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  • Intuitive website
  • High confidentiality level


  • Plagiarized, poor-quality papers
  • An inability to access the team by phone
  • Lack of transparency when it comes to the refund policy

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Are you grappling with an overwhelming pile of college assignments? Finding it challenging to tackle them independently? According to HandMadeWriting reviews, numerous students turn to the company for adept assistance within specified deadlines. However, concerns often arise, such as “Is HandMadeWriting legit?” Established in 2018, the website is under the ownership of Dragonet LLC, a Polish entity with offshore accounts based in Cyprus.

However, let’s shift the focus away from such sensitive details and commence my Handmadewriting review with more approachable information. As the company’s website attests, it stands as a reputable and customer-centric platform that holds its reputation in high regard. It pledges maximum transparency in its policies, a steadfast commitment to service reliability, and an assurance of the quality of the papers delivered.

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Nonetheless, it’s prudent to exercise caution and refrain from hastily placing an order solely based on the appeal of an enticing cost and the desired service. Devoting time to perusing a comprehensive review will provide a more holistic understanding of what a student can expect. This judicious approach of evaluating the platform involves assessing its operational intricacies, scrutinizing feedback from past customers, and engaging with the customer support representatives to glean insights into various facets of the process. Such a meticulous evaluation will undoubtedly aid in circumventing potential missteps and making informed decisions.

Handmadewriting Reviews & Online Reputation

A visit to platforms like SiteJabber or TrustPilot would likely leave you pleasantly surprised, as a plethora of positive comments adorn the landscape. This, in turn, contributes to the commendable Handmadewriting rating that reflects the high regard in which the service is held by many. However, the plot thickens when one ventures into the realm of Reddit,, and Quora, where a contrasting narrative emerges. Among these platforms, negative reviews are plentiful, detailing grievances related to plagiarism and subpar paper quality. This apparent contradiction between sources underscores the importance of critically assessing a diverse range of feedback to obtain a more nuanced perspective on the service’s performance.

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Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

Undoubtedly, students often exhibit a willingness to invest a substantial amount of money in exchange for the desired outcomes. However, the majority gravitates toward services that are cost-effective. Hence, the pricing policy becomes a pivotal facet that warrants thorough consideration in any HandMade Writing review. Let’s delve into the realm of Handmadewriting prices and analyze the following table for a comprehensive understanding. Pricing

Academic level Writing from scratch Editing Proofreading
High school from $10 from $8 from $7.68
College from $14.73 from $9.15 from $8.70
University from $16 from $10.20 from $9.45

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Is Handmadewriting Worth It?

Navigating the landscape of judgment can be intricate, as the intricacies of individual experiences and diverse circumstances come into play. Consequently, I find myself dedicating ample time to scouring the web for comprehensive reviews authored by seasoned customers.

In one particular instance, I commissioned a classic 2-page discussion essay. The primary directive for the writer was to delve into the repercussions of melting glaciers on the surge of sea levels. Furthermore, I stipulated that the discussion format should encompass a ten-year timeframe since the glaciers initiated a particularly pronounced phase of melting. Brace yourself for an unvarnished glimpse into the realm of quality writing as I embark on my review journey.

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A prominent stumbling block emerged when I examined the essay produced by the assigned writer – a staggering tally of approximately twenty grammatical errors marked its surface. To compound the issue, my stipulated instruction regarding the discussion format was either overlooked or neglected. The so-called expert writer scarcely managed to incorporate a scant handful of facts and terms, neglecting the comprehensive exploration of the melting glacier phenomenon.

Addressing the topic of writers, the platform proclaims a selection among regular writers, experts, and premium gurus, each seemingly adept at crafting a diverse range of papers. However, my skepticism heightened as the delivered work bore witness to a stark disparity between these declarations and the actual outcome. In fact, it almost appears as if the company orchestrated a parade of artificially positive Handmade Writing reviews. Alas, it seems that the writers may not diligently read and adhere to all stipulated requirements, casting doubts on their proficiency.

In terms of Handmadewriting features, the service offers a promising 15% discount as a welcoming gesture. Furthermore, clients are presented with the option to select writers at different proficiency levels. Notably, there exists a built-in grammar checker, a feature that holds potential utility. Regrettably, this tool’s efficacy appears questionable, as evident from the approximately twenty-plus errors that marred the content across merely four paragraphs of the delivered work.

Terms of Use

Are you contemplating your inaugural order? Exercise caution by meticulously perusing the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, as well as the Guarantees sections to mitigate potential risks and optimize your collaborative experience.

HandMadeWriting prominently highlights the availability of complimentary revisions and a money-back guarantee in instances where a student finds the quality of the delivered paper unsatisfactory. However, it’s prudent to note that the company reserves the prerogative to reject such requests, occasionally without furnishing an exhaustive rationale.

Customer Support

Perusing reviews, I noticed a noteworthy aspect. Many clients distinctly highlighted the customer support service as a key asset of the platform. However, this might be a tad perplexing. While having the ability to engage with the writer to discuss order specifics is indeed important, it might not be the definitive factor.

I would advise caution when considering positive HandMadeWriting reviews regarding their customer support. My experience suggests that their hotline is consistently occupied, and their online chat functionality is prone to glitches. Personally, I struggled for approximately 25 minutes to upload a screenshot. Furthermore, their support agents might not always respond promptly to inquiries, with an average waiting time of around eight minutes.

Final Thoughts

The most straightforward and efficient way to gain insights into an essay writing service is by perusing a comprehensive review of the platform, such as this review. This will allow you to assess all the intricacies and distinctive features of the service, helping you make an informed decision before placing an order.

Drawing from an extensive collection of customer reviews and my own experience of using the service, I can assert that stands as one of the most disappointing custom essay writing services I’ve encountered. While the website design and ambitious promises on the main page might initially catch your attention, the eventual outcome you receive is likely to be bewildering. Subpar quality of the delivered content, delayed submissions, difficulties in communication, and various other issues can easily turn what seemed like a promising experience into a nightmarish one.