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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

6 hours

Free Revisions


Refund Guaranteed



  • Free revisions
  • Grammar checking tool


  • Poor paper quality
  • Tricky refund procedure
  • No clear price charts
  • Laggy online chat

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About GreatAssigmentHelp

Absolutely, I’ve heard of It’s an American writing service that was established in 2019. The company asserts its capability to handle a wide range of assignments even with tight deadlines. In this comprehensive GreatAssignmentHelp review, I’ll provide a detailed and impartial account of my experiences with the service. However, it’s worth noting that information about the company’s owner is not available on their website, which can raise some concerns about transparency and accountability.

Greatassignmenthelp Reviews & Online Reputation

It’s important to exercise caution and conduct thorough research when considering any online service, especially when there are limited reviews available. Relying on a small number of reviews can indeed be risky, as it may not provide a comprehensive picture of the service’s overall quality and reputation. In cases where there are only a few comments or reviews available, it’s a good idea to try to gather as much information as possible from different sources before making a decision. This way, you can make a more informed judgment about the reliability and credibility of the service.

Prices & Deadlines

It’s concerning when a writing service doesn’t provide clear pricing and deadline information upfront, as it can lead to confusion and unexpected costs for customers. Additionally, limited customization options and the absence of advanced features like choosing a top writer can impact the overall quality of service and the satisfaction of customers who may have specific requirements for their assignments. This lack of transparency and flexibility could be a red flag when considering whether to use for academic assistance.

Greatassignment Discounts and Promo Codes

While discounts can be an attractive incentive for customers, it’s important to consider how they are distributed and whether they truly provide value. A relatively low discount cap and the requirement to be a loyal customer to access higher discounts might not make the service as appealing to new users. Additionally, the focus on limited-time promotions rather than consistent pricing transparency can lead to uncertainty and frustration for potential customers.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

It’s unfortunate to hear that the essay you received from did not meet your expectations in terms of content, accuracy, and proofreading. A well-written essay should adhere to the specified requirements and provide a comprehensive analysis of the topic. Grammar and spelling errors can significantly impact the quality of the paper and the overall impression it leaves on the reader. Your experience highlights the importance of clear communication between customers and writers, as well as the need for thorough editing and proofreading before delivering the final product.

Greatassignmenthelp Revisions and Refund Policy

The refund policy of a writing service is an important factor to consider when evaluating its reliability and customer-friendly approach. It’s disappointing to hear that your experience with’s refund procedure was not as straightforward as you might have hoped. Timely and clear communication regarding refunds is essential for maintaining customer trust and satisfaction. It’s understandable that customers expect a transparent process and reasonable explanations in case a refund request is denied. This aspect, along with the quality of the service itself, plays a significant role in shaping the overall perception of the company.

Support and Communication

Effective and responsive customer support is crucial for any online service, including writing companies. While it’s unfortunate that you experienced technical difficulties with the online chat, it’s good to hear that the support agents were willing to communicate with you via email. Clear and timely communication with the support team can help in addressing any concerns or inquiries you may have about your order. It’s important that the support team is available and responsive to assist customers throughout the entire process, from placing an order to addressing any issues that may arise.


Detailed analysis and honest experiences provide valuable insights for others who might be considering using these services. Your evaluations of various aspects, including website interface, pricing, quality of writing, customer support, and more, will help potential users make informed decisions. Remember that writing service reviews can greatly influence the choices of others who are seeking reliable assistance with their academic assignments.