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  • A large library with thousands of essays on different topics


  • No price list for editing services
  • The site looked outdated
  • Limited support
  • High prices
  • No option to order custom-written academic papers

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About Kibin Essay Writing

Crucial information every student should be aware of regarding Kibin centers around its distinction as a non-conventional academic writing service. Unlike typical platforms, Kibin boasts an extensive repository of diverse essays, accessible to all users for an additional fee. Furthermore, Kibin offers editing services aimed at refining academic papers and other significant documents. This comprehensive Kibin review delves into whether their essay service is commendable and addresses the availability of a Kibin plagiarism checker.

Is Kibin essay service of high quality? Does it meet the needs of students seeking academic assistance? Does the platform offer a plagiarism checker to ensure the originality of content? These questions form the focal point of this ultimate Kibin review, providing essential insights for anyone considering the use of their services.

customer review

Upon my visit to the official website of the company, I found it lacking in impressiveness and, in fact, appeared outdated. The site was notably deficient in providing adequate information about pricing structures. Despite presenting itself as a legitimate solution, essential details such as registration information and contact phone numbers were conspicuously absent.

Kibin’s range of services was limited to two categories. The first offered Kibin essay editing services, allowing clients to enlist the assistance of a professional editor for the enhancement of their papers. Curiously, I encountered a noteworthy absence of pricing details for this particular service, which was rather peculiar.

The second service centered around an essay library, wherein customers could peruse academic papers created by fellow students and seasoned writers as a source of inspiration. Luckily, the pricing for accessing subscriptions to the library was available on the company’s website.

Regarding Kibin reviews, they presented a mixed picture. While numerous customers expressed contentment with the quality of the services rendered, a significant portion reported encountering various issues. These included instances of inadequate editing, delayed delivery of papers, and other challenges that detracted from the overall user experience.

customer review

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

As previously mentioned, the company’s website lacked transparency in terms of the costs associated with booking their editing services. However, upon purchasing a specific plan, clients can access editing services for free, although with certain limitations. This post will delve deeper into an advanced Kibin editing review.

Commencing with a breakdown of the prices for Essay Examples, Kibin offers the option of both monthly and yearly subscriptions.

For a monthly subscription, the cost is $14.95. This subscription grants users unrestricted access to explore a plethora of essay examples. Furthermore, customers can avail themselves of essay editing services for free, with an allowance of up to 1000 words per month.

Regarding the yearly subscription, it is available at a rate of $4.99 per month. Subscribers under this plan receive the benefit of free essay editing, albeit with a limit of up to 3800 words per year. Admittedly, this allocation appears quite limited, allowing for the editing of only a couple of standard essays within a year’s span.

This information provides a clearer understanding of Kibin’s pricing structure and the provisions offered by their subscription plans for accessing essay examples and editing services.

customer review

From my perspective, the pricing structure of the subscription plans offered by Kibin might not be perceived as particularly customer-friendly. The appeal of the essay library service appears to be limited, and the editing options available seem to be quite constrained.

Interestingly, Kibin presents an opportunity to acquire a week of free access to their essay library by uploading ten original essays onto their platform. This is a potentially enticing offer for those seeking access to their resources without immediate financial commitment.

However, it’s worth noting that finding Kibin discount codes to secure more affordable subscription prices might prove to be a challenge. This lack of readily available discount options further impacts the overall attractiveness of the subscription plans, potentially deterring potential customers from investing in the service.

This assessment offers a balanced perspective on Kibin’s subscription pricing, the potential for free access to their essay library, and the scarcity of available discount opportunities.

Is Kibin Review Worth It

The Kibin essay library does indeed present a promising prospect due to its substantial collection of essays. The sheer quantity of essays available, such as the impressive count of 7,318 essays on Sociology, is undeniably noteworthy. However, the question arises as to whether this abundance truly translates into practical usefulness.

While the vastness of the essay library is impressive, it’s important to acknowledge that a similar, if not greater, number of academic paper samples can be located using standard search engines. This raises a valid concern about the distinctive value offered by the Kibin essay library compared to readily available resources on the internet.

This observation emphasizes the necessity of assessing the unique advantages that the Kibin essay library brings to the table, especially considering the wealth of readily accessible content already existing online.

customer review

Having acquired Kibin’s monthly plan, I was granted access to their editing service without incurring additional charges. Eager to evaluate the quality of this service, I submitted my essay on “The History of Sociology” to the company’s experts, eagerly anticipating meaningful improvements. Regrettably, the outcome proved to be remarkably underwhelming. The editor’s intervention amounted to minor adjustments, primarily involving the correction of articles (a/an and the) within the essay. The dearth of substantial modifications left much to be desired and failed to meet the expectations for comprehensive and effective editing.

Terms of Use

As per Kibin’s regulations, opting for a monthly subscription entails granting the service permission to automatically deduct the monthly subscription fee from your account on a recurring basis until the subscription is formally terminated. It’s crucial to keep in mind the necessity of canceling your subscription if you do not intend to utilize the service in the foreseeable future. Failing to do so might inadvertently lead to a gradual depletion of your funds without reaping any corresponding benefits.

Сustomer Support

The level of support provided by the company is notably inadequate. There is a conspicuous absence of both online chat and a contactable phone number for users seeking to reach the support team swiftly. As the sole avenue of communication, email becomes the solitary channel available. This setup implies that any urgent issues or challenges encountered while using the service are unlikely to be resolved promptly, given the lack of immediate assistance options.

Final Thoughts

A meticulous examination of Kibin’s essay services will inevitably reveal that this platform falls short in delivering genuine academic writing assistance. The solitary aspect I found of value was their comprehensive library of academic papers. Nonetheless, it’s worth acknowledging that there exists a plethora of freely accessible essay samples online for practically any subject. Regrettably, the company’s editing services proved to be disappointingly lackluster and negligible in effect.