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As an advocate for genuine writing services, I’ve encountered a few platforms that align with this ethos. Today, my focus shifts to initiating an ExpertWriting review, given its reputation as a widely recognized writing service. Notably, this company boasts a substantial track record of over five years in the field. Operating under DDW Corp Limited, ExpertWriting has been active since 2015, its foundation traced back to Cyprus. An overarching objective of the venture is to establish itself as a prominent figure within the English-speaking academic community.

The plethora of positive reviews surrounding ExpertWriting’s performance has piqued my curiosity. In light of these commendations, I’ve chosen to delve into the matter firsthand, aiming to offer readers an authentic and comprehensive overview of the service’s capabilities. My intent is to bring clarity to the service’s strengths and potential areas of improvement, aiding those who seek honest and reliable writing assistance.

Expertwriting Reviews & Online Reputation

While the majority of reviews appear positive, it’s crucial not to solely rely on a limited number of comments, approximately thirty, from platforms like TrustPilot or SiteJabber for a conclusive judgment. It’s noteworthy that certain individuals have expressed grievances related to plagiarism and the service’s failure to meet their specific requirements. Given these varied perspectives, I’ve opted to base my assessment on my personal user experience to expedite the completion of this review.

Expertwriting’s Social Media Presence

I promptly located the company’s Facebook page, but it appears stagnant, with the most recent post dating back to 2019. It’s conceivable that this page was initially employed to promote campaigns or elicit new Expertwriting reviews. Nevertheless, it’s evident that the company’s engagement with social media has waned, overlooking the potential of social media marketing (SMM) opportunities. This aspect signifies a missed chance to establish a dynamic online presence and engage with a wider audience.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

Certainly, understanding the pricing structure of Expertwriting is a pivotal aspect. Your table will surely provide clarity on this matter. Please go ahead and share the table with the relevant pricing information.

Academic level Writing from scratch Editing Proofreading
High school from $10 from $6 from $5
College from $12 from $7.20 from $6
University from $16 from $9.60 from $8
PhD from $24 from $14.40 from $12

The pricing of Expertwriting appears to strike a balance between affordability and quality. At $10 per page, it falls within a reasonable range, though there are more budget-friendly alternatives available. This rate applies for a two-week deadline, indicating flexibility in choosing a timeframe that suits your needs. However, if you require a more urgent delivery within three hours, the cost increases significantly to $38 per page.

In your case, opting for a two-page argumentative essay resulted in a final price of $28.8, which reflects a consideration of both your chosen deadline and the specific requirements of your assignment. This approach to pricing caters to various needs and preferences, ensuring that clients can make choices aligned with their budget and time constraints.

Your strategic decision to opt for a two-week deadline is a prudent one, considering the ample time it provides for producing a quality paper. However, as you allude to, writers’ perspectives can sometimes differ, potentially affecting the alignment of expectations.

The availability of an coupon is a favorable aspect, enhancing the overall affordability of the service. The potential 2-5% discount based on the assignment type offers added value to clients, enabling them to enjoy reduced costs without compromising on the quality of work. This consideration for discounts further emphasizes ExpertWriting’s customer-centric approach and commitment to providing an accessible and beneficial service.

Is Expertwriting Worth It?

Allow me to break down my experience step by step. I decided to commission a 7-page research paper on Physics, with a focus on elucidating the dynamic gravitational field of black holes. My instructions were explicitly shared via an attached file, driven by my commitment to provide an honest Expertwriting review.

However, the writer deviated from the intended plan, extending the paper’s length by an unexpected 30 minutes. The managerial team cited a software glitch in their region as the cause for not delivering the essay as planned. This specific incident is accompanied by an elaborate explanation, which I will delve into later.

Contrary to the prevailing theme in many reviews, extolling the merits of their local writers, I was taken aback by the presence of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the delivered content. To my surprise, the writer did not adequately incorporate key requirements that I had emphasized, leading to notable shortcomings.

One of my primary requisites was for four critical arguments relevant to my topic. Regrettably, the writer either overlooked or disregarded this crucial aspect. To compound the issue, I identified logical inconsistencies within the paper’s content.

A notable observation is the substantial legal preparation undertaken by the company, seemingly tailored to preempt potential objections from users. This attention to detail from a legal standpoint is designed to curtail users’ capacity to voice concerns.

The writer’s attempt to rectify the paper’s shortcomings amounted to a minimal improvement, taking an additional six hours to do so. This course of action, in my opinion, is entirely unacceptable.

With all these experiences in mind, the question of’s legitimacy arises. In my perspective, the answer becomes self-evident. Writers

Based on the information I gathered during the creation of my Expert Writing review, the service offers a hierarchy of writers classified into four categories: regular, advanced, premium, and preferred expert. In my personal experience, opting for a premium writer did not yield the expected level of proficiency. This prompts skepticism regarding the accuracy of such categorizations. In fact, I’m inclined to believe that all the writers on the platform lack the level of professionalism expected.

Expert Writing Features

The service presents several notable features, including free samples accessible to all users and exclusive discounts for new customers. Additionally, there’s an option to avail of extra features, such as obtaining plagiarism reports for added assurance. Regrettably, this encompasses the extent of significant insights I can provide about the service’s offerings.

Terms of Use

An intriguing aspect unfolds here: the crafty approach of the owners in their refund policy. While the potential for partial or full refunds exists, it’s anchored in a rather convoluted process. Claims need to be substantiated, and there’s a time constraint in play. This sets a challenging scenario for users who wish to rectify any issues.

Should textual errors come to light, triggering the desire for a refund, the terms are rather stringent. Even in cases where the text is riddled with errors, the maximum refund permitted is capped at 30%, which certainly raises eyebrows.

On the flip side, instances where the writer deviates from instructions could potentially warrant a 100% refund. Yet, the burden of proof rests squarely on the user’s shoulders. In practice, this entails locating a dispute manager, and if that pursuit doesn’t yield results, the refund reduces to a mere 15% of the original expenditure.

In essence, can be labeled as legally legitimate, but the landscape of reliability is murky at best. The labyrinthine refund process and the stringent stipulations cast doubts on the platform’s trustworthiness.



The presence of an online chat feature on the site is certainly advantageous. However, my experience with expertwriting’s support managers left something to be desired. The responsiveness of their replies fell short of my expectations, causing a sense of dissatisfaction.

Furthermore, the manner in which the support managers responded didn’t sit well with me. I sought clarity on the potential refund amount in the event of the writer failing to adhere to my instructions. Unfortunately, I was met with evasive responses that skirted around the direct answer I was seeking. This interaction left a sour taste, as it appeared as though they were attempting to sidestep my query and wrap up the conversation swiftly.

The overall impression I gleaned was one of deception and a desire to conclude the dialogue promptly, raising concerns about transparency and genuine customer assistance.


In a concise message, I would strongly advise against engaging with this platform for your paper needs. The Expertwriting website appears to be inclined towards monetary gain at the expense of users. Engaging in disputes may not yield favorable outcomes, especially considering the terms and conditions outlined. It’s essential to thoroughly review these terms, revealing a lack of user rights when dealing with this service.

Given the potential costs involved in sizable tasks, the risk of losing funds due to inadequate writer performance is significant. The sensible choice is to seek alternatives rather than risking financial losses and subpar work. This platform’s unreliability and potential for dissatisfaction make it a venture unworthy of your attention. The prospect of sacrificing your hard-earned money due to writers’ shortcomings is one that’s best avoided.