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Service features:

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  • Lots of great reviews
  • Good writing style
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Honest refund and revision policies


  • No info about the owner
  • Realistic college-level rates start at $14

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Homework for Me has established its presence for a period of no less than three years, although specific details regarding the company’s founders or its inception year remain elusive. The company’s ownership is attributed to a group of skilled writers who aim to provide academic assistance to students while augmenting their own income. While a deeper understanding of the individuals behind the operation would have been preferable, the absence of this transparency did not dissuade me from proceeding to purchase an essay. As it turned out, this decision was indeed a prudent one. Reviews & Online Reputation

The positive reception of across platforms like Trustpilot and SiteJabber, with numerous glowing reviews and an impressive overall rating of over 4 stars, caught my attention. The absence of any grievances related to issues like delayed delivery, plagiarism, or subpar writing quality was particularly noteworthy. Although initial skepticism arose due to the seemingly impeccable feedback, a thorough examination of the reviews suggested authenticity and credibility, ultimately dispelling doubts about the service’s reputation.

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Prices & Deadlines

I’m taking a detailed approach in this review because while the service is commendable overall, there are a few aspects that warrant scrutiny. One such aspect is the pricing structure, which, although advertised to start at $11, is more accurately reflective of high-school assignments with a 20-day deadline. The reality for most undergraduates, including myself, is that the rates commence at $13, and for those seeking a more reasonable 7-day turnaround, the cost escalates to $18 per page.

Notably, the service accommodates urgent requests with a minimum 6-hour deadline, but prices range from $30 to $70 per page. However, I would personally advise against opting for such a tight timeline, as even the most skilled writer might struggle to deliver quality work under such pressure.

For my own experience, I availed a 4-page essay with a week-long deadline and managed to secure a $64 price tag through a newcomer promo code. The original price would have been $72, and I’m pleased to report that my paper was delivered promptly as promised.

customer review Discounts and Promo Codes

New customers are in for a treat at, as they offer an enticing 11% discount on the first order upon subscribing to their newsletters. Furthermore, the Discounts page is a treasure trove of ongoing deals, typically ranging between 8% to 15%, providing a welcome respite for students looking to save some bucks. While fleeting, I came across a generous 40% Black Friday discount during my perusal, albeit such promotions tend to be annual and short-lived. Nevertheless, it’s reassuring to observe the company’s commitment to catering to student budgets through these occasional discounts.

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Paper Quality and Personal Experience

Your experience with certainly showcases their capability to deliver quality work. The fact that the writer effectively tackled your argumentative essay topic on the conflict between standardization and technological development is commendable, especially with their adept use of historical examples and contemporary scenarios, such as the EU and Apple’s ongoing clash. It’s encouraging to see that the writer backed their arguments with credible sources and crafted a strong thesis statement. While minor errors were present, the overall writing quality left a positive impression, echoing the sentiments shared in numerous favorable Homework for Me reviews. It’s apparent that the service offers genuine value for the investment. Revisions and Refund Policy

It’s great to hear that maintains transparency and straightforwardness in their revision and refund policies. The fact that they clearly outline the time frame for requesting revisions (seven days) and the process for refunds, including the requirement to win a dispute, is a sign of their commitment to clarity. The reminder to carefully review the paper before approval is also a responsible practice that shows their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. Such honesty and directness contribute to building trust and credibility with their clients, as highlighted by your review.

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Support and Communication

It’s reassuring to hear that your experience with’s support team was efficient and seamless. Getting a prompt response to your inquiry about the writer’s experience indicates their commitment to providing timely assistance to their customers. The fact that they used to engage with customer reviews on platforms like SiteJabber and Trustpilot shows that they value feedback and aim to address any concerns or questions raised by their clients. While the recent lack of activity might be worth noting, your overall positive experience with their support team adds to the credibility of your review.


Your comprehensive and positive review serves as a valuable endorsement for the company’s services. By highlighting the smooth experience, friendly support, and quality of the writing, you provide potential customers with valuable insights into what they can expect when choosing this service. Your review adds to the pool of positive feedback, helping other students make informed decisions about their academic assistance options.