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  • Tricky refund and revision policies

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About MyHomeworkHelp

It’s interesting to note that the most unconventional essay mill surprisingly provided the best value for money. Despite its shortcomings, this company has managed to avoid my list of unfavorable services, and I’m open to the possibility of returning in the future. Let’s delve into my review of to explore the aspects that I found particularly commendable.

As stated on the website, MyHomeworkHelp has been in operation since 2012, making it one of the longest-standing writing services available. However, crucial information about the operating company and its location remains absent. While these details might not be pivotal, a greater level of transparency in these aspects would undoubtedly be welcomed.

MyHomeworkHelp Reviews & Online Reputation

The abundance of MyHomeworkHelp reviews is truly remarkable, spanning across various platforms such as Google, SiteJabber, and Trustpilot. While not every review is a glowing endorsement, the majority express satisfaction, contributing to an overall positive rating of 4+ stars. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that certain students raise concerns about issues like unhelpful customer support, writing quality discrepancies, and the presence of potentially fabricated reviews. Sorting through this wealth of testimonials required some effort on my part, leading me to ultimately decide to give the service a try.

Prices & Deadlines

Understanding the pricing structure on this platform proved more intricate than I initially anticipated. The concept of specifying your budget seems appealing at first glance, yet it became apparent that the final cost often deviates from the initial figure. In preparation for my My Homework Help review, I designated $70 for a 5-page essay to be completed in 9 days. However, the subsequent email response proposed an increased amount of $80 to account for a 4% processing fee, despite the fact that 4% does not equate to $10. Reflecting on this, opting for a lower initial budget, say around $50, might have been wiser to ensure budget adherence.

I also learned the importance of timely payment. The company initiates the countdown upon receipt of your payment. Therefore, any delays in payment might inadvertently result in missing your submission deadline, an aspect worth considering.

MyHomeworkHelp Discounts and Promo Codes

During my initial interaction with the website, I did not come across any immediate offers for discounts, nor did I receive any promotional codes in my email after setting up an account. Nevertheless, I did discover a loyalty program on the platform that offers a different avenue for potential savings. This program allows you to accumulate credit points through your engagements with the service. These points can subsequently be utilized to pay for future papers. Notably, the advantage of this system is that the earned credit points do not have an expiration date, providing a more flexible way to redeem them over time.

Is MyHomeworkHelp Worth It?

The outcome of my MyHomeworkHelp review started to take shape once I received the completed version of my Psychology essay. I had provided specific instructions to the writer, requesting an exploration of the psychological factors contributing to vaccine refusal using data from the pandemic. The initial draft presented a well-supported analysis of irrational fears and PTSD, drawing from credible sources. However, there were some inaccuracies as a few of the causes mentioned were not exclusively psychological in nature, such as the lack of medical knowledge and religious beliefs. To address this, I requested revisions that involved replacing these portions and revising the introduction and conclusion to align with the new points. The final version of the essay was commendable, although I would have preferred to avoid the need for extensive edits and revisions.

Terms of Use

The refund policy outlined by MyHomeworkHelp is straightforward yet somewhat lacking in fairness. A refund can be obtained in cases where the company fails to deliver your paper or the writer surpasses the deadline. However, even in these situations, you’ll need to persuade the support team of your eligibility for a refund. If the paper contains errors or fails to meet your expectations, the avenue for improvement is through free revisions. Therefore, it’s advisable to allocate sufficient time for potential edits before your submission deadline.

MyHomeworkHelp Revisions

MyHomeworkHelp provides a two-week window following the receipt of your order to initiate a free revision request. Beyond this timeframe, the company imposes additional charges for any further edits or amendments. In my case, I found myself going through two rounds of revisions to ensure my paper met my expectations. While the process wasn’t particularly swift or enjoyable, the ultimate goal was achieving the desired results, which I managed to attain.


One of the highlights of my experience with MyHomeworkHelp was the consistently polite and composed demeanor of their support team. Even during moments of impatience, anger, and urgency on my part, the agents remained level-headed and managed to defuse the situation. However, I do wish that the entire order process could have been faster. The back-and-forth exchange of emails, particularly when time was of the essence, sometimes felt like a time-consuming endeavor.


I trust that my personal account will contribute to the positive My Homework Help reviews you’ve come across and encourage you to consider giving this company a chance. While it might appear uncertain and unconventional, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by the writing quality if you opt for a lower budget and a more extended deadline.