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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

6 hours

Free Revisions


Refund Guaranteed



  • Attractive website design
  • Useful web interface


  • Writers from non-English-speaking countries
  • No paper samples
  • Missed deadlines
  • Tricky terms & conditions

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About KiwiPapers

Let’s dive into this review to gain a comprehensive understanding of their services. Kiwi Papers is an online writing platform catering to English-speaking students, owned by RATATATA Ltd, a Bulgarian company. This ownership detail is noteworthy, as it could potentially impact legal recourse for customers in English-speaking countries. However, it’s important not to jump to worst-case scenarios prematurely. Let’s explore the service in more detail.

The process of ordering papers on Kiwi Papers is a bit unconventional. The platform introduces newcomers to a chatbot system, where you outline your basic requirements and then choose a writer from a list of available candidates. Interestingly, the service indicates that different “experts” come with varying price tags, sometimes differing by as much as 30-60%. For the purpose of this KiwiPapers review, I decided to request a 2-page college admission essay.

In my request, I emphasized my aspirations for education and my ambitions to become a future professor. Opting for a 14-day deadline, I anticipated a timely and high-quality essay. However, it’s disheartening to note that the writer missed the deadline by 20 minutes. Moreover, upon reviewing the paper, I detected instances of plagiarism and approximately six grammar errors. This leads to an important question: Is KiwiPapers safe? The issues encountered during my experience make it challenging to assert its reliability.

KiwiPapers Reviews & Online Reputation

Exploring the pricing structure of, it’s worth noting that the advertised minimum price per page is $9.99. However, this figure comes with a caveat – there’s no guarantee of this rate, as each writer might have their own pricing scheme. During my experience, I encountered an issue where I couldn’t activate the KiwiPapers promo code due to a glitch on the website. Additionally, for those seeking a 1-page abstract, the cost is set at $13. While KiwiPapers appears to be a legitimate service, there’s another aspect to consider.

Is KiwiPapers Worth It?

When delving into KiwiPapers reviews, it’s important to note that opinions can vary widely across different platforms. While sites like Sitejabber might showcase a substantial number of positive reviews, it’s equally important to consider the feedback found on lesser-known forums and websites, where you may come across a higher volume of negative comments. This divergence in feedback highlights the need to gather information from multiple sources to form a comprehensive understanding of the service’s reputation.

Terms of Use

Navigating the refund and revision policies of KiwiPapers reveals some potential red flags that customers should be aware of. The limited window of three days to request a refund, combined with the strict criteria for eligibility, indicates that once 72 hours have passed, the writer retains the payment regardless of customer satisfaction. Notably, the policy also highlights that any extras or additional payments made are non-refundable. To secure a refund, customers must provide substantial evidence of the paper’s failure to meet requirements or its plagiarism.

On the other hand, the revision policy offers more flexibility, allowing customers to request revisions within a 14-day period. However, the practicality of this policy may be hindered by a maximum of 14 revisions and the requirement that each revision takes at least 24 hours. These policies suggest a need for cautious consideration when engaging with KiwiPapers.


The initial interaction with KiwiPapers through the chatbot Amy seemed to prioritize pushing customers towards purchasing services rather than addressing their inquiries or concerns. This experience left a less than favorable impression, as customers would likely prefer to have a genuine conversation with a real support representative. The suspicion that some writers’ responses during the bidding process might also be automated raises questions about the authenticity of the communication and the level of personalized assistance customers can expect. These factors, combined with the pressure towards making a purchase, could potentially deter customers seeking a more transparent and human-driven support experience.

Final Thoughts

Your comprehensive review of KiwiPapers highlights a series of concerning aspects that affected your overall experience with the service. The pushy chatbot, lack of transparency, issues with the writer’s performance, and hidden critical information in the fine print are all red flags that could make potential customers wary of entrusting their academic work to this service. Your objective evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of KiwiPapers serves as valuable insight for others who may be considering using the service. Your decision not to return based on your experience underscores the significance of a reliable and trustworthy writing service for students seeking assistance with their academic assignments.