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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

12 hours

Free revisions


Refund guaranteed



  • 50% discounts


  • Late delivery
  • Support threatens you
  • Tons of grammar mistakes
  • Awful writing
  • Website is annoying

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About Myperfectpaper

In today’s review, we’ll delve into my experience with myperfectpaper. Let’s begin by exploring my initial impressions of their website. Upon visiting the site, I immediately noticed a conspicuous absence of information regarding the process of placing an order.

customer review

And it wasn’t until I directed my attention to the toolbar that I stumbled upon the ‘Order’ button. This experience led me to reflect on the overall quality of the website’s design and functionality. In my opinion, a service that fails to provide clear navigation and order placement options on its website might not prioritize the needs of its customers. It’s been my observation that companies with poorly designed websites often fall short in delivering quality services, and this sentiment tends to resonate within negative online reviews about

I found the constant notifications to be excessively bothersome. Personally, I have no interest in receiving alerts about who signed up on the website. Such notifications come across as superfluous and pointless. While I understand that the website might be attempting to showcase its popularity and demand to potential customers, this tactic could very well backfire. Rather than instilling trust, these alerts often irk users and deter them from engaging with the platform. For instance, my own experience led me to contemplate leaving the website while I was still exploring its offerings.

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

In terms of pricing, myperfectpaper falls within the realm of average. While some of the listed rates might initially seem staggering – such as $72.05 per page for a 12-hour deadline – it’s important to note that the company offers a substantial 50% discount. This reduction in price significantly alters the affordability equation for potential customers.

However, the clarity surrounding the extent to which I can utilize this discount remains ambiguous. I decided to seek clarification from the support team, and the response I received was anything but precise. Instead of providing concrete details, I was met with vague and abstract statements that did little to address my inquiry.

It’s disconcerting when a service’s support team is unable to provide clear and straightforward answers, which often raises suspicions and erodes trust. Based on my personal experience, encountering such opacity can be indicative of hidden agendas or undisclosed practices within the service.

My interaction with the order form was equally exasperating. It appears to suffer from technical glitches, necessitating constant page refreshes. Regrettably, after each refresh, all previously filled fields require re-entry, compounding the frustration.

In my case, I opted to order a four-page argumentative essay with a one-day deadline. Subsequently, the price of $81 was revealed, albeit accompanied by a 50% discount. Interestingly, when examining myperfectpaper reviews, I discerned that this seemingly consistent discount has persisted for over a year, raising potential concerns about the service’s pricing practices and transparency.

Is Myperfectpaper Worth It

It’s disappointing to hear that the paper you received from myperfectpaper had an abundance of grammatical errors, undermining the claim that it was crafted by native speakers. Your suspicion was reinforced when, inquiring about the use of native writers, a manager responded with an unusual counter-question: ‘May I know where are you based?’ This interaction certainly adds to the perplexing nature of the company’s operations.

Furthermore, discovering that the paper itself contained grammatical errors, especially considering the potential shortcomings of the support team’s communication, raises concerns about the overall quality of the service. It’s a valid observation that when support managers demonstrate a lack of grammatical proficiency, it can indeed cast doubt on the quality of the papers produced by the service. Your experience underscores the complexity of dealing with a company that seems to have inconsistencies and potential red flags in various aspects of its operations.

It’s deeply troubling to learn about the extensive issues you encountered with the essay you received from myperfectpaper. The non-adherence to your instructions, coupled with inconsistencies in formatting and blatant instances of plagiarism, paint a grim picture of the service’s commitment to quality. The suspicion that your essay might have been written in a different language and then ineffectively translated into English using Google is indeed concerning, highlighting a substantial lapse in the company’s competence.

Your findings on feedback from other customers further underscore the inconsistent and questionable nature of myperfectpaper’s services. On platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber, you observed a mix of both positive and negative comments. Negative reviews frequently detailed threats from the company and highlighted severe shortcomings in paper quality, sometimes even containing duplicated sentences. Conversely, positive testimonials praised the service’s quality, although your skepticism towards such testimonials is valid, given the discrepancies you’ve uncovered.

The scarcity of myperfectpaper reviews on Reddit, combined with the disconcerting information from other sources, adds to the complexity of assessing the service’s credibility and reliability. Your detailed observations shed light on the inherent challenges one can face when trying to gauge the trustworthiness of an online writing service.

Terms of Use

It’s disheartening to hear that the refund and revision policies of myperfectpaper are essentially a farce, offering little recourse for customers dissatisfied with their services. Your assertion that obtaining a refund is nearly impossible, with the exception of instances when a writer hasn’t been assigned, speaks volumes about the service’s lack of commitment to customer satisfaction.

The absence of provisions for addressing issues like late delivery, numerous grammatical errors, or deviations from instructions only exacerbates the sense of dissatisfaction. Your experience with the support team’s response to refund requests, characterized by threats that your institution will be informed or that you could face repercussions, is both shocking and unacceptable.

From your detailed account, it’s evident that myperfectpaper does not provide a safe and reliable environment for customers seeking academic assistance. The inability to secure refunds, coupled with unaddressed concerns and the use of intimidation tactics, underscores the inherent risks associated with using this service. Your assessment highlights the importance of exercising caution and due diligence when considering online writing services, as not all platforms can be trusted to provide a fair and ethical service experience.

Final Thoughts

Given the litany of issues you’ve encountered, it’s clear that this company is not a reliable or trustworthy choice. Your insights into their unresponsive support, poor writing quality, and questionable practices shed light on the potential pitfalls of using their services.

Your candid account of your experience is undoubtedly beneficial for others who might be considering using myperfectpaper. Your warning against investing both time and money with this company is a prudent one, and your hope to guide others towards making informed decisions is commendable. Thank you for sharing your experience and helping others avoid the challenges and disappointments you’ve faced.