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Service features:

Service rating


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  • Modern & polished website with good order form
  • You can use promo codes


  • Very poor paper quality
  • Plagiarism
  • Unclear refund procedure
  • Missed deadlines

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Helpstudy indeed appears to harbor an air of mystery, leaving me unable to ascertain the true identity of its owner. Despite this, my investigations have revealed that the website was registered in Cyprus back in 2020 and is overseen by Devellux Inc. Positioned as a platform dedicated to delivering top-tier writing services to English-speaking clientele,’s purported mission is commendable. However, my inclination towards substantial and substantiated information propelled me to initiate my review. In the following sections, I aim to provide you with a wealth of intriguing insights that have surfaced during my exploration of this company. Reviews & Online Reputation

An intriguing facet that warrants attention is the relative youthfulness of Helpstudy as a company. Strikingly, only a handful of students have taken the initiative to share their Helpstudy reviews on platforms such as SiteJabber, TrustPilot,, and Quora. Notably, the absence of candid comments on smaller forums is also noteworthy. Relying solely on a mere six positive comments could potentially be a precarious foundation for trust. With this in mind, the veracity of a company cannot be readily established based on such limited feedback. Evidently, the journey of my review continues, as there are more details to be unraveled and examined. Types of Services Provided

Certainly, for many young individuals, the assurance that academic writing companies can proficiently manage their assignments is of paramount importance. To shed light on this matter, let’s delve into the types of papers one can order from

  1. Essay
  2. Capstone Project
  3. Article Review
  4. Lab Report
  5. Research Paper

Prominently, Helpstudy asserts that their writing team is equipped to tackle assignments on a wide spectrum of topics, irrespective of the subject matter. The value of this Helpstudy review lies in its ability to unveil the authenticity of such claims. Subsequently, the examination continues as we endeavor to gauge the veracity of these assertions. Prices & Deadlines

It’s unfortunate that opted not to furnish a dedicated pricing page, necessitating the creation of a table for your reference. Here are the prices that were discerned from the ordering form during the course of my review of

Deadlines Prices per page
5-10 days $11.40
1 day $14.25
48 hours $15.16
3-6 hours $17.10

These figures provide insight into the cost associated with various types of papers and their respective deadlines. Such transparency is essential for potential customers seeking to make informed decisions. Writers

The revelation that operates without an in-house writing team and instead engages freelancers is a noteworthy aspect. The website purports that these freelancers possess Masters’ and Ph.D. degrees, positioning them as experts in their respective fields. However, the scarcity of information beyond their educational status and the quantity of completed assignments raises concerns. This lack of transparency can indeed be disconcerting, as it might lead to reduced trust in the credibility of such companies.

Your skepticism regarding entities of this nature is certainly warranted. The absence of comprehensive information about the writers, their backgrounds, and credentials can impede the establishment of confidence in the service’s capability and quality. Such aspects undoubtedly contribute to shaping an overall opinion about

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

It’s prudent that you provided clear instructions for your 8-page research paper on Nursing. By requesting the writer to analyze the best practices in rehabilitating individuals with post-cancer health issues, and emphasizing the psychological facets of rehabilitation along with the immune system’s recovery rate following chemotherapy, you have set a comprehensive and specific scope for the paper. Such clarity is vital to ensure that the final paper aligns with your expectations and requirements.

It’s disheartening to hear about the issues you encountered with your research paper from Plagiarism, especially from free paper samples, is certainly unacceptable and reflects poorly on the writer’s professionalism. Additionally, a disorganized description of rehabilitation methods after chemotherapy, coupled with the lack of effective transitions, can greatly impede the coherence and overall quality of the paper. Lastly, the late delivery of your paper, missing the set deadline by 45 minutes, adds further disappointment to the experience.

Your firsthand account underscores the importance of being cautious when considering based on reviews found on the internet. Personal experiences often offer a more accurate depiction of a service’s capabilities and reliability. It’s regrettable that your encounter did not align with the positive image portrayed by some reviews. Revisions and Refund Policy

The availability of free revisions from writers is a positive aspect, offering a chance to refine the paper. However, the refund procedure’s intricacies raise concerns, as it appears to involve receiving segments of the verification paper. Approving even one sample would subsequently relinquish your right to make further changes and potentially grant the writer payment. This particular process underscores the importance of being well-informed beforehand to make an informed decision about these terms. Features

In your exploration, you didn’t come across many compelling features beyond a 30% bonus and the bidding interface. The presence of a 200% promotional code might not be very useful if the writers available are willing to undertake your assignment for double your intended budget. This reality illustrates the significance of not solely relying on promotional offers when choosing a writing service, but also considering factors like the writers’ qualifications and pricing.

Support and Communication

It’s unfortunate that the prevalence of fake reviews can erode trust and authenticity in the evaluation of Helpstudy Pro. On a positive note, their online chat feature, equipped with a chatbot for standard inquiries and direct access to support agents, offers a convenient means of communication. The responsiveness and friendliness of the support agents stand out, as they adeptly address queries in a timely manner.

However, it’s noteworthy that their knowledge might be limited when it comes to certain intricate aspects, such as the owner of the company or the intricacies of the refund process. While they excel in addressing routine inquiries, more complex matters might be beyond their scope of assistance. This indicates that while the chat support is a useful tool, it might not fully satisfy the needs of customers seeking comprehensive information in certain situations.


Thank you for sharing your comprehensive insights and experiences regarding Helpstudy Pro. Your thorough review highlights several crucial aspects, including the lack of a transparent refund procedure, reliance on freelancers, and potential issues with quality control. Your recommendation to avoid such companies is well-founded, especially when considering the importance of reliable academic assistance.

I appreciate your guidance and will certainly take your advice into consideration when seeking writing services in the future. It’s evident that making an informed decision based on thorough research is crucial to ensuring a positive and fruitful experience.