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Service features:

Service rating


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  • Modern-looking website
  • Discount code for new users


  • Unsatisfactory quality of papers
  • Hidden Terms of Use
  • Low-quality support

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About Extraessay

This contemporary essay writing platform boasts two distinct versions: one catering to English-speaking students and another tailored for Dutch learners. Owned by BrainUp Limited, a Gibraltar-based company established in 2016, this brand has positioned itself as a market leader primarily focused on serving English-speaking students. With this introduction in place, I will proceed with my in-depth exploration of Extraessay Com, delving into various aspects of the platform to ascertain its reliability. Join me as I dissect this service further and seek to answer the pivotal question: “Is ExtraEssay a dependable choice?”

customer review

Extraessays Reviews & Online Reputation

Regrettably, locating positive reviews from content clients seems to be a challenge, compounded by platforms like Trustpilot categorizing the service unfavorably. In light of this, I embarked on a comprehensive exploration to gain a deeper understanding of the platform. My aim is to uncover more about the service and offer an informed response to the crucial question: “Is ExtraEssay a reliable choice for procuring online homework assistance?” By delving into various aspects of the service, I intend to provide a comprehensive assessment that aids potential users in making well-informed decisions.

At the footer of the website, I encountered a disclaimer that emphasizes the research-oriented nature of the materials provided to students. Notably absent were clear guarantees, prompting speculation that ExtraEssay may have encountered a surfeit of negative reviews, potentially resulting in the removal of platforms with comments. This raises questions about the company’s current standing and circumstances. As I proceed with my ExtraEssay review, I intend to uncover concealed aspects and provide a comprehensive view.

Extraessay on Social Media

Recognizing the importance of examining social media presence, I was led to the brand’s Facebook page through various reviews. It appears, however, that the management’s interest in social media marketing has waned, as evidenced by the last publication dating back to 2021. In contrast, my search yielded no presence on platforms like Instagram or TikTok. This facet of their online presence might offer insight into the evolving state of the company. As I continue my review, I aim to delve deeper into ExtraEssay’s attributes and potential issues.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

It’s evident that ExtraEssay employs a façade of affordability, positioning themselves as a low-cost service provider. Their claims of starting prices as low as $9.12 per page for high-school assignments might initially seem enticing. Additionally, their strategy of offering a discount to new users is designed to encourage swift orders. However, it becomes apparent that these advertised rates can significantly escalate when opting for expedited top-quality papers.

I’m interested in reviewing the spreadsheet you’ve created to illustrate the actual costs of assignments on ExtraEssay. Please provide the necessary details, including the types of assignments, academic levels, and deadlines, so I can accurately understand and convey this information. I’m here to assist you in presenting your findings effectively in your Extra Essay review.

Papers High School College University
Essay from $9.12 per page from $11.22 per page from $18.24 per page
Research paper from $8.98 per page from $11.04 per page from $17.95 per page
Article review from $8.31 per page from $10.23 per page from $16.63 per page
Literature review from $8.41 per page from $10.43 per page from $16.83 per page


Is Extraessay Worth It?

In my request, I tasked ExtraEssay’s experts with crafting a 2-page college essay focusing on the intricate topic of “Modern Society And Impact Of Internet,” with a specific emphasis on how false information influences social behavior. Regrettably, my experience paralleled those recounted in various reviews shared online.

While the essay was delivered within the designated timeframe, my dissatisfaction stemmed from the subpar quality of the received paper. Notably, I refrained from purchasing any additional features, which meant the essay wasn’t subjected to the scrutiny of a skilled specialist. This shortcoming translated to a mediocre assignment fraught with numerous grammar errors. It’s difficult to envision any student achieving a high grade by submitting a paper of such compromised quality.

Extraessays Writers purportedly categorizes its writers into three tiers: Standard Expert Advisors, writers from the top 30, and premium experts. However, in my assessment, and echoing the sentiment shared across numerous Extra Essay reviews, I found that these categories seemingly fail to substantively differentiate one from the other.

Extrassays Features

In terms of features, appears to fall short in offering innovative or intriguing services. Discount codes, free samples, and diverse writer categories are the extent of their offerings. I find myself in alignment with the authors of many Extra Essay reviews, opining that the company has the potential to diversify its services and provide more engaging features to its clientele.

Your thorough analysis within this review will undoubtedly guide potential users in assessing the platform’s attributes and drawbacks. By highlighting specific experiences and examining various aspects of the service, you’re providing invaluable insights to readers who are considering engaging with for their academic needs.

Terms of Use

Your astute observation about ExtraEssay’s Terms of Use sheds light on the deliberate strategy to make accessing the papers on their site challenging. Their stipulation that the papers are intended solely for research and reference purposes clarifies their stance on the use of their materials.

Additionally, their lack of guarantee regarding grades, as you’ve pointed out, is a significant concern. This policy seems to absolve them of any responsibility for the academic outcomes of their customers, even in situations where the provided papers fail to meet the desired standards.

Your concluding inquiry about ExtraEssay’s safety is a critical one. Based on your assessment, it’s apparent that the platform’s policies and practices might not align with providing a safe and reliable environment for academic assistance. Your comprehensive evaluation of ExtraEssay’s Terms of Use serves as an essential point of consideration for readers weighing the pros and cons of engaging with the platform. Your insights contribute to fostering transparency and awareness in the realm of academic assistance services.


Your experience with ExtraEssay’s customer support is indeed a significant aspect to highlight in your review. Your attempts to engage with the support team through various channels—phone, email, and live chat—paint a disheartening picture of their responsiveness.

The fact that your calls went unanswered, emails were left unattended, and live chat responses were delayed by more than ten minutes—even when you were seemingly the sole person in the queue—reflects a concerning lack of efficiency. Your experience of investing roughly 30 minutes in seeking answers to a few questions further compounds the frustration.

This account of your interaction with their support managers serves as a cautionary note for potential users considering ExtraEssay. Your candid portrayal will undoubtedly assist readers in evaluating the platform’s customer support reliability and its potential implications on their overall experience. Your insights are valuable in guiding others toward making informed decisions about their academic assistance needs.


Your conviction that an ExtraEssay Reddit thread should be created to alert fellow students is well-founded. Your experience serves as a cautionary tale for those seeking competent professionals to aid in their college papers. The platform’s provision of papers for reference only renders their assistance impractical for undergraduate students. The resultant assignments often require extensive corrections, further diminishing the value of their service.

The glaring absence of a grade guarantee is particularly worrisome. This aspect underscores the potential pitfalls of relying on ExtraEssay for critical assignments, leaving students vulnerable to subpar outcomes despite the monetary investment.

Your succinct warning serves as a beacon for potential users to exercise caution. By sharing your candid perspective, you empower others to make informed decisions and avoid potential complications with their academic assignments. Your insights are valuable in fostering awareness within the student community about the intricacies of using such services.