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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

3 hours

Free Revisions


Refund Guaranteed



  • Good website design
  • Detailed refund policy with different compensation amounts for various scenarios
  • A variety of academic services are offered to students
  • Discounts for large orders


  • Mixed online reputation
  • High pricing for higher academic levels
  • Disappointing writing quality
  • Limited discounts compared to prices
  • Unhelpful support agents
  • Lack of interesting features

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About serves as a platform designed to cater to the needs of English-speaking students seeking academic assistance. The website is specifically crafted for those individuals who are interested in either ordering custom-written papers or acquiring sample papers for reference. Notably, the website is under the ownership of Webdolphin LTD, a British company. Having been in operation since 2013, their track record encompasses the provision of academic services to students, and they assert that their writing team at MyPaperWriter ranks among the finest both in the UK and America. A noteworthy feature is the commendable website design, which aims to enhance user experience.

However, the focus of this review will be directed towards a pivotal aspect: the quality of the papers provided. The assessment will delve into this critical facet in order to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the service’s offerings.

customer review

Mypaperwriter Reviews & Online Reputation

Among the myriad MyPaperWriter reviews available, a substantial portion highlights positive feedback from satisfied customers who were content with the papers they received. However, it is imperative to avoid disregarding the negative feedback that is evident across platforms like SiteJabber, Trust Pilot, and Reddit. These platforms bring to light instances of customer discontent, largely attributed to issues concerning the competence of the writers. Moreover, there are reports of students encountering difficulties when attempting to secure refunds, with reasons provided by the alleged Quality Assurance (QA) team being perceived as implausible.

Given the existence of these divergent viewpoints, a prudent approach was taken to personally explore the various aspects and options available. This approach was undertaken in order to formulate a comprehensive and well-informed review that adequately reflects the range of experiences shared by customers.

customer review


Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

Indeed, gaining a clear understanding of a company’s pricing policy is a crucial step for any student considering their services. To facilitate this understanding, the following table presents insights that go beyond the prevalent positive feedback found in My Paper Writer reviews:

Academic level Writing Editing Proofreading
High School from $17.55 per page from $11.70 per page from $9.96 per page
College from $19 per page from $13.90 per page from $12.50 per page
University from $23.85 per page from $15.50 per page from $14.75 per page



Is Mypaperwriter Worth It?

Regrettably, my encounter with’s writer quality left much to be desired. I had opted for a 2-page argumentative essay on Biology, specifically delving into the intricacies of photosynthesis in highland environments. However, the final work proved to be lacking in depth, resembling a mere compilation of information plagiarized from Wikipedia and generic samples. To make matters worse, the document was riddled with numerous typos, and the formatting was incorrectly executed. This unsatisfactory outcome unequivocally elucidates why my overall evaluation of Mypaperwriter’s service leans towards the negative end of the spectrum.

Proficiency of Writers

Parallel to other platforms, provides the option to choose from a range of writers, including those classified as average, experts, and top-tier professionals who ostensibly possess an innate grasp of your specific requisites. Opting for an “expert” writer, I had naturally anticipated an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Sadly, the selected writer’s comprehension of key terms was flawed, rendering any discussion regarding these varying tiers almost irrelevant. My personal experience, meticulously recounted in this review, leads me to surmise that even investing in the services of top-tier experts might not yield the anticipated outcomes.

Mypaperwriter Features

In essence, comes across as a rather run-of-the-mill website, offering minimal standout features. The sole noteworthy advantage is the availability of promotional codes, obtainable through support agents. Additionally, the platform allows you to select a writer proficient in either fluent or native English, adding a layer of customization to the service.

Mypaperwriter Terms of Use

The most recent version of the User Agreement, dated September 18, 2019, adheres to the standard conventions often observed within essay mill platforms. However, there are a couple of provisions that stand out and warrant further examination. Notably, their refund policy distinguishes itself with an exceptional level of detail. This policy delineates a spectrum of scenarios, each accompanied by corresponding compensation amounts.

To elaborate, if you can provide evidence of plagiarism within the paper, the policy guarantees a full refund. Conversely, in cases where your order experiences a delay, choosing to proceed with the received work would entitle you to only a 20% compensation of the total payment. Instances involving errors and typos in the paper allow for a reimbursement of up to 30% of the initial payment, while issues related to formatting errors are valued at 10% of the total sum.



Engaging with the support agents evoked a mixture of sentiments within me. While their responses were generally courteous and timely, I must admit that the overall experience wasn’t particularly enjoyable. Although I was able to gather crucial information about pricing, discounts, and the company’s refund policy, I can’t ignore that the support agents fell short in addressing my significant concerns. This deficiency led to an unfavorable overall impression of Mypaperwriter on my part. It’s disheartening to note that the proficiency displayed by their support agents doesn’t seem to be mirrored in the quality of their writers’ output.

Final Thoughts

At the outset, I was persuaded by a multitude of positive reviews, a factor that significantly influenced my choice to entrust the company. However, in hindsight, I realize that I should have scrutinized these reviews more meticulously, as I subsequently detected instances of blatant manipulation among them. Despite my initial admiration for the website’s design and the positive interaction I had with the support team, my overall experience with the company fell significantly short of my initial expectations and requirements.

Having invested nearly $50, the outcome I received was a subpar 2-page document that proved virtually unusable for my academic pursuits. This unfortunate result sharply contrasts with the bold assurances and claims put forth by the company. The inability of to deliver on its commitments, particularly in areas of writing and revising quality, as well as maintaining originality, became painfully evident. Consequently, I’ve made the decision to include this website in my personal blacklist, and I strongly advise others to exercise caution after reading my candid review.