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Service features:

Service rating


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  • Variety of paper samples, guides, and tools.
  • The website allows you to download papers
  • The website offers a weekly trial period at a low cost.


  • An archaic interface that can be difficult to navigate.
  • Many grammatical errors and inaccurate wording.
  • Most of the papers are not original and may contain plagiarism.
  • The pricing plans are not worth it
  • The lack of PaperDue reviews online raises red flags

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About presents itself as an unconventional company offering an assortment of services including paper samples, guides, citation generators, homework assistance, and Q&A help. Primarily, it serves as a repository where users can access sample papers to gauge how others have tackled similar assignments. However, objectivity remains my aim in this review of, so let’s begin from the outset.

The website’s interface is notably archaic, warranting an extended adjustment period. My experience required registration and payment for a seven-day trial period. Opting for an Art Essay, the first paper that caught my eye, my subsequent interaction with was regretfully unfavorable.

Prices, Deadlines, and Discounts

For a weekly trial period, the cost is $6.99, while a monthly subscription stands at $26.86. Committing to a three-month subscription entails a payment of $56.58. This pricing structure raises concerns about value, given the lackluster sample I received. While is technically legitimate, the compromised quality prompts me to advise against investing time and resources into this platform.

Is Worth It?

Remarkably scarce on the internet, reviews are notably elusive, reflecting a conspicuous absence of user experiences. The lone found review criticized the paper quality, further exacerbating doubts about the platform’s suitability for users. In light of these factors, one might question the platform’s reliability.

Terms of Use

Notably, does not offer custom on-demand papers. Instead, the documents they provide remain property of the website or third parties. While the platform encourages learning through examples, their terms prohibit the creation of derivative works based on these materials. Moreover, the company retains the right to cancel memberships without prior notice or explanation, potentially terminating subscriptions without refund.

Support’s support system lacks 24/7 availability, a likely consequence of their subscription-based model. While various contact options are available, responses might not be instantaneous. Phone support is limited to 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

Final Thoughts

In my assessment,’s legitimacy is questionable. Despite claims of legitimacy and a Miami, Florida headquarters, conflicting information on the website raises concerns. Moreover, the absence of reviews is a notable red flag. While the platform offers a range of documents, their value often falls short, and their refund policy is restrictive. The papers I encountered were generally of low quality, emphasizing the platform’s inadequacies. Rather than investing in PaperDue, it’s advisable to explore more reputable alternatives or invest time in thorough research.