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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

3 hours

Free revisions


Refund guaranteed



  • user-friendly site
  • multi-currency payments
  • 15% discount.


  • very high prices
  • quality of urgent papers is not guaranteed
  • customer support service is very slow

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About GrabMyEssay

Are you familiar with GrabMyEssay? This online platform boldly claims to be the best in the writing industry. However, as we all know, such assertions should be taken with caution. Rushing to place an order without proper investigation can lead to regrets. To save you the hassle, I’ve taken the time to conduct a thorough Grab My Essay review.

Upon visiting their website, you’ll be greeted with an impressive and professionally designed homepage. Yet, as the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. Beyond the homepage, the website’s appearance drastically changes to a more outdated and rudimentary version. It’s almost as if they invested in a stunning entrance but overlooked the rest of the venue. This raises the question: Do they follow a similar pattern when crafting papers for clients? Promising an English-native writer but potentially delivering someone with less language proficiency?

As I delve deeper, I realize that finding substantial information about the company is quite the challenge, given the absence of an “About Us” page. However, some internet sleuthing yielded intriguing details. GrabMyEssay was established in 2013, boasting over nine years of experience in the field. Furthermore, their headquarters is located in New York, an impressive backdrop. Still, it’s crucial to remember that longevity and location don’t necessarily guarantee paper quality. Let’s put their claims to the test with an actual order.

Grabmyessay Reviews and Online Reputation

To truly grasp the nature of a service, customer reviews often serve as a valuable source of insight. By perusing platforms like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Quora, I’ve uncovered noteworthy information.

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

The allure of affordable prices coupled with high-quality work is an ideal scenario for any client. Particularly for students, budget constraints can make a $15-per-page paper quite an attractive prospect. However, on, this rate doesn’t even qualify as average. Consider a basic high school essay with a 3-day turnaround, which amounts to approximately $24 per page. This element of surprise is the second standout feature of the site.

Should your paper be urgently required, the rate can skyrocket to $54.99. Doesn’t that appear slightly steep? I believe many readers of this GrabMyEssay review have already decided to steer clear of this service. But hold on, because I haven’t even mentioned the additional extras yet.

Would you be willing to invest $30 for an originality report? Perhaps you’d consider paying an extra 20% of the order price for the privilege of receiving the first draft? Or maybe an option to expedite the assignment by $15 more? And if advanced customer support piques your interest, that’s available for a mere $10 supplement.

It’s quite a surprise, to be honest. You might argue that these extra features are optional and can be bypassed by choosing not to pay for them. That’s a valid point. But let’s discuss the $30 price tag on a plagiarism report. Why? Doesn’t promise papers that are 100% original? So, what’s the rationale behind this report? Could it be that there’s a concern about the originality of the content, and the report aims to unveil it?

Curiously, the positive reviews plastered on the site fail to shed light on how these exorbitantly priced add-ons are beneficial. Nor do they acknowledge the steep prices. Are your clientele exclusively the descendants of the Rockefellers? Well, I do understand that’s an exaggeration. I’m aware those reviews are likely bogus, but let’s move on.

However, there’s a glimmer of positivity to share. A grabmyessay discount code is available for newcomers, offering a 15% discount. Yet, here’s the catch—it’s only applicable to orders totaling over $25. Considering that the average cost per page hovers around $25, it’s hard to perceive this as genuinely good news (insert sarcasm).

How to Make an Order at Grabmyessay

Much like its counterparts in the realm of custom essay writing, GrabMyEssay boasts an efficient and expeditious ordering process. Completing the procedure should consume no more than a mere 10 minutes of your time, guiding you smoothly toward your intended goal. Here’s a concise rundown of the pivotal steps you’ll navigate to achieve your desired outcome:

  1. Order Details: Commence with furnishing the particulars of your project, encompassing its title, topic, academic level, desired page count, formatting preferences, and any other specific requirements.
  2. Price Calculation: Once you’ve meticulously outlined all project specifications and identified any desired extras, you’ll promptly receive an estimated final cost for your assignment.
  3. Personal Information: Lastly, conclude by providing your personal information. This data is pivotal for order verification, secure payment processing, and seamless submission.

Is Grabmyessay Worth It?

Numerous reviews of Grab My Essay highlight their commendable punctuality, and my experience aligns with this observation. My 3-page essay, albeit at the hefty price tag of 72 dollars, was delivered punctually. As for the paper’s value, I wouldn’t categorize it as subpar, but it could have been better. The absence of thorough proofreading is evident, and while the service doesn’t strike me as remarkably bad, there’s room for improvement. Particularly, I find the pricing exorbitant. Even if the cost were slashed by half, I remain uncertain whether I would consider purchasing papers from this platform again.

Terms of Use

Understanding the terms of use is of utmost importance, as it’s often the only means to unveil concealed details a company may try to obscure, especially pertaining to refund policies. Many Grab My Essay reviews tend to skim over this aspect or provide only surface-level information.

In my quest for thoroughness, I delved deeper into their terms to furnish a comprehensive Grab My Essay review, inclusive of the nitty-gritty details about their money-back policy.

What did I unearth? If you find the quality of the delivered essay unsatisfactory, the company offers a partial refund as the only recourse. To initiate a refund, you must gather evidence substantiating your claims of non-compliance with your stipulations and then forward a request to the GrabMyEssay quality assurance team. However, even then, they reserve the right to reject your refund request, leaving the final verdict in their hands.

In instances of receiving a plagiarized essay, your grievances may not be entertained unless validated by reports. To even prompt consideration of your complaint, you’re required to procure a grabmyessay plagiarism report at your own expense.



Numerous GrabMyEssay reviews highlight the subpar quality of their customer care services. To validate these claims, I decided to assess the situation myself. The platform offers three distinct customer service tiers, each with its corresponding features.

The first option is the free tier, encompassing 24/7 customer support through live chat or phone calls. Moving up, the advanced tier incurs an additional fee of $9.99. This package promises order updates for those who opt for it. Frankly, I couldn’t fathom paying nearly $10 extra just to keep tabs on my order’s progress.

The premium support package, at $14.99, elevates the situation further by assigning a dedicated quality assurance agent to oversee your order’s quality and timely delivery. It’s almost comical – does this mean clients without the premium support package get subpar quality and delayed delivery?

While these are technically optional add-ons, the free customer support service itself was notably sluggish in my experience. Waiting around 5 minutes for each agent response extended simple inquiries to nearly 30 minutes of exchange. One might suspect such delays are designed to nudge users towards opting for the advanced or premium customer support service.


The facade of may be appealing, but its substance leaves much to be desired. The elevated prices and exorbitant costs for add-ons are a stark contrast to the promised quality. It’s perplexing how a service that demands such steep fees can generate a multitude of positive GrabMyEssay reviews.

The enigma deepens when you consider that forking out a substantial sum – often around a hundred dollars – still results in a paper that necessitates further refinement. While I won’t outright label this service as terrible, its value proposition is unquestionably lacking, leaving customers questioning whether it’s truly worth the investment.