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Service features:

Service rating


Price from


Max Discount


Min Deadline

1 hour

Free revisions


Refund guaranteed



  • Easy to use interface


  • Poor quality of writing
  • Support can ignore you
  • It’s impossible to get a refund

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About SuperbPaper

In my review of PaperNow, we’ll delve into another customer service experience. However, let’s begin with the main page. I was taken aback by the fact that the order form failed to load. This is certainly a concerning sign when a company seems to cut corners on website functionality, suggesting a lack of concern for its customers.

customer review

The interface of this website is notably user-friendly, with a straightforward layout that doesn’t overwhelm users with excessive information. This is an important point to highlight in my review.

However, an issue I encountered needs to be mentioned. Upon reopening the website a few minutes later, I found that I couldn’t initiate a live chat with customer support. Despite clicking the button repeatedly, no response was forthcoming. This complication prompted me to resort to using a proxy in order to place an order.

Regarding the service itself, it asserts to possess more than a decade of experience in the industry. However, this claim is challenging to verify. Additionally, the platform’s registration in Cyprus raises suspicions that warrant consideration.

Papernow Reviews and Online Reputation

As I delved into the review of papernow prices, I realized that I had overlooked the significance of other key aspects of the service, with its online reputation being a crucial factor. In order to rectify this, I dedicated some time to thoroughly exploring the various papernow reviews available on the internet. My research led me to websites that featured comprehensive articles detailing the nature of this service.

On platforms like Sitejabber, I encountered a notable presence of positive feedback, with a majority of users expressing satisfaction with their experiences. However, it’s worth noting that I also came across two negative comments amidst the positive ones. Interestingly, on Trustpilot, I found the absence of reviews, which added another layer to my assessment of the service. This comprehensive exploration of online reviews provided me with valuable insights into the public perception of papernow.

Prices, Deadlines and Discounts

One notable aspect that caught my attention right away was the availability of extremely short deadlines for orders. The fact that they offer a minimum deadline of just 1 hour, with options for 2 and 3 hours as well, is quite astonishing. However, I must admit that such ultra-tight timeframes raise concerns about the quality that can realistically be delivered within such a short span. These decisions to provide such rapid turnarounds could potentially be a major drawback for the service, leading to negative reviews.

Additionally, while exploring the website, I encountered a peculiar bug that raised questions about the platform’s attention to detail. Specifically, when selecting the ‘double-spaced’ option, the displayed word count for 4 pages was 2200 words. Curiously, upon choosing the ‘single-spaced’ option, the website indicated that 4 pages equated to an average of 1100 words. This inversion of word count data surely needs to be addressed for a more accurate and user-friendly experience.


Is Papernow Worth It?

While going through various reviews, I initially thought that concerns about the quality of the essays might be isolated cases. However, my own experience with the service soon mirrored these concerns. I ordered a four-page paper in the field of Sociology, only to receive a document that lacked any proper formatting. This incident opened my eyes to the validity of the claims I had read earlier.

What’s more, my experience was compounded by another frustrating issue—late delivery. I received no communication about the status of my work even after the deadline had passed. Upon reaching out to the support team, I was informed that my writer was still in the process of working on the citations. This lack of transparency further heightened my disappointment.

Subsequently, when I requested a refund due to the subpar quality of the essay, the support team’s responsiveness suddenly dwindled. Despite presenting them with a multitude of compelling reasons showcasing the poor quality of my essay, I found myself faced with silence and disregard. This experience left me deeply dissatisfied and echoed the negative sentiments expressed in some reviews.


I cannot in good conscience recommend this company to anyone. Their unclear refund policy, glaring mistakes in the papers, potentially fake feedback, and a tendency to ignore customer concerns make them an unreliable choice for assignment assistance. Personally, I would opt for a more reputable and high-quality service. Fortunately, the internet is brimming with better alternatives that are worth exploring.