can ultimately prove to be a financial drain. Superior platforms often integrate these features as intrinsic components of their academic writing services.

In the pursuit of compiling this Evolutionwriters review, I undertook the step of placing an order on their website. This endeavor incurred a cost of $168.00 for a 6-page history essay necessitating completion within a 3-day timeframe.

EvolutionWriters Discounts and Promo Codes, unfortunately, were not amenable to reducing the final charge. Notably, there’s an absence of promotional codes available to new users. The avenues for securing price reductions are as follows:

  1. 5% discount for orders surpassing $500
  2. 10% discount for orders surpassing $1000
  3. 15% discount extended to new clientele

EvolutionWriters Writers

In my assessment of the Evolutionwriters essays service, a key focus was directed towards the caliber of their writers. Regrettably, the platform does not furnish any comprehensive information about their writers on their website. The process of selecting a specific writer for engagement leads to redirection to the default order page, thereby eliminating the option of independently choosing a writer. The onus of assigning writers rests solely on the service provider, leaving little room for individual preferences.

This deficiency in the writer-selection process was further compounded when I received my paper. I was disheartened to ascertain that the quality of the composition was reflective of a writer whose command of English is secondary. The unmistakable linguistic inconsistencies and subpar construction of the paper were telltale signs of a non-native English speaker’s involvement in its creation. This aspect cast a pall over my experience and prompted a significant degree of disappointment.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

Much like a multitude of fellow students who’ve voiced their grievances through 1-star Evolution writers reviews, my own experience mirrors a profound dissatisfaction with the essay’s quality. Although the paper arrived punctually, it harbored a plethora of glaringly misspelled words. Adding to the deficiency was an overabundance of repetitious phrases, ultimately impinging upon the paper’s overall coherence and presentation.

Regrettably, the most disconcerting aspect lay in the inclusion of irrelevant information. My specific request was for the writer to elucidate the most prominent battles of World War I. While this request was ostensibly fulfilled, the research’s quality left much to be desired. Tragically, the paper’s scope extended to encompass The Battle of Monte Cassino, a historical event belonging to World War II rather than World War I. This oversight reflects a palpable lack of accuracy and attention to detail.

Furthermore, EvolutionWriters Plagiarism also emerged as an area of concern. The assessment against an online plagiarism checker yielded a matched content percentage of 19%, a glaring incongruence with the stipulated requirement of a maximum 15% threshold. This additional shortcoming compounds the array of issues evident within the paper’s composition.

EvolutionWriters Revisions and Refund Policy

The intricacies of Evolutionwriters’ refund and revision policies cast a shadow of complexity. Should you encounter the receipt of subpar or tardy papers, procuring a full reimbursement proves to be a formidable challenge. Consequently, numerous students voice their grievances within negative Evolutionwriters paper writing reviews, attesting to the arduousness of securing even a partial refund following negotiations with the service’s managers.

Regarding EvolutionWriters’ features, the service appears to be bereft of any genuinely constructive offerings for its users. The absence of beneficial attributes, aside from the overpriced add-ons like the plagiarism report or VIP customer service, serves as a glaring testament to the lack of added value provided by the platform.

Support and Communication

The avenue for communication with EvolutionWriters’ managers encompasses three distinct options: a live chat, phone, and email. Regrettably, my attempts to engage through the telephone route were futile. Yet, I succeeded in initiating a dialogue with a chatbot via their website. This interaction, however, proved to be an exercise in frustration, as the chatbot regurgitated the same response at a recurring interval of 10 minutes, impeding any meaningful discourse.


Numerous 1-star reviews circulating online, coupled with my own firsthand encounter, serve as cautionary tales against opting for this service. In light of the manifold shortcomings and subpar experiences, it becomes apparent that exploring superior alternatives would be a prudent course of action.