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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

12 hours

Free revisions


Refund guaranteed



  • nothing at all


  • non-refundable services
  • no guarantee of quality
  • fake discounts
  • the prices are twice higher than on average in the market

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About MyperfectWords

What is MyPerfectWords? It’s a platform that provides various forms of written work. A website where you can engage with skilled writers who are native English speakers. A destination where substantial discounts await. Indeed, that’s precisely what the company pledges when you explore their site. Worth noting, it was established in 2015 and is under the ownership of Skyscrapers LLC, a UAE-based entity with limited online presence. But let’s press on with my review of, delving into the essential details.

customer review

Now, a pertinent question arises: “Is MyPerfectWords truly legitimate?” The company presents an avenue for assessment through client testimonials displayed on their website. However, the veracity and reliability of these comments stand dubious.

The authenticity of these comments cannot be assured, as there’s no assurance that genuine customers are the source. Furthermore, a visit to Sitejabber reveals a noteworthy statistic: approximately 20% of all clients rate the service with a mere 1 star.

Attempting to locate a solitary negative comment on the company’s site proves futile. Why, you ask? The answer is simple: these testimonials are fabricated.

Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that further perusing of this MyPerfectWords review may be unnecessary. The company fails to offer assurances of either top-tier papers or reimbursement for unsatisfactory work. Their credibility seems to be in question, leaning towards a dubious nature.

It is advisable not to jeopardize your funds and instead search for a service that fulfills such promises. If the aforementioned details aren’t adequate to dissuade you, and you still harbor optimism regarding this service, then I extend an invitation to explore the comprehensive review in its entirety. Rest assured, you will encounter a plethora of intriguing facets about this service.

Myperfectwords Reviews & Online Reputation

While it’s true that a considerable number of positive reviews can be found on the internet, it’s equally noteworthy that a substantial segment of individuals raise concerns about plagiarism, typographical errors, and incoherent linguistic structures. This paradoxical situation does raise eyebrows. Consequently, I adopted a perspective that transcends the MyPerfectWords rating and instead prioritizes an assessment of paper quality.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

Commencing our examination of prices, let’s spotlight an enticing banner that advertises a 50% discount – a compelling offer indeed! The initial prices showcased on the website do tend to veer towards the higher end. However, once this reduction is applied, the rates take on a more favorable aspect.

Papers High School College Masters PhD
Essay from $30 from $37 from $43 from $66
Research paper from $77 from $85 from $94 from $110
Capstone Project from $150 from $181 from $202 from $228
Book review from $31 from $39 from $45 from $68

Evidently, the pricing strategy employed by MyPerfectWords is notably distant from being equitable, even when considering the incorporation of discounts. Regrettably, I find myself uncertain whether this is a stroke of misfortune on my part or if it’s indicative of a calculated marketing ploy designed to spur users into making orders. An alert during the checkout process declares that the time-sensitive offer is set to conclude within the next 22 hours. Thus, it seems prudent to revisit the website after a day’s lapse to ascertain the ongoing validity of this proposition.

A fresh day has arrived, and true to my expectations, the promotional banner remains steadfast even after a full 24 hours have transpired. Regrettably, fortune has yet to favor me; the outcome appears to be rooted in nothing more than artful marketing maneuvers.

Furthermore, it is imperative to underscore that even with the 50% reduction, the prices remain elevated compared to the industry norm. A mere $15 stands as the minimum rate per page, and envisioning the price sans discount yields a staggering $30.

It’s an astonishing proposition—no entity in the market levies such exorbitant charges. The audacity of such pricing is truly remarkable. Do they assume their clientele lacks the ability to connect the dots? Curiously, there are no other discounts showcased on the site, effectively rendering the notion of discounts non-existent within their framework.

Is Myperfectwords Worth It?

I proceeded to place an order for a 2-page admission essay, despite my initial skepticism about the worth of My Perfect Words, as conveyed at the outset of this review. Despite the service’s unconvincing nature, I decided to give it a chance – a decision I now reflect upon.

The essay’s quality, to be frank, was not abysmal. It was devoid of glaring errors like silly mistakes, incorrect margins, or superfluous spaces. On initial inspection, the paper appeared free of flaws and exhibited originality.

However, while these merits do exist, I cannot declare the essay to be flawless. It suffered from a dearth of robust transitions between paragraphs, required more substantive arguments, and would have benefited from a stronger thesis statement and conclusion.

The crux of the matter remains that perfection eluded the essay. What particularly rankled me was the cost. I realized that I could obtain an essay of comparable or even superior quality at a significantly lower price. Thus, shelling out $15 per page felt imprudent when I could secure an equivalent paper for a mere ten bucks, complete with a money-back guarantee.

Terms of Use

As previously discussed in the MyPerfectWords review, the absence of a money-back guarantee has been addressed. It’s now fitting to elaborate on other entitlements granted to clients.

Should you find it necessary, you do possess the option to solicit a revision. However, to facilitate this process, a minimum window of 12 hours for completion must be allocated. Additionally, you’re afforded a span of 14 days to initiate such a revision request.

The solitary circumstance under which a refund can be pursued pertains to the inability of the company to secure a writer within a 24-hour timeframe. Even then, the prospect of reimbursement hinges on the company’s discretion. Should this scenario transpire, the funds might be reinstated to your bank or PayPal account, or alternatively, credited to your account balance. It’s worth highlighting that, unfortunately, the account balance is rendered non-refundable in this context. Quite a situation, indeed.


For swift responses, the most efficient route is to utilize the live chat feature on the website. Unlike automated bots bombarding you with incessant messages, actual agents require at least 5 minutes to formulate and deliver concise responses. This raises a pertinent query: are the positive MyPerfectWords reviews I’ve encountered potentially fabricated? One would anticipate more thorough answers from a service that charges such elevated prices.

While alternatives such as email and phone calls are available, immediate responses should not be expected. Given the premium they command, one might reasonably anticipate more robust customer support capabilities from the company.


In summary, it’s time to draw this MyPerfectWords review to a close. Firstly, the absence of refunds and warranties for their products raises significant concerns, which might compel potential customers to steer clear.

Secondly, their practice of employing a fabricated, daily renewing limited discount appears deceptive. Such tactics breed distrust.

Lastly, the pricing structure, positioned above industry norms, carries a hefty price tag. Candidly speaking, I am unable to endorse this service as a favorable option.