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Top writing servicesv is a platform primarily aimed at English-speaking college and university students. The site is owned by Study Mode LLC. Its main offering includes practice tests and various resources accessible to all users. To initiate my MajorTests review, let’s delve into the comprehensive details surrounding this service.


With the intention of exploring the multifaceted nature of this service, I opted to engage in an SAT problem-solving practice test on Regrettably, my experience left much to be desired. Approximately one-third of the questions presented were incongruent with my academic discipline, which was disappointing. I encountered instances where the provided answers were incorrect, compounding the dissatisfaction. Furthermore, the essay samples offered proved to be of notably subpar quality.

Hence, while there may be positive MajorTests reviews circulating online, exercising caution is essential. The aforementioned concerns underscore the importance of approaching this service with circumspection and a discerning eye.

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Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

Continuing with my review, I’d like to shed light on the pricing structure. While certain tests can be accessed for free, acquiring the ability to download samples necessitates a subscription fee. The cost for this service is set at $29.95 per month. For those opting for a six-month commitment upfront, a 30% discount is available. Alternatively, an annual subscription provides even more savings, totaling 60%. However, considering the prevalence of errors and inaccuracies in the samples provided, I would advise against pursuing these subscription options. The subpar quality of the content offered raises concerns about the value proposition of investing in these plans.

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Is Worth It?

Attempting to investigate the legitimacy of by employing the “MajorTests scam” search query yielded scant results. This conspicuous lack of information or reviews casts a shadow of doubt, creating the impression that the platform might be akin to a ghost site. The dearth of reviews, particularly on well-known platforms like Sitejabber, further reinforces this notion. The limited references to this service across the internet contribute to the aura of mystery surrounding its credibility and overall user experience.

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