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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

12 hours

Refund Guaranteed


Free Revisions



  • Easy-to-use-website
  • PayPal support


  • Missed deadlines
  • Poor manager’s support
  • No short deadlines
  • Poor paper quality

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About HelpWithAssignment

Upon learning about HelpWithAssignment, I felt compelled to explore it firsthand. I found myself pleasantly surprised upon visiting the website. The design and arrangement of information blocks appealed to me. This layout facilitates efficient information retrieval, a quality I highly value due to my time-conscious nature and desire for top-notch service.

customer review

In the spirit of transparency, I’m prepared to provide an honest review. Let’s embark on this journey. To begin, I’d like to highlight the website’s section-search format. The website’s database is thoughtfully categorized, allowing for organized navigation. The only drawback I’ve encountered is the absence of an option to view a real-time selection of available papers, which, in my opinion, is somewhat inconvenient. However, I’ll refrain from delving too far ahead in the review.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts reviews. I found myself perplexed as to why many individuals held negative views regarding the task order form. However, upon visiting the main page, the reason became clear. Unlike other platforms, this site doesn’t offer the immediate ability to calculate the total cost, number of pages, or other particulars. Instead, it prompts users to input general task information and await contact from a manager to discuss specifics. This unique approach contributed to the extended time it has taken me to compose this HelpWithAssignment review.

For the service, the minimum charge per page starts at $9.5. This rate applies to the maximum deadline allowance of two weeks. Should you opt for a faster turnaround, the price escalates. Typically, a six-hour deadline incurs a rate of $16 per page. While these rates aren’t the highest in the industry, they are by no means the lowest either. Payment options encompass credit cards and PayPal.

The writers, however, left much to be desired. On a positive note, I managed to activate a coupon, leading to a three-dollar saving. Consequently, I proceeded to order a basic essay, leaving the Nursing topic selection to the writer’s discretion. The overall cost of this order amounted to $17.

Is HelpWithAssignment Worth It?

I want to express my disappointment in this website as it fell short of meeting my expectations. While I did receive my paper, the writing process was marred by a number of issues. The most glaring problem was that the writers took an extra two hours to complete the final paragraph. Furthermore, I discovered five grammatical errors within the paper. However, the major concern was the writer’s disregard for factual accuracy and logical coherence. Rectifying these errors required an additional two hours, resulting in me receiving my paper only after the second attempt.

It’s pertinent to highlight that I’m uncertain about the authenticity of the HelpWithAssignment reviews. They might potentially be composed by automated systems or individuals who aren’t discerning enough to recognize the quality of the assignments. This experience has unequivocally convinced me to refrain from utilizing the services of local writers in the future. Additionally, my confidence in their supplementary services such as editing and proofreading has been greatly diminished. This outcome is in stark contrast to what I had initially anticipated.

Terms of Use

A significant observation is that the company dedicated substantial effort to providing detailed explanations of their terms of use. However, this also implies that receiving a complete refund for an assignment that’s not adequately addressed by the writers might be challenging. The option for recourse seems limited to requesting amendments. Refunds, on the other hand, are only feasible if you can establish that the paper contains numerous errors, substantially compromising its quality. Disappointingly, the website fails to elaborate on the procedure for achieving this.

In light of these considerations, the question of whether HelpWithAssignment is safe arises. Based on my assessment, I concur that this site doesn’t inspire confidence in its safety and reliability. Given the outlined concerns, it’s prudent to explore other alternatives rather than utilizing this particular service.

Final Thoughts

In summary, HelpWithAssignment falls short of being among the best writing websites I’ve encountered. The service quality and customer support did not meet my expectations. The issue of missed deadlines and errors in the written content further detracted from its appeal. While the initial impression of the website was positive, I can’t wholeheartedly endorse revisiting it based on my experience. If you’re looking to order papers, there are indeed several other reputable websites available that could better meet your needs. Devoting time to this particular site might not yield the level of service you deserve. Instead, consider exploring alternatives that can offer you a superior experience.