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  • Offers a large database of essays, research papers, and other assignments.
  • Accessible with a paid subscription.


  • The website has a poor design and an awkward search procedure.
  • The quality of the samples is poor
  • The subscription fee is quite expensive.
  • No information about the parent company
  • Lack of reviews and mentions online.

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I’m eager to share my experience with a rather peculiar company, This platform serves as a database, housing a collection of essays, research papers, and various assignments. Regrettably, the company’s website leaves much to be desired, and the process for searching through their samples is notably cumbersome. Nevertheless, I approach this MegaEssays review with an open mind, aiming to provide a comprehensive overview of my observations. Let’s delve into the details to uncover some interesting insights!

customer review

It’s intriguing how even the earliest websites, crafted by enthusiasts, often boasted more appealing designs than what I encountered on Despite my initial reservations about the site’s appearance, I decided to proceed by registering and exploring their sample offerings. However, it’s important to highlight that accessing these samples is not without cost; a subscription fee of $19.95 was necessary to unlock entry into their database.

Certainly, I’m ready to provide an honest review. From your account, the quality of the samples leaves much to be desired, almost as if they were composed by an individual lacking coherent thought or perhaps even generated by an AI. Adding to the disappointment, the subscription cost for such lackluster content appears to be relatively high.

Addressing the question of whether MegaEssays is legitimate, the lack of information about the parent company or the date of incorporation does raise concerns about transparency. In light of these observations, your recommendation to avoid subscribing seems well-founded. Thank you for sharing your experience and insights, which will undoubtedly aid others in making informed decisions regarding their academic resources.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

The pricing structure you’ve outlined for MegaEssays subscriptions seems quite steep, ranging from $19.95 per month to $59.95 for a semi-annual subscription. Your cautious approach in questioning the safety of MegaEssays is warranted. Your decision to swiftly cancel your subscription and block your credit card after experiencing the quality of the papers highlights your prudent judgment. Given the lack of familiarity with the site and the negative experience you encountered, it’s indeed wise to exercise caution and avoid making any purchases on the platform. Your concerns about potential risks are valid and serve as an important cautionary note for others.

Is Worth It?

It appears that your experience with MegaEssays is quite unique, and the absence of reviews or mentions of the site online is certainly a noteworthy observation. It’s possible that your decision to explore the platform and access their samples is relatively uncommon, and your candidness in sharing your experience will likely be valuable for others who may come across similar options in the future. Thank you for providing insight into this less-traveled territory, which adds to the diversity of perspectives available online.