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  • Very tricky refund procedure

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About MasterPapers

MasterPapers emerges as a writing enterprise tailored to the academic needs of students hailing from English-speaking nations. The company is formally registered in Gibraltar, a jurisdiction often associated with offshore entities. Notably, your diligent examination of reviews and the overarching website has revealed a noteworthy absence of information regarding ownership details. Despite your thorough scrutiny, the only discernible piece of information pertains to the service’s registration date, which dates back to 2004. With this preliminary context established, I’m eager to hear about the insights you’ve garnered and your overarching impressions. Please proceed with your findings.

MasterPapers Reviews & Online Reputation

To glean a deeper understanding of MasterPapers, you extended your research to encompass reviews hosted on prominent platforms like SiteJabber, TrustPilot, and Reddit. From your analysis, it emerges that roughly 60% of the collective comments expressed positivity towards the service. However, a significant portion of the commentary also reflected discontentment with regard to paper quality. Specifically, dissatisfied students voiced grievances pertaining to the company’s inability to enhance the quality of their assignments over an extended duration, thereby raising concerns about the efficacy of the revision process. These varying viewpoints present a comprehensive panorama of experiences and opinions, underscoring both the strengths and limitations of MasterPapers as a writing service.

MasterPapers: Types of Services Provided

MasterPapers presents an array of writing-related services, encompassing traditional writing, as well as editing and proofreading offerings. As articulated on, the company prides itself on the expertise of its local writers, who exhibit mastery across diverse subjects such as archeology, physics, mathematics, geography, anthropology, and religion.

The scope of papers that can be procured through MasterPapers is extensive, as exemplified by the following list:

  • Thesis
  • Movie review
  • Research paper
  • Dissertation
  • Essay
  • Admission essay, and more

A total of approximately 43 types of tasks are available for selection on the platform. While it might not be feasible to individually test each of these tasks comprehensively, your intention to provide a comprehensive, step-by-step review of your experiences with MasterPapers is indeed commendable. Through your forthcoming review, readers will undoubtedly gain invaluable insights into the finer details of your interactions and observations regarding the service. Your commitment to sharing these details will undoubtedly aid others in forming a well-informed opinion about MasterPapers.

Prices & Deadlines

The initial cost per page starts at $13.86, assuming a waiting period of approximately 30 days. However, for expedited service with completion within an hour, the price escalates significantly to $43.93 per page. It’s important to note that the company reserves the right to extend the completion time beyond what’s initially agreed upon.

Moreover, opting for the services of a top writer entails an additional charge of $13.18. Consequently, choosing a premium writer would result in an overall increase of $26.36 per page. Despite their adherence to deadlines, this steep pricing structure appears unreasonable to me, bordering on exorbitant.

In my view, such prices are difficult to justify. Nevertheless, I intend to expound on my stance within this forthcoming review.

Discounts and promotional codes are available to both new customers and those who’ve been loyal patrons. A 15% discount is applicable to newcomers, primarily targeting their first order. For future orders, it appears that obtaining promotional codes necessitates interacting with support agents. This conventional practice was anticipated, and I’ll delve deeper into this topic as I proceed with my comprehensive evaluation of MasterPapers.

Paper Quality and Personal Experience

To assess the quality of their services, I opted to commission a 2-page anthropology speech from MasterPapers. To meet a ten-day deadline, I incurred an additional charge of $34.88. I specifically requested the writer to explore the influence of socialization on tribal development and communication. However, upon receiving the assignment after the stipulated time, I encountered significant issues.

Regrettably, the writer failed to establish a meaningful connection between the socialization of various tribal groups and the pivotal role communication plays in their growth. Instead, the content comprised a collection of terms that were ill-suited for the intended speech. Moreover, an abundance of grammar and spelling errors further marred the document. Compounding the problem, what I received seemed more like an essay than a speech suitable for oral presentation.

Furthermore, the structural organization of the paper was haphazard, lacking any coherent transitions. This made it unfit for my purpose of presenting it before an audience. In light of these shortcomings, it’s unlikely that this review of MasterPapers will reflect positively on their services.

Turning to MasterPapers’ revisions and refund policy, it appears that at least two revisions are available without extra cost. However, obtaining refunds seems to be a more complex issue. Neither the website nor any MasterPapers reviews seem to provide a clear and defined refund procedure. It appears that refunds are discretionary and subject to their assessment. Despite my efforts, I was unable to secure a refund for my unsatisfactory experience.

Support and Communication

Communication with the support agents is facilitated through the online chat feature. While their response time is commendable, it’s worth noting that their knowledge about the writers and handling non-standard situations appears to be limited. An instance of this is when I inquired about the capabilities of the writers to handle my anthropological assignment. Despite their assurances, the actual outcome was far from satisfactory.

Curiously, the assigned writer seemed unaware of the close relationship between social anthropology and ethnology. This lack of awareness points to a significant gap in their understanding of the subject matter. Based on this experience alone, it’s evident that my disappointment with MasterPapers’ services is quite understandable, obviating the need to peruse other Master Papers reviews to grasp my sentiments.


In short, I strongly discourage placing any orders with this service. There’s a considerable risk of receiving a low-quality paper riddled with numerous grammar errors. Furthermore, the writers seem to lack proper engagement with selected topics and exhibit a lack of familiarity with fundamental terminology. It’s advisable to explore alternative companies for your needs.